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Let’s start our day with a Typedesk review and an overview of the AppSumo lifetime deal. Doing repetitive tasks is annoying, especially if it involves dealing with your customers. You will surely make mistakes if you can’t focus on your main task due to the distracting amount of questions in your inbox. But again, leaving your customers hanging is unprofessional behavior and negatively affects your business.

So, how do you simultaneously focus on your company’s operative tasks and provide top-quality customer support? The answer is Typedesk, an intelligent and skillful tool to help you manage your curious customers.

So, what is why I suggest Typedesk out of the blue? Let me give you a simple Typedesk review and explain why I like this software.

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What is Typedesk?

Typedesk is a customer support tool that works on every platform and provides canned responses. To simplify, Typedesk takes customer questions and responds with prewritten answers on your behalf. 


You can only be in some places simultaneously, and multitasking often leads to severe mistakes. So, let Typedesk be in charge of your inbox while you engage in other operative tasks. You must identify the customers’ questions, input those frequently asked questions in your Typedesk account and write the answers. Whenever a customer asks one of those questions, Typedesk automatically and instantly responds to that with the answer you have provided previously. 

So, Typedesk is an automatic canned responder that takes charge of your inbox to provide customer support when you or your teammates are unavailable.

Typedesk Features

You have a brief idea of Typedesk, and it is time to learn about its features. Typedesk has features like offline work, Cloud support, colour-coded folders, teams, notes, etc. These are some of the core features of Typedesk, and the rest are here-

  • Response Finder: Typedesk’s system is smart enough to effortlessly search through the pile of responses you have input and find a response suitable for a particular question. 
  • Offline Work Support: You do not have to worry if the internet connection is buffering or unavailable since Typedesk is offline-proof.
  • Cloud Storage Integration: Keep your canned responses in the safe hands of Cloud storage and never lose them.
  • Folders: Create many folders, color-code them, sort your responses based on types or categories, and keep them separated in the color-coded folders you just made.
  • Response Variants: Write a straightforward response and make many different versions of them, including translated versions.
  • Team Collaboration: Create a customer support team of your own and work with them to make and maintain canned responses.
  • Activity Notifications: Learn about team activities and other engagements in your Typedesk account right on the go with the activity notifications.
  • Private Notes: Be a leader and individually instruct your teammates via privately sent notes.
  • Conditional Logic: This intelligent system can differentiate between male and female customers, identify the time of the day, and personalize the greetings based on that information. 
  • Privacy: Typedesk’s privacy policy erases all keyboard data, so your activity information stays safe.
  • Dark Mode: You do not need to stress your delicate eyes with a bright screen since you can set up dark mode to enjoy an eye-soothing experience. 

Benefits of Typedesk

Typedesk is one of the most convenient software you can get. This canned responder supports you in many ways, but the following benefits are worth mentioning-

☛ Increases Productivity

You can do many things with the time you save by using Typedesk. Typedesk handles the customer support tasks in your place. Meanwhile, you can handle other tasks like production, marketing, selling, etc.

Typedesk review

If you spend half of your day answering customer questions, you will need more time to complete many other essential tasks. Typedesk helps you double your productivity.

☛ Quick and Easy Operation

Typedesk is a super-fast and intuitive software. Setting up the questionnaire and inputting answers take little to no time.

Customers ask questions in your website’s inbox and get an answer in a blink of an eye. Thanks to the super quick response setup of Typedesk.

☛ Multiple Platform Supportive

Typedesk supports all online platforms, including your Facebook account. This customer support solution works for all platforms like email, social media, websites, etc.

This customer support solution integrates with your inbox and works automatically. 

☛ Data Safety

Typedesk protects your private data from outsiders and unauthenticated parties. It does not store keyboard data so that no one will know about your activities and passwords other than you.

Besides, who can access your workspace is totally up to you since Typedesk gives you access permission authority.

☛ Affordable Price Range

The price of Typedesk is very affordable considering the immense help it provides in customer support. Especially if you think about the pricing of the Typedesk lifetime deal, this much money means nothing.

Typedesk AppSumo Lifetime Deal Benefits

  • Lifetime access to Typedesk
  • All its future plan updates
  • Quick shortcuts
  • Advanced canned responses
  • Ability to create dynamic snippets
  • Apps available for macOS and Windows
  • Integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Gmail, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, HelpCrunch, Front, and Slack.

Typedesk Lifetime Deal Pricing

The Typedesk AppSumo deal has two license tiers. Let’s see what the pricing of the AppSumo Typedesk deal is.

Single License Tier: $69

  • Seat: 1
  • Canned responses: Unlimited
  • Image Upload: 50 MB/user

Double License Tier: $138

  • Seat: 50
  • Canned responses: Unlimited
  • Image Upload: 50 MB/user

10% Discount Offer!

To get a 10% discount for the first order, please follow the instruction properly!

  • First Step: Just go to the AppSumo 10% Discount Page
  • Second Step: Enter your Email in the box
  • Third Step: Now click the Unlock 10% Off button
  • Fourth Step: Check your email and follow their instruction.

If you want to get an additional 10% off for every purchase on AppSumo? No worries, Just become an AppSumo plus and enjoy the additional 10% discount.

Does one user mean one device or one account in Typedesk?

You can have an account in Typedesk, and each account means one user. 

Can I use Typedesk on multiple devices using one user account?

Yes, you can have one user account and use Typedes on three devices at most.

Does the Typedesk software have a similar work style as TexExpander?

Yes, Typedesk is similar to TexExpender, but the AppSumo Typedesk deal puts this software in a better position.

Is Typedesk an Application or a Chrome extension?

Typedesk is available in both versions; desktop application and browser extension.

Bottom Line

Typedesk is one of the best helpers in customer support for your business. It takes care of repetitive questions and saves you enough time to double up your productivity.

This canned responder helps you concentrate on your work and prevents mistakes. You do not have to deal with unnecessary multitasking or answer the same question repeatedly.

There is undoubtedly other software similar to Typedesk, but I need help to guarantee their performance. Besides, the AppSumo Typedesk lifetime deal makes this canned responder more convenient and affordable than others.

So, how do you feel about my Typedesk review? Let me know if reading this AppSumo Typedesk overview was worth your time.

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