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Doesn’t email marketing sound like an absolute hassle? Well, good news for people like us who hate manual email marketing. I have found the Selzy lifetime deal, and I am pumped to tell you about that!

When you are already tired of sending emails to potential customers one by one, the low conversion rate will infuriate you even more. It is a fact that most promotional emails lands in the receiver’s spam folder.

But Selzy’s email can avoid the spam folder and has a higher chance of being noticed, thus assuring a higher conversion rate. Not just email campaigning, Selzy helps you collect leads with forms as well.

So, what else can Selzy do? I have sorted out my thought and knowledge regarding Selzy, and here they are.

What is Selzy?

Selzy is a smart marketing solution that helps you promote and boost your business via email. Selzy helps your emails reach potential customers instead of wandering around their spam mailboxes.

Almost every online business wants to succeed in email marketing, but most of their emails end up landing in the customer’s spam folder. Selzy helps emails dodge the spam folder and land in the customer’s inbox. 

Making business marketing possible through emails, Selzy has become a great help for marketers, small businesses, and solopreneurs. Selzy has Albato and Google Sheets integrations, and its policies are GDPR-friendly.

Key Features of Selzy

Selzy offers you every feature needed for a successful email campaign, and those features are down below-

1. Emails

Making you succeed in your email marketing and boosting your business is the ultimate mission of Selzy.

Selzy offers Templates to create emails with a high conversion rate, and the email personalization option adds plus points. Selzy also offers a bulk email service, which saves you tons of money. You will also get options like transactional emails, triggered emails, etc.

2. Email Preview

Before sending the email, click (Action > Preview) to see how the written email looks on your PC and mobile device. So, you will have a good idea of how your email campaign may look on any screen.

But if you want to know how the email will appear in the receiver’s mailbox, try the “Test Email” option.


Did you know you can turn leads into subscribers by emailing sign-up forms? Yes, Selzy lets you create and send sign-up and pop-up forms to your targets and urge them to become subscribers.


So, how do you know how your email campaign is doing? Use Selzy’s email analytics to understand the situation.

See your campaign results, understand your customer’s choices, and run your next campaign based on that.

6. A/B Testing

Create two test versions of a campaign and publish them through Selzy’s A/B testing feature. This Selzy feature will test these two versions among a small portion of your total audience. After the test period, it will determine which version did a better campaigning job and officially publish the more successful one.

This technique determines better working strategies for your email campaigns or lead collection.

7. Segmentation

Send emails to the people who matter and send emails that matter. This line describes this Selzy feature perfectly. This Selzy feature can identify potential leads from the mass, so the conversion rate goes high. 

Your YouTube shows what you want to see by calculating your activities through an algorithm. Segmentation is similar to this technique. Selzy calculates your targets’ information and interests and sends them custom-tailored emails.

8. Automation

Online marketing software is incomplete without an automation feature. Selzy’s most functionalities are automatic, making saving time much easier.

Benefits of Selzy

When I first learned about Selzy, I was unsure why I should choose Selzy over other platforms. Then I realized the following benefits and asked myself, “why not?”

  • Selzy ensures maximum lead collection and a higher conversion rate through effective forms and email campaigns.
  • Automatic functionality keeps the campaign fresh and lively while you take your rest.
  • Make better campaign strategies by testing out sample emails and forms.

Selzy Lifetime Deal Pricing

License TierPrice
Tier 01 (7,500 contacts)$69
Tier 02 (15,000 contacts)$138
Tier 03 (30,000 contacts)$207
Tier 04 (50,000 contacts)$276

Selzy lifetime Deal FAQ

Can I add a preheader to my email?

Yes, Selzy allows preheader creation in emails.

Does Selzy have an SMS option?

Selzy used to have the SMS option, but it is currently unavailable.

Can I add more than four codes to the Selzy lifetime deal?

The lifetime deal of Selzy has only four license tiers. Visit the Selzy website to buy additional services.

Final Verdict

You may stay stubborn and keep sending emails to your targets manually. But all those efforts will likely fail since they have a high chance of never reaching your target.

Or, you can become a Selzy user and smartly create personalized emails and deliver them straight to your target’s main inbox. One simple choice can determine the success of your email marketing activities and your business. I suggest you give up the traditional method in this case.

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