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I feel unfortunate when I see people spending hours making a presentation, and nobody even cares to read it. So, I suggest Storydoc. This software turns your regular pitch deck into an engaging presentation that attracts the crowd.  

Drawing attention to promote your service or products takes a lot of work. The main reason behind that is how boring presentations usually are. Most people would instead take some time to read your presentation.  

Get out of your traditionally boring way of creating presentations and use Storydoc to make your presentations more attention-grabbing.

One more thing, Storydoc AppSumo has a budget-friendly deal. You must check out the Storydoc lifetime deal to avoid the hassle of a periodic subscription and save some money.

What is Storydoc?

Storydoc is a slideshow builder that assists you in preparing interactive presentations that can grab attention. It lets you create slideshow presentations that engage people and create a potential customer base. Storydoc slideshows are interesting enough to make your targets read your presentation.

Creating a presentation with Storydoc is similar to PowerPoint, but the result is ten times better and more engaging. Storydoc has incredible features that help you create a presentation that results in a sales boost. This presentation maker also provides how-to videos for beginners. 

In simple terms, Storydoc is a tool to make your presentations interesting and engaging.

Key Features of Storydoc

If you’ve already visited their website, you know how many features Storydoc offers. Anyway, I will not spend so much time explaining each feature and jump to the main features to give you a basic idea. 

1. Slide Editor

The slide editor is the main protagonist of Storydoc. This tool lets you add and edit slides like a super easy game. 


The slide editor will create a brand identity for you alongside preparing slides for the presentation. 

2. Templates

Storydoc AppSumo calls this feature the ‘Golden Taco,’ and they are correct. You can get tons of different types of templates for various types of presentations. Choose one template, and half of your work is complete. Now all you have to do is add, adjust, or modify the elements.

Storydoc Templates

You can also do many more things, like adding slides, integrating with a calendar, and embedding clickable lists or videos.

3. Analytics

The analytics feature gives you a thorough insight into your presentation activities. The analytics show how well your presentation is performing. 

This tool measures the reading time, reading depth, and top actions to provide a clear idea of the presentation performance. This information helps you optimize your presentations by adding elements with the highest effectiveness. 

4. Integrations

Integration increases the productivity and data consistency of a system. More integration means more facilities for the user.

AppSumo Storydoc

Storydoc integrates with Salesloft, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Outreach, etc., for CRM, prospecting, sales enablement, and marketing. This software also provides various performance booster integrations. 

5. How to Videos

Using Storydoc is easy, but beginners may still need guidance while using this software. Learn to navigate Storydoc or to edit, optimize, and personalize your presentation with the how-to videos.

Storydoc AppSumo

Storydoc provides all the necessary tutorial videos to help you prepare a presentation. These videos teach you how to work with the chart, add videos, slides, or tabs, and change the background on Storydoc.

Benefits of Storydoc

Storydoc provides interactive visuals that create a lasting impression. This statement sounds simple but has a lot more impact on your business. See the benefits of Storydoc below-

  • Storydoc doubles the lead conversion rate.
  • You will notice up to a 70% increase in new closed deals.
  • Save 30% time in deal closing.
  • 40% more people will complete reading the deck.

Storydoc Pricing Plans

Storydoc comes in 2 different packages;

Starter and Pro

↪ Starter Plan ($50/mo)

  • Unlimited slides
  • Animated templates
  • Analytics
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 3 live presentation templates
  • Stock images and videos
  • 2 GB hosting for links
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Smart version control

↪ Pro Plan ($custon/mo)

  • Starter plan+
  • Team templates (unlimited)
  • Dynamic variables (Unlimited)
  • Support (Live chat)
  • Integrations (Data, marketing CRM & automation)
  • Team onboarding
  • create bulk presentations

It’s a little bit costly, in my opinion. Enjoy making savings? Test out the AppSumo Storydoc Deal. For just $69 for lifetime access, you can enjoy all the features listed above.

Storydoc AppSumo Lifetime Deal Benefits

Let us take a look at the benefits of the Storydoc lifetime deal in a nutshell.

  • Lifetime access to Storydoc
  • You will get all future updates
  • Unlimited versions and slides
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Stock images, videos, and icons
  • Presentations analytics
  • Animated templates
  • Online hostings (for assets)

(Note: You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase.)

Storydoc Lifetime Deal Pricing

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
All features above included+All features above included+All features above included+
Starter plan featuresPro plan featuresPro plan features
User: 1User: 5User: 15
Limitless Disk CapacityLimitless Disk CapacityLimitless Disk Capacity
No Storydoc branding
$69 (for lifetime access)$149 (for lifetime access)$309 (for lifetime access)
Storydoc AppSumo Pricing Table

60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out for two months to make sure Storydoc is right for you!

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Related FAQs

Can I embed any external element using an iframe?

Of course, you can easily embed anything in a Storydoc presentation using an iframe.

Is the Donut chart the only chart without animation?

Yes, every chart we offer has animation except the Donut chart. 

I CNAME available in the Storydoc AppSumo deal?

Storydoc does not offer CNAME with the Storydoc lifetime deal. However, you can get CNAME from the subscription plan with a discount if you are a Sumo-ling.

Final Verdict

This review is a short writing where I talked about Storydoc AppSumo. Some of you even skipped parts of this small but essential piece of writing. Then don’t expect people to read your long pitch decks. With some visual engagement, people will be interested in your product descriptions. So, stop being stingy and use Storydoc.  

For those wanting to buy Storydoc, purchase the Storydoc AppSumo lifetime deal. The Storydoc lifetime deal has three license tiers ranging from $69 to $309. It is a flexible pricing setup. Purchasing Storydoc for life at such a low price is a golden opportunity, and only a fool will miss such an opportunity. 

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