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Hello, Are you familiar with Uptimia? Uptimia is one of the best tools to monitor your website’s performance, speed, and uptime. You can now monitor website uptime more affordably with the Uptimia lifetime deal.

Is it hard for you to keep an eye on your website? Does looking for errors or problems feel like looking for a needle in a haystack? Then use the sharp eyes of Uptimia.

Monitoring a website to ensure better performance and quick recovery from troubles is vital. But running a website is a busy and challenging task. So it’s best to have an expert watch over your website.

You are here to find a tool to monitor website uptime if you have a website. Meet Uptimia, an expert tool to keep your site’s performance and uptime in check.

Don’t know what Uptimia is? Please give me the time to tell you about the Uptimia and Uptimia lifetime deal.

What is Uptimia?

Uptimia is a popular tool to monitor website uptime and overall performance. Uptimia not only watches your website’s uptime but also checks your website’s overall health. You can monitor website uptime, speed, transaction, and real users with Uptimia.

Uptimia will monitor your website’s uptime, speed, transaction, and user experience and track down any kind of problems. This tool will waste no time before informing you about any kind of trouble it locates on your website.  

Not only that, Uptimia will do everything within its capacity to help you solve those problems.

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Key Features of Uptimia: Monitor Website Uptime and Much More

Uptimia has many features like uptime monitoring, speed check, monitor creator, etc. But all the features of Uptimia come under some key features. The key features of Uptimia are Monitoring, Dashboard, and Reporting.

  • Monitoring
  • Dashboard
  • Reporting


Monitor website uptime, SSL, speed, real users, and transactions with the Uptimia monitoring feature. Uptimia ensures a smooth website monitoring performance with 171 checkpoints worldwide.

Website monitoring


See how your website is doing by briefly going through the Uptimia dashboard that works in real-time. You can also schedule maintenance, pause or delete a monitor, and many other tasks with this feature of Uptima.

Uptimia dashboard


Uptimia will instantly send you notifications, show you transcripts and screenshots of the problem, and even help you solve it whenever it finds any issues on your website.

Uptimia appsumo lifetime deal

How Uptimia Works

Uptimia works in the simplest way possible. This makes it easier for the users and website holders to work with Uptimia.

Uptimia LTD

You can easily monitor website uptime by creating a new monitor with the monitoring feature of Uptimia. Just write down a name for the monitor, select monitor type, notification, and probs preferences and insert your website link, and Uptimia will start to monitor your website.

Now how does Uptimia conduct the monitoring task? Uptimia works in three simple steps, Load, Notice, and Alert.

To monitor website uptime, transaction, speed, and real users,

1. Uptimia first loads the website

2. This tool notices troubles, errors, speed drops, or problematic customer experiences.

3. Instantly sends you a notice regarding the problem via your preferred notification setup.

Why You Should Use Uptimia

Are you looking for an expert tool that can keep an on your website’s uptime, speed, and performance and instantly inform you about any issues? Then don’t think twice before opting for Uptimia.

Uptimia deal

You should use Uptimia because this tool gives you the following privileges.

  • Uptimia gives you the comfort of reliability.
  • You can keep an eye on your website’s uptime
  • Track down SSL certificates
  • Monitor any kind of website’s operation speed
  • Keep an eye on complex online transactions.
  • Track down the website’s interaction record with visitors.
  • Get alert notifications via the integration apps for any kind of trouble on the website.
  • Uptimia’s customer service is one of a kind.

Uptimia Lifetime Deal Review

Maintain an affordable watchdog for your website for life with the Uptimia lifetime deal. Yes, I am talking about the Uptimia AppSumo lifetime deal. You can have Uptimia for life and monitor website uptime smoothly forever.

Don’t worry about paying monthly or yearly subscription fees to monitor website uptime; losing your subscription is not even in the syllabus. The Uptimia lifetime deal by AppSumo will be with you for life. You just have to purchase one license tier from the Upitimia AppSumo deal.

There is no way I would call it an unprofitable lifetime deal. It’s an AppSumo lifetime deal we are talking about? When has AppSumo ever brought out any bad lifetime deal?

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Uptimia Lifetime Deal Benefits

There are a lot of general benefits of the Uptimia lifetime deal. Uptimia will give you access to these benefits and features no matter which tier you choose from the Uptimia lifetime deal.

  • Lifetime Uptimia premium subscription facility
  • Get every future standard plan update for tier 1 and advanced plan update for tier 2 and tier 3
  • Migrate between three license tiers.
  • Compliant with GDPR
  • 2 months testing period with a money return guarantee
  • Monitoring features like uptime, speed, real user, and transaction
  • Regular branded reports (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly)
  • Instant alerts on any type of issue
  • Status pages
  • Integration: Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc. for status reports and notifications and Twilio for SMS
  • Web speed tracking in the 1-minute intervening time

Note: You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase. (Otherwise, your code will be invalid)

Uptimia Lifetime Deal pricing

The Uptimia lifetime deal provides three different packages or license tiers. License tier 1 costs $69 and license tires 2 and 3 cost $139 and $209 respectively.

  • License Tier 1: [Purchase once at $69]
    • Uptime checks limit: 50 times
    • 5 users allowed (max)
    • 750000 pageviews allowed per month
    • Monthly 75 free SMS for US and Canada
    • a minute-long intervening time for testing
    • Advanced checks limit: 5
    • Real user monitoring websites limit: 5
  • License Tier 2: [Purchase once at $139]
    • Uptime checks limit: 150 times
    • 15 users allowed (max)
    • 2.5 million page views allowed per month
    • Monthly 150 free SMS for US and Canada
    • 30 seconds intervening time for testing
    • Advanced checks limit: 15
    • Real user monitoring websites limit: 15
  • License Tier 3: [Purchase once at $209]
    • Uptime checks limit: 500 times
    • 50 users allowed (max)
    • 10 million page views allowed per month
    • Monthly 300 free SMS for US and Canada
    • 30 seconds intervening time for testing
    • Advanced checks limit: 50
    • Real user monitoring websites limit: 50

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FAQS about Uptimia Lifetime Deal

How is Uptimia comparable to Robot.alp?

Uptimia has some features that Robot.alp doesn’t like multiple-step transaction monitoring, accurate user monitoring, domain expiration monitoring, etc.

How will users outside the US and Canada get SMS notifications?

Simply buy SMS credits or use Twilio integration if you live outside US or Canada.

What do I need to do to monitor real users?

Your job is to install a small snippet of code to your website and Uptimia will handle the rest.

Does Uptimia run asynchronously?

Yes, Uptimia is designed to run asynchronously.

What does Uptimia AppSumo mean by “Advanced checks”?

AppSumo Uptimia refers to Speed Monitoring checks and Transaction Monitoring checks as “Advanced checks”.

Final Verdict & Our Opinion

In my opinion, there is no reason for anyone to refuse the simplicity and facilities of Uptima. Moreover, the Uptimia lifetime deal is a golden opportunity for anyone looking for an affordable way to monitor website uptime.

Finally, I would like to say that you may look for an alternative to Uptimia. But in reality, even monitoring your website manually is easier than finding a better alternative to Uptimia.

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