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Hello everyone. Let me know one thing. What would you prefer for your project management? An email or a spreadsheet or sticky notes plastered all along the edge of the computer?

Well, if your answer is any of the following, this write-up is dedicated to you.

Come on, man, it’s 21 century, and technology made it more simple and easy for us to do anything. And where there are far too many benefits of project management software, why do you stick to those old ideas?

In this post, we’ll discuss what project management software is, the advantage of project management software, and suggest you the 7 best project management software lifetime deals. Let’s have a look.

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What is Project Management Software?

Project management software is software used for project planning, scheduling, resource allocation, and change management.

It allows project managers (PMs), stakeholders, and users to control costs and manage budgeting, quality management, and documentation and may be used as an administration system.

Project Management Software

Project management software is also used for collaboration and communication between project stakeholders.

Benefits of Project Management Software

Project management software is a revolution in task management and project planning. It performs everything between project planning, ending, and delivering it to the clients.

There are innumerable benefits of project management software. But here I list out some of the more important benefits of project management software to think you out of it.

Now it’s up to you to choose between the old and the new. Let’s have a look at the list;

  • The Ultimate Solution
  • Set Obvious Goals
  • Time-Saving
  • Planning and Scheduling Projects with Less Effort
  • Promote Productivity

☛ The Ultimate Solution

Project management software is the ultimate solution for your valuable projects. The common feature in every project management software is that it accumulates every pros and cons in one place.

Whether planning, collaboration, project tracking, time tracking, etc., you find all of it in one platform. That makes project management more effortless.

☛ Set Obvious Goals

Establishing a clear goal helps to identify your destination and provides the roadmap to reaching there. A clear idea of what you exactly want to do or where you want to reach will make you able to improve your productivity.

☛ Time-Saving

Project management software is a time saver. It has pre-built templates for law, sales, marketing, design, and construction companies.

It has reusable doc templates for content. And also task and checklist templates to avoid creating tasks from scratch.

☛ Planning and Scheduling Projects with Less Effort

Want to make your project successful without much effort? Okay, then leave it to project management software.

Project management software comes with features that help streamline the planning and scheduling process without having much effect.

☛ Promote Productivity

Finding everything you need in a single place lets you make proper decisions and be more productive.

Project management software has such features that you even didn’t know that you needed. Multitask toolbar, rich text editing, priorities, native time tracking, integrations, and smart search are some of them to enhance productivity.

Okay, Now I’m gonna tell you the 7 best project management software lifetime deal that appears reliable and useful among users.

Best project Management Software

There is no end to the good. And there is a vast range of Project management tools in the market. You have to pick one which reaches your needs and demands.

1) Taskade

2) Nifty

3) BasicOps

4) Rymotely

5) Stacks

6) MaestroCr

7) Hassl

Best Project Management Tools at a Glance

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STACKS$42Lifetime DealVisit Here
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1. Taskade

If you wish your work done more quickly and good than before, you’re precisely at the proper place. Taskade is your final resolution for this task. Reach your productivity to a different level with mind maps, outliner notes, and a good to-do list in one geographic point.

Taskade lifetime deal

Key Features of Taskade

  • Features for Individuals
    • Create Notes & Outlines
    • Mind Maps to set up higher
    • Task Reminders
    • To-Do List Manager
    • Calendar for your tasks and projects
    • Beautiful and lowest interface
  • Features for Teams
    • Assign projects & tasks to team members
    • Share disruption Lists with others
    • Invite and add team members to workspaces
    • Create projects and track team tasks
    • Create projects and track team tasks

2. Nifty

Now it’s your turn to stop change between tasks, docs, chats, roadmaps, and alternative tools. Nifty is here for you to combine every single factor in one place, like, goals, teams, and actions.

Nifty Lifetime deal

Key Features of Nifty

  • Nifty create team alignment around project sprints and goals.
  • You can build smart moves than before expeditiously.
  • Customize all projects in one frame to suit your workflow. Thus you ought not to switch between projects, and it saves time.
  • Prioritize and organize to manage tasks with high detail.
  • Keep up well cooperation by targeting documents and files.
  • Organize your groups and structure your projects with Project Portfolios.

Want to know more about Nifty? Please read the Nifty Review.

3. BasicOps

BasicOps projects management tools are third in my list of the 7 best project management software lifetime deals. This super easy-to-use project management software can be the ultimate solution for your valuable projects.

BasicOps ifetime Deal

It helps you prioritize tasks and communicate with your team in real time. You can easily collaborate with your team with BasicOps project management software.

Key Features of BasicOps

  • Designed in such a way that you can always let your team members know the progress of the projects.
  • BasicOps allows sharing links and attaching files from Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • It allows adding a review process to your discussions.
  • BasicOps integrates with Slack, Google Calendar, and Zoom
  • With an organized and well-maintained feed, BasicOps can visualize the progress of your projects.
  • Using Algorithms calculates ideal timelines that set the project’s deadlines.
  • Standard formatting tools like a bullet and numbered lists, hyperlinks, bold, italics, or underlined fonts are used to organize notes.

