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If you are an online entrepreneur, you want a good SEO tool to optimize your content and increase sales. So, I am bringing SEOcrawl to the discussion. I will also briefly discuss the SEOcrawl lifetime deal.

As an online entrepreneur, what I struggle the most with is post-reach. When I first started, I had no idea how I would make my post reach many people. Also, there weren’t many software or tools to get that job done back then. Fortunately, the days or struggles are over as I have found ways to optimize my posts. My experience tells me that having a good optimization tool is essential to beat the algorithm.

SEOcrawl is an SEO tool I found out through AppSumo. AppSumo has partnered with SEOcrawl, and I think I should look into it.

What Is SEOcrawl?

SEOcrawl is a Search engine optimization tool that optimizes your content to reach a higher rank in google searches. SEOcrawl offers you a powerful data warehouse, customized dashboards, and actionable reports.

SEOcrawl alternative to software like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and SurferSEO. This SEO tool has white labelling and GDPR-friendly policies and smoothly integrates with Chrome and Google Sheets. This software is one of the best SEO tools any Ecommerce owner, marketing agency, or SaaS company can get.

Key Features of SEOcrawl

SEOcrawl is full of amazing features, but the following features stand out the most.

1. Data Warehouse

SEOcrawl lets you store years of data without worrying about any limitations. This feature is the Data Warehouse of SEOcrawl.

Regular search consoles can store 16 months of data, whereas SEOcrawl keeps years of data safe and secured.

2. SEO Dashboard

Now you do not need to spend hours analyzing all the data to understand how your content is performing. SEOcrawl’s SEO Dashboard will provide you with a complete summary of the KPIs and every important information within seconds.

SEO Dashboard

3. SEO Targets and Forecasts

The smartest way to achieve a good result is to set targets; this is what SEOcrawl allows you with this feature. You can set monthly targets and work on them to achieve that target using SEOcrawl.

You can also use SEOcrawl’s Forecast feature to understand current and upcoming situations and adjust your strategies accordingly.

4. SEO Monitor

The SEO monitor is for monitoring your project’s essential URLs. This feature keeps an eye on those URLs and lets you know if any changes occur.

5. Rank Tracker

It would be a shame if you worked hard on SEO strategies but did not know where your site stands in the Google ranking. So, SEOcrawl tracks your keywords, analyzes them, and tells you where you stand.

Rank Tracker

6. Task Organizer

Who said you couldn’t organize tasks in an SEO tool? SEO tasks deserve proper management too. So, SEOcraw has its special task organizer.

Task Organizer

Manage your SEO tasks through priority-based sorting, proper documentation, and teamwork.

Benefits of SEOcrawl

Here are some of the positive sides of SEOcrawl-

  • SEOcrawl has a lifetime deal on AppSumo, which saves a lot of money.
  • You can store more data compared to other SEO tools.
  • SEOcrawl is an all-rounder tool, meaning you hardly need any other SEO tool if you have this tool.
  • SEOcrawl does all the analyzing, so you only need to relax and read the reports.

SEOcrawl Lifetime Deal Pricing

The AppSumo SEOcrawl lifetime deal is a limited-time offer that allows you to enjoy SEOcrawl for life with a one-time payment. You will get almost all the features of SEOcrawl for life without having to pay periodically.

The AppSumo SEOcrawl deal starts at only $19!

SEOcrawl FAQ

Why can’t I find the public roadmap of SEOcrawl?

The public roadmap is not out yet since the developers are still working on it.

Can SEOcrawl track and report organic keywords?

Yes, SEOcrawl can do that using the Google Search Console API.

Will all the SEOcrawl license tiers get Elite Plan updates?

Yes, all the tiers will inevitably get Elite Plan updates, including future updates.

Does the SEOcrawl lifetime deal allow API Access at all levels of tiers?

No, that is only available in the SEOcrawl tier 04.

Bottom Line

People upload countless content on their blogs and websites every day, but not all of them are successful in Google rankings. The main reason is that the content quality is not up to the mark, and the content was not SEO-friendly enough.

So, properly optimizing your content is the only thing left if it is of good quality. There are a lot of tools for this job, but I would suggest SEOcrawl.

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