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Time to bring all your ideas to life with the Viima lifetime deal. Oh, do you not know what Viima is? Do not worry; I have researched Viima, and now, I offer you that wisdom.

So, you are a creative and intelligent soul full of ideas and possibilities. But having an excellent idea does not always assures success. It would help if you had a medium to manage and support ideas to turn them into reality. So, get something like Viima.

Let’s see what Viima has to offer us.

What Is Viima?

Viima is an innovation-related software known as an idea management platform. Viima helps you materialize your creative project ideas through practical steps.

It is common to feel lost about the implementation process of the idea you just made. Many people have great ideas, but not all know how to make them a reality. Viima lets you organize your thoughts and create steps to achieve that goal.

☛ Viima is Best for

  • Small businesses
  • Marketing agencies
  • SaaS

☛ Alternative to

  • Miro
  • Asana
  • Mural

☛ Integrations

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Rest API
  • SSO
  • Jira

Key Features of Viima

So, when I checked out Viima, I discovered that it has almost everything you need in an innovation platform. It has all the features needed in an ideal innovation platform, like board view, team collaboration, various integrations, etc.

1. Board View

The board view is the section that appears first when you open Viima. Each board represents each ongoing project meaning your projects are on the boards. You can open your projects by clicking on the Viima boards.

Viima Broad View

You can also overview your ideas or projects through the Viima board view feature.

2. Team Collaboration

Having a bunch of brains working together is unquestionably better than having one brain doing all the hard work. So, Viima urges you to invite your intellectual friends and form teams to collaborate with them.

You will have limited user seats based on your Viima package or license tier. Purchase a higher tier to add more seats to your Viima teams.

3. Colour-Coded Bubbles

The human thought process has so many layers that it can look confusing when software tries to visualize it. So, Viima uses colour-coded bubbles to represent different elements of your project, like product development, branding, employee satisfaction, etc.

Viima AppSumo

The colour-coding system wards off the confusion and makes the project easy to understand from an operative point of view.

4. Integrations

Viima can sync with more than one device and complies with the GDPR policies. Viima’s system is flexible enough to integrate with Jira, Microsoft Teams, Rest API, and SSO.

Benefits of Viima

Why is it so important to use Viima for your ideas? I do not know about anyone else, but the following benefits convinced me of Viima’s importance.

  • Simple start-up, easy-to-use interface, and good-looking graphics.
  • Get a clear overview of your topics.
  • You can cooperate with multiple organizations and work as a team.
  • Viima is a complete package of all the essential features of innovation management.
  • An extraordinary customer support team that is quick, informative, and responsive.

Viima Pricing

I will show the original pricing and the lifetime pricing both. I prefer the lifetime pricing more because it requires only one payment in a lifetime, whereas the original pricing tells you to pay every month.

Original Pricing

Viima’s paid service consists of three monthly packages.

  • Basic: $39/month (10 users; 3 boards)
  • Pro: $399/month (150 users; unlimited boards)
  • Unlimited: $1799/month (unlimited users; unlimited boards)

Lifetime Deal Pricing

The Viima lifetime deal has two tiers.

  • Tier 01: $49 (10 users;3 boards)
  • Tier 02: $149 (150 users; unlimited boards)

Viima Lifetime Deal FAQs

Do I get to use any languages other than English in Viima?

Viima has eight languages, all available in the lifetime deal.

What are the languages Viima uses?

Viima currently uses English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, and Norwegian, and more languages are coming.

When a user leaves the team, can I regain their seat?

Viima keeps the seat when they leave, and you can appoint someone new there.

Bottom Line

Having original ideas may not be a big deal, but implementing them can be complicated. The difference between great historical figures and regular human beings is the capability to turn an idea into reality.

So, do you want to stay a regular human being, or do you want to touch greatness by materializing your ideas? If your answer is later, think no more and use Viima. To be even greater in this field, check out the AppSumo Viima lifetime deal.

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