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Hey, come a little closer; I will tell you the secret to becoming the most efficient worker. The secret behind the most successful office workers is Taskade.

Haha, well, Taskade is not exactly a secret, considering the hype around it nowadays. Before introducing you to this amazing task manager, I was trying to grab your attention.

Are you making a mess when handling tasks? Are you having a hard time with team communication? Have managing, organizing, and tracking projects become a burden for you? Do you want to know about the software that can get you out of this mess?

Say your greetings to Taskade. Taskade is your ultimate aid for team communication, project management, tracking, and organizing.

Get along with your workmates, conduct butter-like smooth communication with them, manage, organize, show progress, create folders, attach files, make notes everything with this beauty of a tool. You can also sync your work with the Google Calander.

You can invite different people separately in each separate folder—no chance of a mixup and getting all the secrets out. So, if you are worried about the security of your files, do not fret. Taskade got it under control.

All in all, Taskade makes you the most efficient worker in the entire workplace.

Today’s article is all about Taskade. Here, you will know what Taskade is, its key features, its benefits, and the best Taskade lifetime deal presented by AppSumo.

So, mates, let’s get to know your fun and friendly task aid, Taskade!

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What is Taskade?

90’s people will remember the To-Do List app on their parent’s phones. Taskade is a simple but fun app. It is a To-Do List software as well. But it is much more than just a simple task manager.

Taskade is best for long-distance team works. Handling a project can be messy if your teammates are in different locations around the globe. Besides, something like Taskade is a pain reliever in this work-from-home era.

Even without a long-distance team, Taskade can come in handy right in your office space.

This Application will aid your team in monitoring, managing and organizing projects and making collaborative task lists, notes, and journals.

Its screen sharing, video conferencing, and chat options let you communicate with teammates and other collaborators across various platforms.

You can synchronize your activities with Google Calendar. You will get unlimited templates for making various content for your projects.

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Key Features of Taskade

Key features are what make anything attractive and unique, and the same goes for the Taskade key features.

  • Organize and Manage Tasks
    • Organize your projects in a manner that does not look like a mess with Taskade.
    • Turn your big project into smaller tasks without losing track of it.
    • Manage projects with your team together in one place.
    • Give access to your team members to the project and let them do their part.
    • Be able to monitor how much job has been done and will not lose track of it.
    • The stacked toolbox option will allow you to take on and run more than one project.
  • To-Do Lists
    • Make a never-ending list of tasks and subtasks with Taskade’s To-Do List feature.
    • Taskade will provide bullet points, arrows, and other symbols to enlist based on categories.
    • ☛ You and your team members can use this same To-Do list. Everyone can contribute to the list.
    • ☛ You can keep track of how many tasks are at hand and which team member is working on which part of this project.
    • ☛ Taskade will allow you to manage multiple projects with the help of the stacked toolbox.
    • ☛ Register the due dates, comments, and reactions for the tasks and create weekly checklists.
    • Taskade also lets you set a countdown timer for that extra push.
  • Templates
    • ☛ Get a massive library of templates that has no end to it.
    • ☛ Decide the category of your project or content and easily find a template based on that category.
    • ☛ Choose the view setup you like, for example, the mind map, kanban board, or calendar.
  • Online Task Sharing
    • ☛ Provide a shareable link to your team members to access the project or task list.
    • Share the project with your customers or other parties with the shareable link on any device.
    • You can share in real-time with Taskade.
    • Connect with your team members with the chat option by Taskade.
    • Hold meetings and presentations with screen sharing and video conferencing facilities.
  • Meeting Notes
    • Get together with team members and take important notes with the aid of Taskade.
  • Calendar and Deadlines Tracking
    • Set a project deadline and monitor how much time is at hand.
    • Sync the projects with the calendar to track the timeline of the project and the due date.
    • Figure out how much work is done in just a click.

Why You Should Use Taskade

Taskade helps you work on projects more efficiently

This tool keeps you organized

Taskade enables you to connect with your team members in real-time, no matter how far they are.

You can monitor the progress, and the countdown timer gives you the extra push to work harder.

Taskade makes client handling easier by giving them access to the project folders. (Only the ones you permitted.)

