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Slider Revolution is currently named the best WordPress slider plugin. Slider Revolution is a no-code visual content designer.

Are you new to the world of visual content building? Do you want to establish yourself as a professional designer but lack the skills and experience right now? Or are you a pro designer and need a time-saving slider plugin to finish projects faster and ease your workload?

No matter what level of visual designer you are, Slider Revolution can make designing easier for you. Slider Revolution is a unique slider design plugin that works for WordPress without any code.

Slider Revolution has amazing editing tools, templates, readymade items, and many more features to make gorgeous sliders and other visual content.  

Is Slider Revolution really the best WordPress slider plugin? Check out this Slider Revolution review to find out the truth.

What is Slider Revolution?

Slider Revolution is a slider plugin to create and display visual content in WordPress. Slider Revolution is the fastest and most flexible slider plugin on the market, perfect for creating any slider, from image sliders to carousels.

Are you afraid to work on designing tasks because you lack experience? Or are you backing off because you lack adequate knowledge of code? Do not give up if these are the reasons behind you avoiding designing jobs.

Slider Revolution will let you create stunning visual content without any codes and experience.

The current popularity of this plugin indicates Slider Revolution to be the best WordPress slider plugin. There are other content-creation tools in WordPress, but none is similar to Slider Revolution in potential. Slider Revolution excels in animation and visualization. This plugin will let you design sliders, websites, web pages, media content, etc.

Slider Revolution’s features let even a beginner create beautiful content without any coding requirement.

Key Features of Slider Revolution: Best WordPress Slider Plugin

The most noticeable features of Slider Revolution are the Module builder, Visual editor, Template library, and the ready to use items.

Slider revolution features

Many critics have already talked about the amazing features in their Slider Revolution review. I, too, can’t help but highlight these features.

Even though many people already use it, new users need to know. I am here to tell them about the amazing features of Slider Revolution that make this Slider Plugin the best WordPress Slider Plugin.

  • Visual Editor
  • Templates
  • Color Bulk Editor
  • Object Library
  • Module Builder
  • Pre-made Layer Style & Icon Library
  • Customizable Pre-made Animated Layers
  • Animation Effects
  • Particle Effects
  • Addons

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How Slider Revolution Works

Slider Revolution allows you to design beautiful content like sliders and carousals, full websites or web pages, and media content. The easy-to-use setup makes Slider Revolution one of the best WordPress Slider Plugins.

You do not need to be an expert in designing or writing codes to work with Slider Revolution.

Slider revolution

After installing and activating Slider Revolution, set up the global responsiveness settings before starting your first Slider.

Start creating a slider by clicking on “New Blank Module” and naming your Slider. Make sure to choose the right type and size of the Slider for your project. Now you can pour all your creativity; the unique features will help you create your dream project.

Slider Revolution’s huge Template Library and visual editor create attractive content. The Color Bulk Editor ensures colour quality.

The ready-to-use Layer Style, Icon Library and Animated Layers save you from a lot of work. The Animation and Particle Effects give that extra professional touch to your content.

Why You Should Use Slider Revolution

Suppose you are a beginner or mid-level designer. By popular opinion, Slider Revolution will be your best option to create WordPress design content.

Slider revolution lifetime deal

Working with Slider Revolution needs no codes or experience. Slider Revolution is popular for its beautiful animation and visualization.

Use slider Revolution with your eyes closed if you are a beginner to mid-level designer.

Slider Revolution Pricing

Slider Revolution gives you 20+ subscription plans to choose from. The pricing section is divided into annual payments and one-time payments. Three types of plans are under these categories; Starter, Enthusiast, and Professional.

Annual Payment

  • Price:
    • Starter:$29
    • Enthusiast: $79
    • Professional: $129 (Starting price)
  • Websites count:
    • Starter: 1
    • Enthusiast: 3
    • Professional: 5 to 100+ (Based on your budget)

One-time Payment

  • Price:
    • Starter:$79
    • Enthusiast: $209
    • Professional: $349 (Starting price)
  • Websites count:
    • Starter: 1
    • Enthusiast: 3
    • Professional: 5 to 100+ (Based on your budget)

Common WordPress Plugin facilities in all plans:

  • Templates count: 200+
  • Addons: 20+
  • Object library
  • Immediate Updates
  • Ticket support (6 months for a one-time payment plan)

Slider Revolution Review: Why It’s the Best WordPress Slider Plugin

Why is Slider Revolution called the best WordPress Slider Plugin? We have seen all the things Slider Revolution can do and how much this plugin costs. Now, let’s jump into the final part of the Slider Revolution Review.

Slider revolution plugin

I point out the benefits and setbacks of the Slider Revolution. We will compare the setbacks and perks of the plugin. Then we will see if Slider Revolution deserves to be called the best WordPress slider plugin or not.


  • Easy to use features.
  • Gorgeous visualization.
  • Smooth and good-looking animation.
  • Creates a variety of visual content.
  • Doesn’t ask for a single word of coding.
  • Pre-made and customizable items.
  • Huge object storage.
  • Enormous template collection.
  • 20+ license plans to from (choose one based on your budget and need).
  • Very responsive support team.


  • Setting up the responsiveness can be a little troublesome for new users.
  • The price for the 100+ websites’ Professional package is hidden. So, it creates a dilemma for new subscribers of Slider Revolution.
  • The Ticket support could be longer for the one-time payment.

Looking at the pros and cons, I don’t believe the cons can even hold a candle to the mammoth amount of pros we are looking at.

The stunning features, easy-to-use interface, informative support team, and flexible license plan setup make Slider Revolution a one-of-a-kind plugin. There are no other plugins to compare with Slider Revolution.

So, my opinion surely goes in favour of the Slider Revolution. This plugin undoubtedly deserves the title of the best WordPress slider plugin.

FAQS About Slider Revolution

What payment methods does Slider Revolution support?

Slider Revolution receives payments from credit cards, PayPal and Apple Pay. Note that Slider Revolution uses the payment processor named Paddle for security.

Is it okay to use Slider Revolution to work on commercial projects?

Of course, you can use Slider Revolution on both commercial and non-commercial projects.

Which license should I take to add Slider Revolution to my theme?

You need to have an extended license to add Slider Revolution to your theme.

Is upgrading to get premium features possible if I previously got a Slider Revolution bundle with a WordPress theme?

Yes, buy one of the license plans to upgrade to get premium features.

Final Verdict & Our Opinion

In the Slider Revolution review, I’ve found some setbacks of Slider Revolution. But nothing is perfect, and Slider Revolution is being developed on regular basis.

If you are a new designer with zero to little experience, Slider Revolution can be your best friend in the world of professional design.

If you are looking for an alternative, forget it, my friend. Slider Revolution is the most unique and best WordPress slider plugin you’ll ever find. So, don’t hesitate to go for Slider Revolution.

Slider Revolution Lifetime Deal is Going On!Get the best deal for lifetime access for only $79.
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