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Let’s start the day with a UPDF Review. Not just a regular UPDF review, I will talk about the UPDF lifetime deal as well.

It is a bother to keep different PDF tools for different kinds of PDF-related tasks. There are so many tasks surrounding PDFs, like reading, editing, converting, securing, and sharing. This is why you should choose a service that can be a solution to all of your PDF problems. UPDF can be your all-in-one tool to take on all of your PDF-related tasks.

I should stop the roundabout blabbering and tell you honestly what UPDF is, what I think about this tool, and what I know about the UPDF AppSumo lifetime deal. So, let me show you around my UPDF review.

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What is UPDF?

UPDF is a powerful PDF tool that handles all your PDF-related tasks and works smoothly on all platforms. UPDF is, without a doubt, one of the best PDF tools in AppSumo.

PDF is a type of document that is now used everywhere. It needs a dedicated tool for opening, editing, converting, etc. UPDF works as a great solution for all your pdf related problems.

This PDF tool is universal, meaning you can use UPDF on windows, mac, iOS, and android platforms. It is a productive, fast, and simple pdf editor tool. You can view, edit, annotate and convert your PDF files in a very simple way. It is powerful and best suited for heavy PDF workflows. Its unique features and intuitive interface makes it one of the best pdf tools.

UPDF is Best for:

  • Educators
  • Accountants
  • Real estate

Key features of UPDF

UPDF comes with features that all your PDF needs. You can view, edit, annotate, convert, edit images, and add text to your pdf. Let’s see the features in brief.

  • View PDF
  • Edit PDF
  • Annotate PDF
  • Edit images
  • Convert PDF

☛ View PDF

The view feature is common for all most every pdf tool. But viewing experience may vary depending on the quality, intuitiveness, and efficiency of the PDF software.

UPDF AppSumo

UPDF comes with very simple, good-looking, and intuitive interfaces to provide a PDF viewer that does not bore you. UPDF makes your PDF viewing experience comfortable and enjoyable by allowing dark mode and background colour changes.

☛ Edit PDF

Your PDF app is useless if you can’t edit the PDF file properly. UPDF’s editor tool lets you add text or edit text on your PDF files.


You can also edit the text’s font, colour, and size and add images. All in all, UPDF’s editor tool gives you complete freedom to make the PDF file to your liking.

☛ Annotate PDF

PDF files can hold hundreds of pages, but not all the pages and lines are equally important. You can find specific information easily if you annotate the PDF file.

UPDF Review

Make your PDF as informative as you like with UPDF’s annotation feature. You can highlight text on your pdf. Besides, you can draw, add notes or add shapes to your pdf.

☛ Edit Images

PDF files can have texts and images both. You may need to edit images while creating or editing a PDF file.

UPDF AppSumo Lifetime Deal

It is easy to make changes to images if you have the support of UPDF. You can crop, rotate, add or delete photos on pdf with the UPDF image editor.

☛ Convert PDF

Make sure to have a conversion tool for your PDF documents if you need to change the file format. You do not have to worry about that if you have UPDF.

UPDF AppSumo Deal

UPDF comes with conversion tools for PDF documents. UPDF’s conversion tool lets you convert your PDF file to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, XML, PDF/A, Text, CSV, or jpeg format.

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How UPDF works

UPDF’s main task is to let you edit a PDF document however you like. When I say edit a PDF, I mean you can edit a PDF file right then and there. You do not have to open a different editing window and proceed with the editing task. You can open the PDF in UPDF and make changes to the file’s content.

UPDF lets you bring changes to the text, add or edit images, and make several parts more noticeable with annotation. You do not have to open one page at a time since UPDF lets you edit several pages simultaneously.

UPDF also works as a file converter for your PDF files. You can convert your file with UPDF if you need the file in a different format.

Why You Should Use UPDF

UPDF is best for accountants, educators, and people working in real estate. UPDF is perfect for you if you fall under any of the three types. In that case, you should use UPDF because-

  • Super smooth and convenient PDF editing.
  • Saves time by letting you edit several pages at once.
  • Read, edit, convert, and annotate, all in one place.
  • Perfect PDF editor for all types of operating systems.
  • Has a UPDF lifetime deal that enables affordability.
  • UPDF is secure to use because you can use passwords.

UPDF AppSumo Lifetime Deal Review

UPDF has made itself more reachable via the UPDF lifetime deal. The deal is now running on the AppSumo website and will end pretty soon. I will try to be completely honest with my UPDF review here.

To be honest, The UPDF lifetime deal is quite different from other AppSumo deals. It does not quite fulfil the criteria of an AppSumo lifetime deal. At present, the UPDF lifetime deal seems perpetual with a few years of updates.

UPDF deal

Nevertheless, UPDF as a service is undoubtedly amazing, and this deal is quite a helpful choice for people who need to work on PDF files continuously. So, choose the UPDF lifetime deal if you want to enjoy UPDF at an affordable price.

Benefits of UPDF AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Try out UPDF for 60 days and enjoy the benefits below. Try out the UPDF lifetime deal since you have nothing to lose here.

  • Lifetime UPDF subscription at one-time purchase.
  • Access to all future updates of UPDF plans.
  • Try out UPDF for 60 days without registering.
  • Cash-back on cancellation within 60 days after UPDF lifetime deal purchase.

Note: You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase. (Otherwise, your code will be invalid)

UPDF AppSumo Lifetime Deal Pricing

Get a UPDF lifetime deal by AppSumo at just $39.99 and enjoy all the cool exclusive features listed below. Remember, the UPDF lifetime deal allows one-time purchases.

UPDF 1 Code ($39.99)

  • View options: View PDF in dark mode or change the background colour.
  • Editor features: Add or edit text, images, and links in PDF.
  • Convert to different formats: From PDF to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, Jpeg, HTML, XML, PDF/A, Text, etc.
  • Annotation options: Highlights, underline, stamps, stickers, text boxes, draw, etc.
  • Organizer: Delete, rearrange, rotate, extract, and replace pages.
  • Ensure connectivity by sharing the PDF via a link or email.
  • Protection feature: Ensure privacy with password (Add open password or permission password).

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UPDF Alternatives Lifetime Deal

Want to get more PDF Converter tools? Don’t worry. I will introduce some more PDF Converter tools you can buy at a low price with AppSumo deals.

There are many different UPDF alternatives that you can use to convert, edit, read, and customize pdf files.

All the above PDF Converter tool has lifetime deals, and you can now buy them at a discount from the official price.

FAQ about UPDF AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Is the UPDF deal lifetime perpetual?

As far as my understanding goes, the behaviour of the deal indicates it to be more perpetual than a lifetime.

Is UPDF hosted by Cloud storage?

No, at present UPDF doesn’t support Cloud storage but they have plans to include this feature in the future.

Where are UPDF sharable links hosted if not in Cloud?

The shareable links for your PDFs are hosted in the UPDF’s domain for now.

Do I need to be online to work on UPDF?

You need to be connected to the internet to authorize your login to your account and you can go offline after that.

Final Verdict and Our Opinion

UPDF is undoubtedly one of the best and most convenient PDF tools you will find. UPDF is an all-rounder tool that lets you read PDF documents, create and make changes to them, convert them to different formats, and secure the document with passwords.

The UPDF lifetime deal may sound a little misleading, but it is still a very good and profitable deal for you. As I always say, taking the AppSumo trial facility will not harm you anyway. So, you should try out the UPDF AppSumo lifetime deal trial version to find out whether it is compatible with your needs or not.

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