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Your live streaming platforms should provide enough features to help your audiences interact with you. StreamAlive can make that happen and increase your video’s popularity. So, I will be giving a StreamAlive review based on what I discovered while checking out the StreamAlive lifetime deal.

What is the most unwanted thing for live video streamers? That would be not getting enough engagement in their videos. Video engagements come from interactions like feedback, query, comments, suggestions, etc.

It would be best if you made your videos more interactive to get more engagement. StreamAlive is a software that can make your live videos or meetings interactive in no time.

Meet: StreamAlive

What is StreamAlive?

StreamAlive is a video streaming solution that helps you plan, increase, and monitor audience engagement.

Make your live streams, team meetings, and webinars more enjoyable and interactive with StreamAlive. No more boring chat conversations; make them more interesting by converting them into real-time visualizations.

Whether it is a Zoom meeting or a YouTube Livestream, StreamAlive will help you track and boost video engagement. Videos with StreamAlive turn audiences from bored away to blown away.

The AppSumo deal with StreamAlive has made this streaming solution more affordable and accessible. The StreamAlive lifetime deal will cost you only $39 to $179 at max.

Key Features of StreamAlive

Enough with the introduction; now let’s look at the key features of StreamAlive-

  • Live Polling
  • Audience Analytics
  • Live Chat
  • Multistreaming

1. Live Polling

StreamAlive works hard to make your videos more interactive and enjoyable. This streaming helper provides a lot of interactive tools in the process, and live polling is one of them.

You can ask your viewers to participate in various polls while the video is still on the air. This technique urges the viewers to be more attentive to the videos and enjoy them at the same time.

2. Audience Analytics

This feature of StreamAlive provides you with complete insight into your audience activity and analyzes them. You can see how many people are currently watching, count the watch time, and track engagements in real-time.

StreamAlive Analytics

3. Live Chat

Chat with your audiences in real time with the help of StreamAlive. The live chat feature of StreamAlive helps you connect with your audiences and make them feel unique and essential.

StreamAlive Live Chat

Your bonding with your audiences strengthens, and your video popularity increases when you chat live with them during your streaming sessions.

4. Multistreaming

Stream multiple screens or videos with StreamAlive. You can also stream on various platforms, and StreamAlive ensures you do that with maximum comfort.

StreamAlive Multistreaming

Benfits of Streamalive

StreamAlive is very resourceful at its job, and it brings the following benefits to the table-

  • Your viewers can provide live feedback and help you get better at your job.
  • You can chat with your viewers while the streaming is going on.
  • The interactive nature of your live video will create a strong bond between you and your viewers.
  • You can stream more than one screen at a time, making your videos even more interesting, thus getting a higher engagement rate.

AppSumo offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out for Two months to make sure StreamAlive lifetime deal is right for you.

FAQs About StreamAlive Lifetime Deal

Does StreamAlive support the Zoom Events platform?

Due to some issues, StreamAlive cannot work with Zoom Events, but the developers are currently working to fix it.

Does StreamAlive have “Facebook” or “LinkedIn Live” integration?

Currently, StreamAlive does integrate with Facebook or LinkedIn Live.

Can StreamAlive work with Streaming services?

Yes, StreamAlive can run smoothly with any streaming service supported by its system.

Final Verdict

Many people think that live video streaming is a complicated task. That may not be the case, but getting engagements on your videos is undoubtedly challenging. You will feel heartbroken if your video does not get enough views after working so hard on it.

StreamAlive gets you out of that misery by helping you track and increase your video engagements.

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