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My back hurts because of spending hours in front of my desktop trying to manage all my social media profiles daily. I have learned that RADAAR can ease my stress by helping me manage social media from one place. One of my acquaintances told me about it, so I went to check out the RADAAR lifetime deal on AppSumo, and I will tell you what I found.

In this era of globalization, nothing is more important than social media management if you want to promote your business correctly. You must invest your time and money in social media management regardless of the size or type of your business. Social media is currently the key to increasing the popularity of a company and building up a loyal customer base.

But at the same time, maintaining online social platforms is highly tiring since it requires much time. You need to be active on several platforms to build up the popularity of your business, so you need to manage each account individually. This job sucks up most of your time and energy and hampers your business in the end.

You will not have to suffer so much if you manage all your social media accounts in one place. Yes, RADAAR helps you achieve that, which intrigued me the most. I believe you are also curious, so I will stop this pointless introduction. I will directly jump straight into the details regarding RADAAR.


RADAAR is an online platform to manage social media from one place entirely. You can handle all your social media profiles in one platform with the help of RADAAR.

RADAAR is especially beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses in maintaining a good social media presence. RADAAR helps you manage multiple social media profiles using tools like a task manager, stock library, scheduler, inbox, password manager, social media monitor, analytics, URL shortener, landing pages, and RSS feeds.

Which social media do you use to promote your business? RADAAR supports almost any well-known social media platform. I use Facebook, Instagram, etc., and RADAAR smoothly supports these platforms. But I learned it also supports other popular social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, WordPress, Google Business, etc. RADAAR makes social media marketing for your businesses a simple and easy task.

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What Are The Primary Features of RADAAR?

So, you are now interested to learn the functionality of RADAAR. Stay focused because I am about to explain the most important Features of RADAAR.

☛ Social Inbox

This section is where you handle all your permanent, occasional, and potential customers or clients. Followers from different platforms message you, and they land in your social inbox.

Raadar Social Media Management

You do not have to get off one platform and enter another to give a reply. You open your social inbox, read the messages and reply to them immediately. I do not know if conversing with clients, and interested parties can be any easier.

☛ Scheduler

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create your posts and set them up to auto-share later? Some social media platform has that function, and some do not. But RADAAR has a scheduler, so you do not have to worry about that.

Manage Social Media from One Place

I was delighted and relieved when I found out about this feature. Because some times, I create future posts in advance but can not schedule them for auto-share. Now we have something that will allow us to create posts whenever and wherever we like without having to post immediately.

☛ Task Manager

Manage every social media management task in one place without needing any external plugins. Invite people for collaboration, conduct group projects, create boards, lists, and cards, make marketing strategies, and do much more without going out to your RADAAR workspace.

Social Media Task Manager

Many people use separate tools or apps for task management. With RADAAR, I do not see any meaning in using a separate tool.

☛ Social Monitoring

The social media monitoring function helps you comprehend the market, customer behavior, and business performance. So, your overall performance ends up getting better, thus increasing sales.

Social Media Monitoring

The social monitoring system allows you to find trendy topics and keywords and track your competitors’ actions. So, making new marketing strategies becomes more accessible, and your activities become more effective.

☛ Others

Besides all the features I just told you about, I found several essential features like Analytics, Hashtag Manager, URL Shortener, Collaboration, Subscription, etc.

Raadar Features

 The list of features is so long that describing all the features will take me days. Hence, I picked out the features which play a crucial role in RADAAR’s efficiency.

What Benefits to Expect from RADAAR Lifetime Deal

RADAAR as a platform is an excellent solution to your tiresome social media marketing activities. It provides you with a place to perform all of those marketing activities in one place.

This social media management platform has a simple setup procedure. You can quickly enlist multiple platforms and manage and monitor them using your customized dashboard. Besides, you do not need to use any other tools or software since you will get all the tools, like the scheduler, inbox, task manager, etc., right here in a single workspace.

RADAAR can be the king of saving time, energy, and money in social media marketing. RADAAR’s crown has one more feather now, which is a lifetime deal. AppSumo has started promoting the RADAAR lifetime deal, which has already become a hyped topic.

Besides the primary benefits of RADAAR, you can expect many more bonus facilities from this deal. