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Repairing a WordPress site can be a hassle, especially if you are a non-developer. Most of the time, you need to look for new features on the WordPress site. You may want to reset, restore, and repair the WordPress site.

With the perfect WordPress Development Tool, you can always try something new on your WordPress without worrying about anything. Why? Because with it, you will be able to restore WordPress in one click.

Now, let me introduce you to WP Reset and WP Reset lifetime deal. In this article, you will learn more about WP Reset and how it maintains your WordPress.

 What is WP Reset?

WP Reset is a WordPress plugin that collectively installs themes, resets defaults, installs plugins, and takes a snapshot of your website.

WP Reset is best for agencies, wp developers, and even web admins who are continuously looking for an easy reset button.

With WP reset, anyone can instantly reset or delete sections of the WP site, and it can restore hacked and damaged sites.

Key Features of WP Reset

WP Reset comes with features that let you reset, recover, and repair your WordPress site in a very short time. Some of the features are given below-

WP Reset AppSumo
  • One Click Undo
  • Favourite Collection
  • Recovery Tool
  • Cleaning Tools

☛ One Click Undo

Plugin updates are frequently required for a number of obvious reasons. Due to a glitch or something similar, everything on your site can be screwed up after applying an update. You can stop worrying about it, thanks to WP Reset.

With just one click, you can now restore your site to its previous state.

☛ Favourite Collection

To make the process of resetting your website even simpler, WP Reset enables you to create collections of plugins and themes. That way, after resetting your WordPress site, you may immediately install these. This also reduces time and effort.

☛ Recovery Tool

You might have made serious mistakes while creating your WordPress website. Your site may even only show a completely white screen in some cases. In that circumstance, you are unable to access the WP admin page at all. No need to worry, though. You may restore your site with the recovery tool like magic.

AppSumo WP Reset

☛ Cleaning Tools

You import a ton of demo data each time you install a new WP theme. You will have to spend hours later clearing up this pointless data. It takes longer for beginners. WP Reset includes Cleaning Tools as a result. With only one click, anything may now be removed.

Wp Reset Benefits 

  • Restore everything to default values 
  • Delete selected portions from your site 
  • Completely rebrand the plugin and impress the clients 
  • Take a snapshot of the site and store copy 
  • Take snapshots depending on certain actions and events 
  • Emergency recovery script will reclaim the website 
  • Control client licenses, sites, collections, and snapshots

Final Part

Your website’s creation, testing, and recovery can speed up with the help of WP Reset. You may save time and hassle with full control over resetting and restoring your site.

Using WP reset you can quickly manage all sites, licenses, snapshots, and collections from the dashboard. Get WP Reset for a lifetime only for $49.

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