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All-in-one business management software that improves communication and team collaboration.

We are talking business today, and you better not take my words lightly. The race to become the best business-related software keeps going. But one software managed to get an advantage by promoting itself through a lifetime deal on Facebook. I am talking about the SuiteDash lifetime deal on AppSumo.

SuiteDash is a magical app that will make business management smoother for you. This management solution is highly recommended for you if you are in charge of a small or medium-sized business. Have you become more interested to know about SuiteDash? Ok, I promise to go through the basic knowledge about SuiteDash and its lifetime deal.

The name SuiteDash is somehow quite eye-catchy. Maybe it was the catchy name, or SuiteDash’s excellent performance is the reason for its popularity. Whatever the reason, I will help you figure that out today with my SuiteDash review.

What is SuiteDash?

SuiteDash is a high-tech but user-friendly business management software that helps you conduct email campaigns, operate your project teams and create payment invoices. This managerial tool aims to handle all operational activities of a business via digital means.

Communication and good team collaboration are very significant components of any successful business. SuiteDash focuses on tasks related to storing informative files, managing subscriptions, smooth workflow, collecting feedback, etc. So, it is safe to say that SuiteDash is a managerial software that optimizes the communication system and ensures the smooth operational workflow of a business.

SuiteDash is an all-rounder platform where you can create a smooth workflow for your business using a multitude of techniques and tools. You can have total control of various operations such as Email campaigns, project management, invoice generation, calendar and scheduling, time tracking, file management, analyzing business variables and factors, and many more. SuiteDash optimizes your management and marketing efficiency, thus skyrocketing your company’s popularity and sales.

SuiteDash is one of the most efficient low-cost alternatives to high-tech and complicated operational software used for large companies. So, it should be perfect for your small or medium-sized business. You can have SuiteDash as a WordPress Plugin, but it is also available as a mobile app. I suggest you install the mobile app so you can access SuiteDash anytime and anywhere.

Key Features of SuiteDash

The number of features available in SuiteDash is overwhelming. I tried to cover as many key features as possible and still feel like there is more to discuss. Primarily going through the following feature list should be enough.

1. Templates

Templates are becoming more and more popular as time passes. Excellent applications have excellent templates. Likewise, SuiteDash is undoubtedly excellent at providing a vast set of templates. This business management software has a template library with countless templates for various activities.

The SuiteDash template library has many built-in templates, but you can build your own template and add that to the library.

2. CRM 

Very few low-budget business suites can excel in customer relationship management, and SuiteDash is one of them.

A good CRM reflects how well you handle your customers’ needs and achieve their satisfaction. SuiteDash’s CRM helps you monitor your lead, sales, and customer conversations.

3. Project Management

A business grows through the projects it successfully delivers. So, the key to a successful business is good project management skills. You can elevate the final result when you have expert aid for all the complicated project-related tasks. Advancing your company’s overall performance by increasing the success rate is what the project management feature of SuiteDash does.

SuiteDash provides calendars, time-tracking tools, task lists, and many more items to ensure smooth team collaboration.

4. File Management

SuiteDash’s file management refers to the smooth operation of a collective system consisting of storing, sharing, and monitoring access to files that keep essential information about your business and projects.

You can take control of your files or put someone else in charge of that section with SuiteDash.

5. Calendar and Scheduling

SuiteDash integrates with a suitable calendar to keep you on time. You can schedule business appointments or important events with the scheduling tool.

Chances of missing deadlines, meetings, and events will noticeably decrease if you use the appointment reminder of SuiteDash.

6. Time Tracking

SuiteDash helps you complete your job on time using various time-tracking and monitoring tools. These tools focus on helping you know how much you spent on your projects.

You can take the time tracking information and use it to balance task timing and meet deadlines.

7. Email Marketing

Conduct successful email campaigns by swiftly creating and sending emails to your target crowd. Not only that, you can actually see the open rate and the number of clicks, engagements, and other factors.

SuiteDash’s email marketing function involves tools and properties like list management, email templates, etc.

8. Invoicing

Invoicing can be such a hassle! But SuiteDash makes it easy with functions like invoicing templates, recurring invoicing, etc.

SuiteDash helps you build and deliver detailed invoices wasting less time and energy. You do not have to hire anyone to manage invoicing tasks like tracking payments and overdue invoices. SuiteDash will tackle it all.

9. Reports and Analytics

How would you accurately measure the growth of your business? How would you learn the customer demands and plan strategies based on that? The answer to all of this is obviously “Reports and Analytics,” which is one of the key services of SuiteDash.

SuiteDash presents reports and analytics showing various variables and factors regarding costs, sales, demands, etc., of your business that helps you understand your company better and strategize more smoothly.

10. Integrations

The vast amount of integrations SuiteDash supports proves SuiteDash’s resourcefulness. Synchronizing with third-party software like Zapier, Braintree, Quickbooks, PayPal, and Stripe is a piece of cake for SuiteDash.

11. Mobile App

SuiteDash lets you access its fantastic set of functions anytime, anywhere via the SuiteDash App. It is a mobile app with all the features and facilities of SuiteDash, and it supports Android and iOS both.

What Can You Do With SuiteDash?

Technically, you should be able to handle all digitally possible operational tasks of your business. However, some of the outstanding facilities of SuiteDash deserve the special spotlight.