Pros and Cons of Taskade

Every great thing in the world comes with many benefits and setbacks. So, let’s not ignore the cons of Taskade and measure them with the pros.

Taskade appsumo
  • Pros:
    • ✔ The basic facilities of Taskade are free.
    • ✔ Get many premium services at an affordable price.
    • ✔ Work faster and smoother with Taskade.
    • ✔ The interface is clean and pretty to the eyes.
    • ✔ It gives you the option to choose from different view setups.
    • ✔ Create a new workspace with ease
    • ✔ Full stacking opens the door to unlimited workspace creation.
  • Cons:
    • ✘ A hover view is not available for comment content.
    • ✘ Removing the colours of the texts is a little troublesome.

Taskade Lifetime Deal Review

The monthly subscription plan of Taskade starts at 5 dollars per month.

But before jumping out of your seat and subscribing for monthly pay, hear me out properly.

If you spend $5 monthly, you will have to spend $60 for 1 year. What if I tell you that you can have Taskade’s premium features for life at less than $60? Sounds like a worthy deal, correct?

Then why go for monthly subscriptions if you can get the Taskade AppSumo Lifetime Deal?

Yes, AppSumo is here again to save your wallet from emptiness. The Taskade deal starts at only $59 to $249. While the $59 plan has some limitations, the $249 plan has every feature without any limit.

I would not recommend missing out on unlimited premium services for an unlimited amount of time.

Taskade Appsumo Lifetime Deal Benefits

Becoming a lifelong customer of Taskade has a lot of perks. Let’s see how we get the upper hand by choosing the Taskade AppSumo Lifetime Deal.

  • Customize workflows and templates as many as you like.
  • Unlimited chance to collaborate with other parties
  • Use Taskade premium features for life
  • Access to All Future Unlimited Plan updates
  • You need no codes or stackings
  • You can switch between 3 license tiers (upgrade or downgrade)
  • 2 months (60 days) trial and moneyback at cancellation.

Note: You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase. (Otherwise, your code will be invalid)

Taskade Appsumo Lifetime Deal Pricing

All three of the Taskade AppSumo Lifetime Deal packages include all the features written above and all the unlimited plan features.

taskade appsumo lifetime deal
  • License Tier 1
    • Workspaces: 2
    • Storage limits: Unlimited
    • Number of tasks and projects: Unlimited
    • Number of workspace members: Unlimited
  • License Tier 2
    • Workspaces: 10
    • Storage limits: Unlimited
    • Number of tasks and projects: Unlimited
    • Number of workspace members: Unlimited
  • License Tier 3
    • Workspaces: Unlimited
    • Storage limits: Unlimited
    • Number of tasks and projects: Unlimited
    • Number of workspace members: Unlimited

Do you have the “Enterprise Plan”?

Taskade does not have that plan yet. The developers of Taskade are working on this. Taskade has listed the Enterprise plan as coming soon.

Do you have API?

Taskade does not have API yet, but the developers have listed API in the roadmap.

Will Taskade bring an integration facility with make.com?

Yes, Taskade developers have scheduled to bring integration with make.com in the next month.

Can I switch between the “Light mode” and the “Dark mode” in Taskade’s setting?

Of course, Taskade gives you the freedom to choose between the two modes. Click your profile picture, choose “Light” or “Dark” mode from the “Theme” menu, and there you have it.

Can I create separate workspaces for separate clients?

Yes, you can create many different workspaces and assign each client separately to each separate workspace.

Final Verdict and Our Opinion

I have told you all I have in my bag about Taskade and the Taskade Lifetime Deal. But I am not trying to convince you to take on a deal you think is not right for you.

I gave you the information; the rest is up to your needs and wits. If you think you need something like this, go for the lifetime deal. But if you think you can manage your tasks better by other means, go ahead with your choice. ( Even though I would not be so sure of your silly confidence.)

But if you care about my opinion, I would undoubtedly suggest Taskade. In my opinion, only a miscalculating person will not see the benefits of Taskade.

So, mate, don’t be that silly person and grab the Taskade AppSumo Lifetime Deal ASAP!

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