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Personalize video outreach in bulk & drive more traffic to custom landing pages to close more deals.

The SendPotion Lifetime Deal is for people who believe in working smart, not hard. What? You haven’t heard of SendPotion yet and still want me to believe that you do not live under a rock? How can you miss such a magical item when you are a video marketer? Anyways, I will help you since I have already checked out SendPotion.

Personalized video marketing is the best type of video marketing, and it is a fact. But personalizing marketing videos is easier said than done. Personalizing one or two videos will not seem like a headache. But if you are promoting a product or business, you are bound to reach out to countless people. In this case, re-recording every video will cost you a lifetime. So, the cleverest choice will be using software like SendPotion, which will personalize your video content bulk.

I intend to dive deeper into this discussion, so come along if you want to know more.

What is SendPotion?

SendPotion is a video content creation software that uses AI to help you personalize your video content in bulk. You do not have to re-record your videos or personalize each video one by one if you have SendPotion.

You’ll face fewer customization restrictions in this personalized video editor than most other editors. You can add your own brand color, logo, etc., to the video pages.

SendPotion lets its users put their own face and voice to the video content, and it automatically makes several personalized versions of that video content within a small amount of time. So, I am ready to bid farewell to the cookie-cutter style email marketing and grab SendPotion.

SendPotion Key Features

Most works are automatic in SendPotion, but you still have customization freedom. Let’s take a peek at the features of SendPotion-

  • Screen Recordings:  Automatically produce screen recordings that are freshly personalized just for you.
  • Dynamic Videos: You can personalize dynamic video content automatically using the AI system.
  • Custom Video Player: Your own branding will appear on the video pages.
  • Custom Themes: You are free to put stickers, emojis, or GIFs to your content, and you can remove the background as well.
  • Calendar Embeds: Keep track of the day by embedding a calendar widget to pages of your video content.
  • Secure and Safe: Do not worry about your videos’ security since SendPotion ensures the highest security to host or stream your videos.
  • Integrations: SendPotion supports integration to apps like Adobe, Allbound, Chime, Autoklose, Drift, Google Analytics, etc.  

Benefits of SendPotion

In my eyes, the most beneficial ability of SendPotion is generating personalized video content in bulk. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and I have written down more benefits of SendPotion below-

  • SendPotion saves you time and energy by auto-generating personalized videos at scale.
  • You can raise your cold email’s replay rate by more than 150%
  • This AI solution promises improvement in demo scheduling rate by 80%
  • Adding a personality to your outreach sequences can make your campaigns more relatable and likable.

How to Work with SendPotion?

The work process with SendPotion consists of three beginner-friendly steps-

1-Record video template

To start the whole process, you have to record a video that will work as the base of all the finished video content. You can simply record your own face and voice.


This video will be the template that SendPotion’s AI will use for personalization.

2-Select words for personalization

Which part of the video will you personalize? Which words should the AI replace? Yes, your second step is to select the words that will be used for personalization.


Select those words wisely and let the SendPotion AI do the rest.

3-Generate personalized videos with AI

After you record your video template and select the words for personalization, the AI of SendPotion will automatically produce several personalized versions of that video content.

personalized Video

This part is under the care of the AI, but that does not mean that you do not have any control. You get to decide which version of the video to stay and which one to discard.

FAQS about SendPotion Lifetime Deal

How do I contact the SendPotion support team?

Once you sign up on SendPotion, you will find a chat widget to contact the support team.

How should I start the greeting on the video template?

You can start the video by saying, “Hi there” or “hello there,” but the greeting should be less than 2 seconds long.

Can I upload my own subtitle in place of using the AI-generated one?

No, you have to use the AI-generated subtitle, but you can edit it however you like with a built-in subtitle text editor.

Final Verdict

The SendPotion lifetime deal unlocks access to exclusive features you can use however you like for the rest of your life. This lifetime offer has two license tiers which cost $69 and $159.

This price range seems fair enough for small businesses and marketers, and I suggest you check out SendPotion at least once. I personally liked it and have no regret investing my time in it. You should try it out, too, and let me know your thoughts about SendPotion.

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