  • You can make online versions of client proposals, and SuiteDash auto-converts those proposals into virtual invoices.
  • You can get a complete insight into your employees’ time on various projects, which helps determine time-based bills.
  • The built-in chat tool of SuiteDash establishes a real-time two-way communication system for your team.

SuiteDash Alternative

We live in a digitally convenient world where we can have an alternative to every solution to suit our comfort and preferences. Although SuiteDash aces in popularity, it has some alternatives of its own. Some of the noteworthy alternatives of SuiteDash are Accelo, Scoro, Copilot, Zoho CRM, etc. each of these software has its own speciality, so you can check whether they match your preferences. But I cannot assure you they will be as good as SuiteDash.

I found one software that can be an excellent rival to SuiteDash, and its name is Plutio. Plutio is quite popular and is considered one of the best business management suites. Let’s compare both of these business suites briefly.

Plutio vs. SuiteDash

You already know what SuiteDash is and how you can benefit from it. So, let’s talk about Plutio shortly. Just like SuiteDash, Plutio is an all-rounder business suite that increases operational smoothness by focusing on invoicing, communication, and time management.

I call Plutio a worthy rival of SuiteDash because Plutio’s objective is identical to SuiteDash’s aim. Plutio’s functionality and facilities are almost as good as SuiteDash.

Now let’s go back to the comparison of these two business software. Many people may choose Plutio over SuiteDash. This decision is mainly based on the fact that Plutio is less expensive than SuiteDash.

SuiteDash is pricier than Plutio, but it has significantly more facilities. This factor justifies SuiteDash being more expensive than Plutio. Also, your fear of price can go away when you check out the ongoing SuiteDash lifetime deal on AppSumo.

So, if you are looking for a less expensive management solution with less overwhelming functionalities, Plutio is the best call. But if you do not fear losing some more money to get more comprehensive control over your business operations, I do not see a better solution than SuiteDash.

SuiteDash Lifetime Deal

I have already mentioned the SuiteDash lifetime deal a couple of times. I believe most of the recent SuiteDash reviews have mentioned this topic at least once. Anyway, time to talk about it in detail.

SuiteDash has partnered up with AppSumo and launched a lifetime deal. The deal is for business leaders who want all the services of this software but want to cut the budget as well. This AppSumo deal is stackable and has up to 10 codes. If you buy 1-9 SuiteDash codes, you will face some limitations on team members. But buying ten codes will allow you to add unlimited team members or employees.

The SuiteDash AppSumo deal starts at 129 dollars.

SuiteDash Pricing

SuiteDash’s original pricing is pretty simple. It has three monthly subscription systems; Starter ($19), Thrive ($49), and Pinnacle ($99).

The AppSumo SuiteDash Pricing is quite detailed, but I will say it in a few words. The deal starts at $129 and has up to ten codes costing up to $1290. Look at the table below to understand the lifetime pricing better.

License Tier NamePrice
Single (01 code)$129
Double (02 codes)$258
Multiple (03 to 10 codes)$387 to $1290

Is SuiteDash Lifetime Deal Worth It?

SuiteDash is a very user-friendly and affordable item. But when the monthly cost goes close to 100 dollars, affordability can be variable based on your financial ability and the state of your company. SuiteDash packages start at a very low price but to access the highest facilities, you have to pay 99 bucks per month. Even though this amount is not so expensive, spending money every month can take a toll on your financial state. This condition is very harmful to your business, especially if your company is small or new.

On the other hand, all the lifetime deals on AppSumo are one-time purchases, so you only need to pay once in a lifetime to get SuiteDash via this AppSumo deal. This deal saves you from recurring costs and gives you lifetime unrestricted access to this fantastic business suite.

My final opinion on this matter is that if you are going to get SuiteDash anyway, the lifetime deal is absolutely worth it!

Note:  Most deals are out of stock within a week of going live on Appsumo. So grab this offers as soon as possible.

FAQs about SuiteDash Lifetime Deal

Can I set up the software language to French?

Yes, SuiteDash supports multiple language translators, and French is one of them.

Are power-ups for previous customers available in this deal?

No, the SuiteDash AppSumo deal does not have any power-ups.

Can I purchase one SuiteDash deal to manage two or more businesses?

That is not possible since you must have separate accounts for each business.

What is the difference between the ‘Pinnacle’ package and the lifetime deal?

Purchasing ten codes of the lifetime deal will give you facilities like Pinnacle, but you will have to pay only once instead of spending money on monthly bills.

Does SuiteDash have Xero integration?

No, this business management app does not support Xero integration.

Bottom Line

I personally think SuiteDash is a spectacular business suite. You do not have to believe me blindly or stop researching this app. I suggest you keep going through Google and find out more SuiteDash reviews. I think you will find positive reviews, but I do not want to give any predictions.

You can also check the official website or reach out to their support team to better understand this app. But the best way to decide the suitability of this management solution would be to try it out. Do not worry; you will not have to spend a penny for trying out the app. You can find a free version on the official website. The free version is for trial only and available for a limited time so keep that in mind.

As for the lifetime deal, I believe missing out on the SuiteDash AppSumo lifetime deal will be like losing a huge opportunity in life. Since it is obvious that I am rooting for this deal, I do not think I need to say anymore.

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