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Record, Edit, Multistream, and Host videos from a powerful all-in-one platform.

Are you ready for a Wave.video review? If yes, buckle up since we are about to start our journey. Oh, also, stay tuned for the Wave.video lifetime deal discussion.

So, what is the most difficult, hassling, and annoying part of video marketing? The answer is creating the content or editing, to be precise. But smoothly hosting and streaming the video content is no joke either. Without these two steps, your video campaign will be incomplete. But it takes a lot of time, money, and energy to conduct a proper video marketing campaign. What if I suggest something that will help you do all that task using less time, money, and energy?

Meet Wave.video, a cloud-based video marketing solution that helps you go through all the hassling steps of promoting your business through videos.

I wish to tell you everything in detail, but we will have to go deeper in this Wave.video review.

What Is Wave.video?

Wave.video is a cloud-based marketing video editing solution that helps you create video campaigns for various social platforms. Wave.video comes with a set of tools that provide all you need to edit your videos professionally, use them in marketing, and host them smoothly.

It is a five-in-one toolset that includes functions like video recording, video editor, thumbnail maker, live streaming studio, and hosting. You can edit your videos to perfection, add audio, sound effects, and dynamic filters, create attractive thumbnails, and even have the facilities to stream your videos smoothly. Wave.video has a text-to-speech feature that helps you artificially add voiceovers in several languages. Wave.video also lets you add subtitles to your videos in 20+ different languages.

Simply speaking, you are getting a whole package of tools that will lead you to a complete video marketing experience.

Key Features of Wave.video           

Wave.video is a five-in-one software full of powerful tools and features. The main features of this excellent software include various templates and creative assets, video and audio editing tools, video marketing tools, and hosting tools.

1. Templates

When I looked into Wave.video, the first thing I noticed was the templates. Wave.video has countless templates to make your video marketing process easier and better.

The templates come in four different sections, and you can find almost every type of theme. No matter what your video is about, Wave.video can provide you with a template.

Wave.video templates

Let me give you a walkthrough of the template sections and content down below-

  • Live streaming: Countdown, Lower Third, Thumbnail, Starting Soon Screen, and Live Stream Intro.
  • Social Media Templates: YouTube Video, Facebook Video, Instagram Video, Facebook Cover Video, and Reels & Stories.
  • Ads & Promo: Video Ad Templates, Promo Video Templates, News Video Templates, Testimonials, and Video Quotes.
  • Trending Templates: Collage Videos, Zoom Virtual Backgrounds, Holiday Videos, Frame Videos, and Video Intro & Outro.

2. Creative Assets

Do you lack the time and resources to shoot specific theme-based videos or photos for your content? Is recording audio for your videos a hassle for you? You can rely on stock assets, and Wave.video has a bunch of them.

Wave.video’s stock libraries will leave you in awe! This feature also includes visual effects and graphic elements.

Wave.video creative resources

Primarily, the creative assets features have three sections. All the sections have specific subsections which contain stock videos of countless themes.

  • Stock libraries: Free stock video, Royalty-free music, Free stock images, etc.
  • Visual effects: Video filters, Video overlays, Video transition, Animated text, etc.
  • Graphic elements: Create video thumbnail, Lower third, Video intro, Frame video, etc.

3. Online Video Editing

The Wave.video developer’s team has combined several professional but intuitive editing tools to create the online video editing feature. These editing tools are suitable for both personal and professional purposes. Whether you are an individual content creator or a video marketer of a big company, you will find this tool quite helpful.  

Wave.video video editing

Some of this editor’s noticeable functions are trimming, cropping, adding text, merging, resizing, rotating, GIF making, meme-making, removing background, etc.

4. Audio Editing

Add music to video, do voiceovers, mute your video, trim audio to match the length of the video, and do a bunch of other audio editing tasks to make your video output even better. You can also extract the audio from the video and create mp3 files.

Wave.video has speech-to-text technology that helps you add subtitles and captions. You do not have to write subtitles since you can turn your audio into text.

5. Video Marketing Tools

The primary target users of Wave.video are the marketers. So, having no video marketing feature would be as absurd as having no egg in an omelet.

The video marketing tools section has tools like social media video maker, video marketing platform, promo video maker, social Content Calendar, send videos via email, etc.

6. Video Hosting

Video hosting is also part of the benefits Wave.video offers. Wave.video is a media-based marketing solution that lets you store, host, embed, and even distribute all the videos. This feature helps you conduct attractive marketing campaigns that are essential for a business boost.

Key Benefits: Why Is Wave.video Useful?  