4. Rymotely

If you are a small businessman or want to start up a new business, and you barely need project management software to maintain, then you must be in the right place.

Rymotely lifetime deal

Rymotely is that superpowered software that is a must to run your small business. It includes everything to satisfy your demands while running a small business. Rymotely is the ultimate financial and business management solution. It solves many problems that a small business faces.

Key Features of Rymotely

  • Rymotely is designed to be the simplest and very easy to use. The more you use it, the more you love it.
  • To timely hand over the projects to the clients, Rymotely Just put all the tools you need to run your small business. No need to use multiple tools if you use Rymotely.
  • Rymotely is a one-stop shop to manage projects, proposals, contracts, tasks, incomes, invoices, payments, and all expenses in one place.
  • Rymotely is best for self-employed, new start-ups, freelancers, digital nomads, and a small team of 2-3 members.

5. Stacks

Stacks project management software is one of the great solutions for your small projects that come third in my list of the 7 best project management software.

Stacks is an all-in-one secure project management tool for your business. An easy and user-friendly interface helps you to overcome all the problems you face in your business.

Stacks lifetime deal

Stacks project management software is best for remote teams, project managers, sales managers, and small businesses. Stacks is a cross-platform, all-in-one project management tool that works on top of a local folder.

Key Features of Stacks

  • Manage your workflows, track time, optimize productivity, and anticipate the required time to complete tasks.
  • Stacks do not require any setup. You have to open, use, and store your data wherever you choose.
  • It does not even need an internet connection to run this software.
  • It allows different views. Such as
    • Board view
    • List view
    • Table view
    • Calendar View
    • Maps & Archives
  • Unlimited options to write your tasks.
  • Attach files and links to any task.
  • Powerful filters & CSV exports.

6. MaestroCr

MaestroCR project management software is the most excellent for change request management problems. CR means change request platform.

It smoothes the difficult part of the process. MaestroCR ensures that you are on the right track. It manages your communication with all your collaborators and partners in one place.

MaestroCR aims to make every single solution painless. It is specially designed for the software development teams and support.

MaestroCR lifetime deal

MaestroCR aims to manage all of your projects, clients, and software teams in a single platform with ready-to-use integrations with the most powerful project management tools like JIRA, Trello, Gitlab, Github, Asana, Wrike, Slack, Basecamp, etc.

This easy project management software helps to make a strong connection between your team and your clients.

Key Features of MaestroCr

  • For Software Development Companies
    • Reducing the risk of cash flow imbalance.
    • Transparency and documentation of change processes from approval to completion.
    • Managing all of your projects, clients, and teams from a single platform.
    • Tracking invoices, effort & budgets for the change requests for multiple projects and multiple clients.
    • Connecting with outsourced contractors (even freelancers) and managing them easily.
  • For Project Owner Companies
    • Reducing the risk of change management and project failure.
    • Managing all of your projects, and contractors from a single platform.
    • Tracking invoices, effort & budgets for multiple contractors based on change requests.
    • Transparency and documentation of change processes from approval to completion.
    • Efficient management of custom developments and implementations

7. Hassl

As we all know, all project management software is expensive and confusing, but now it’s time to come out of this mindset.

Hassl is here for you. It is one of the cheapest and easiest project management software for your valuable project. It is a one-stop shop for all your productivity needs.

Hassl Lifetime Deal

The app releases your team members from admin tasks, allowing them to focus more on project work. Hassl is a project management tool for people who hate project management.

Key Features of Hassl

  • Manage your tasks, projects, files, communication, and team in one place.
  • Accounts and user profile management.
  • Hassl app allows you to create separate teams Enabling you to organize multiple freelance collaborators or small business employees in small groups.
  • Create teams for different skills like designers, content writers, marketing executives, product specialists, sales and billing, etc.
  • The Folders feature of the Hassl app helps you to declutter the workspace. Create separate folders for clients and internal projects to keep things organized.
  • Time tracking allows you to complete admin tasks like employee or freelancer payments, time budgeting, billing clients, etc.
  • To-Do-Lists and Calendars are the two primary productivity tools for managing freelance projects or small businesses. The Hassl app has both of them.
  • Hassl offers multiple ways to collaborate and communicate with the team, client, or any guest.

Final Verdict

Technology made our work life simply easier. Now it’s time to jump into the easiest way to manage your project.

Try our list of the 7 best project management software lifetime deals. Just carefully notice the features and choose the right one for your next project.

So, why are you waiting for? Pick up your desired one and bring the best of you all out.

Best Project Management Software Lifetime Deal is Going On!Get the best deal for lifetime access for only $9.99.
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