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StationDB is like a sigh of relief to the people struggling with managing and editing databases. It is not hard to collaborate with other people based on field-specific access.

Are a struggling database in charge of your company? Is it too much for you to handle database management, extracting, and editing? Is team collaboration on a database creating unwanted problems? Or is the cost of different DB apps the main problem?

Now you can solve all of these problems with one solution called StationDB. This affordable and code-free DB editor will make your database experience swift and trouble-free.

Let me give you more information about StationDB. After that, let’s check out the AppSumo exclusive deal called the StationDB lifetime deal.

What is StationDB?

StationDB is a code-free online database aid and editing tool. This DB tool will allow you to access your database files, edit them, and conduct collaborations.

StationDB gives you complete authority over your database. StationDB permits 3rd party access according to your orders. Only you decide who can access which table or field in the database.

IT/security agencies, product managers, and SaaS companies can use StationDB to get the best usage out of their databases.

StationDB is a very affordable DB tool that starts with a free feature package up to two reasonable paid packages. On top of that, the StationDB lifetime deal makes it even cheaper.

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Key Features of StationDB

The key features of StationDB are the view, edit, collaborate and search options. I agree; these features by themselves sound pretty basic and boring. But trust me, the simple sounding features of StationDB can do wonders for your database.

  • View
  • Edit
  • Collaboration
  • Search
  • Time-Saving
  • User Friendly
  • Turnkey Solution


The view option will display every table and field from your connected database. StationDB will support all of your major SQL databases without discrimination.


You guessed it right; this feature will let you create, edit or delete the fields in the tables of your database. This is so easy to use and intuitive that you will not even need queries.

StationDB Edit


When you work on a database, you need to collaborate with various parties and safeguard confidential data at the same time. This is what this feature of StationDB helps you with. You get the authority to permit access to tables or even fields.

Stationdb Appsumo lifetime deal

Databases can be overwhelming and intimidating. Finding a small piece of information in a huge table of databases is like looking for a needle in the haystack. Use the search bar and filters of StationDB to find even the tiniest information from your database in seconds.

StationDB AppSumo

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Why You Should Use StationDB

There can be a thousand reasons to use StationDB for your databases, but key reasons are what you should look at. You should use StationDB because-

  • This service is best for IT/security agencies, product managers, and SaaS.
  • StationDB replaces Basedash, Forest Admin, Jet Admin, Retool, etc., and saves a lot of money.
  • You will get features like white-label, CNAME, etc.
  • The policies comply with GDPR to ensure maximum privacy.
  • StationDB integrates with MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Stripe.
  • StationDB is time-saving and user-friendly since its features are simple and operation needs no coding.

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How StationDB Works

StationDB helps you manage databases with its super easy and user-friendly interface. It will cost you nothing to get started with StationDB.Then you will get features like View, Edit, Collaboration, Search, etc. right under your palm.

Connect your database to StationDB and see all the tables and fields on display, edit the fields, restrict or permit collaboration teams, find information, and do a lot more with all these features.

StationDB Review

You can apply white labelling to showcase and promote your company logo. On top of that, you can rest assured about your privacy since StationDB is GDPR compliant.

StationDB Lifetime Deal and Review

StationBD lifetime deal is an AppSumo exclusive deal that gives you lifetime access to StationBD paid services. I’m not lying when I say that the StationDB lifetime deal saves you up to more than 11k dollars.

Even less than 70 dollars can give you lifetime access to StationDB exclusive features, and it gets even better. The StationDB AppSumo lifetime deal has some privileges you will not get any other way.

You will get to use the deal for 60 days, and not confirming the subscription by then will get you a cancellation refund. So, even if you are reluctant about the purchase, trying it out will not harm you financially. 

StationDB AppSumo Lifetime Deal Benefits

As I have said, the StationDB lifetime deal has some benefits you will not find anywhere other than the AppSumo website.

  • You will get one white-label URL
  • Unlimited sources and records.
  • Table exports feature
  • Media files interpretation feature
  • CRUD database actions unlimited database
  • Team managerial features and permissions
  • Fast search with filters
  • Lifetime right to access StationDB
  • All future Agency Plan updates
  • Codes free and stacking free operation
  • The trial period consists of 60 days after the purchase
  • The flexibility of upgrading or downgrading between 3 license tiers
  • Policies match with GDPR

Note: You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase. (Otherwise, your code will be invalid)

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StationDB Lifetime Deal Price Range

The three tiers of the StationDB lifetime deal costs $69, $139, and $249. Even the priciest one of the three is cheaper than the already affordable monthly paid services of StationDB.

  • License Tier 1
    • All features discussed above
    • 10 members (max limit)
    • Includes White labelling option
    • Get at $69 Only
  • License Tier 2
    • All features discussed above
    • 20 members (max limit)
    • Includes White labelling option
    • Get at $139 Only
  • License Tier 3
    • All features discussed above
    • 50 members (max limit)
    • Includes White labelling option
    • Get at $249 Only

Want to Get a 10% Extra Discount for StationDB?

You can save extra 10% money on AppSumo StationDB Lifetime Deal!

Enter your Email when you get the Discount popup on the StationDB Lifetime Deal page on AppSumo. AppSumo will confirm your discount by notifying you through Email.

Remember: 10% discount on StationDB Lifetime Deal only applies to the first order.

FAQS about StationDB Lifetime Deal

Does StationDB support Oracle?

OracleDB is on the roadmap of StationDB since the StationDB team is working to support as many SQL database types as possible.

Does StationDB have the table join feature?

Currently, it seems like StationDB has no feature that allows table joins.

What is the difference between tier 1 of the AppSumo exclusive deal and the Agency plan available to everyone?

The features may be the same, but the cost is the differentiator between the StationDB lifetime deal tier 1 and the Agency plan.
10 members can use the features for life at just $69. But it will take $290 per month for the same amount of members.

What kind of connections does StationDB use for outgoing connections to the DBs?

StationDB uses IPs and SQL to establish DB connections.

Can I use StationDB for inventory management?

Yes, managing inventory using StationDB is a piece of cake.

Final Verdict & Our Opinion

The database is not something to take lightly. Databases hold all the information about any sector and can come in handy anytime. You will need an expert tool since the overwhelming information of a database cannot be managed manually. StationDB stands high with the top DB tools in the market.

Using StationDB for just a year will cost you a lot of money. This is why AppSumo came forward and made this tool even more financially reachable.

So, don’t hesitate anymore, save your time and money with the StationDB lifetime deal and have a happy career.

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