If you are a video marketer, you will find Wave.video useful. This software is specifically suitable for video marketers, and it has the following benefits-

  • Wave.video is cloud-based, so your files stay safe and secure.
  • This video editor is easy and fun to use.
  • It is an all-in-one software that helps you in almost every step of video marketing.
  • This software has a free version with limited but beneficial features.
  • The paid subscription plans are pretty affordable and the packages are full of great features.
  • Wave.video is an AppSumo partner, so that you can buy its lifetime deal.

Wave.video Pricing

Now if you are wondering how much the subscription price is, you can take a look at the following table to get an idea.

Package NamePrice
Stream$16/month (Annual) $20/month (Monthly)
Creator$24/month (Annual) $30/month (Monthly)
Business$48/month(Annual) $60/month (Monthly)

As you can see, Wave.video has a free subscription plan alongside the paid plans. Obviously, the free program has limited facilities, and the number of available features and facilities increases as your budget increases. You should visit their main website to see the details about the prices and other subscription-related information.   

Wave.video VS Invideo

Wave.video and Invideo are similar types of software costing $30 per month. But which one is better at providing high-quality video content and other related benefits?

Invideo excels in video making and editing. Like Invideo, Wave.video is good at video making and editing. But this video-making software also excels in live-streaming videos.

Wave.video VS Invideo

Both software has an excellent performance in supporting small, medium, and large businesses. Wave.video has a more significant customer target. Although Invideo claims to have more popularity, it is only suitable for businesses. But Wave.video supports freelancers too, which leads to a more extensive potential customer base.

Wave.video offers customer support through online mediums, a knowledge base, and video tutorials. Invideo provides customer support via phone and online. Wave.video is one step ahead of Invideo because of its comprehensive video tutorials.

So basically, both software can be the king of video making. But we are focusing on video marketing aspects here. In general situations, Invideo is a great tool to make video content. But Wave.video shows its all-rounder aspects in making marketing-friendly videos, hosting, and streaming them smoothly.

Is Wave.video Safe?

So, we are more or less happy about the features of Wave.video, but many of you still may have one question. Is Wave.video safe to use?

Wave.video is a cloud-based content creation software. These tools save all your important stuff in the cloud, so they cannot get lost. This software follows strict policies to stay respectful of your privacy. Wave.video lets you set up passwords as part of its hosting features.

In my opinion, it is safe to say that Wave.video is a very secure video-making platform.

Wave.video Lifetime Deal

The title of this Wave.video review should be enough to give you a heads up that I will discuss the AppSumo lifetime deal of Wave.video, and here we go.

Wave.video recently launched a lifetime deal on AppSumo consisting of two stackable codes. The usual benefits include 60 days of cancellation, access to future updates, etc.

The AppSumo deal of Wave.video features the Streamer plan and the Animatron Studio Pro plan. If you buy one code, you can buy more to increase feature limits. Previous purchasers will get an auto-update of new feature limits.

The two codes of Wave.video AppSumo lifetime deal costs $99 (Single) and $198 (Double).

Is Wave.video Lifetime Deal Worth It?

This lifetime deal includes the Streamer plan and the Animatron Studio Pro plan. The Streamer plan alone costs $192 to $240 per year. This amount is close to or even higher than the lifetime deal price, and we have not even discussed the Animatron Studio Pro plan yet.

If we can get software for life at a price equal to one year’s worth of subscriptions, why should we stick to the regular plans? This deal is undoubtedly beneficial if you are a heavy user of marketing video editors.

Note:  Most deals are out of stock within a week of going live on Appsumo. So grab this offers as soon as possible.

Wave.video AppSumo Lifetime Deal FAQ

Is there a limitation on the video translation amount?

Yes, it falls under the text-to-speech limit category.

Can Wave.video generate videos using AI?

Yes, Wave.video can AI-generate videos from blog links and text.

Can this software auto-eliminate silence?

No, this video editor does not yet have an auto-elimination of silence feature.

Does the AppSumo Wave.video deal provides storage space?

Yes, you can get storage space based on the number of codes you purchase.

Final Thoughts

Using Wave.video is not all sunshine and roses. This marketing video maker has its fair share of shortcomings. Sometimes the software becomes too slow and takes more time to render or load videos than it should. While being slow is not a big deal against all the positive aspects, this problem can easily annoy users. So, I suggest the developers fix the speed issue of Wave.video and make the software even more likeable.

I have not found anything wrong with the software besides this one minor technical issue. Plus, the ongoing lifetime deal on AppSumo is quite grand. If you are a freelancer, marketer, or heavy user of professional video editing software, Wave.video is a must-have item.

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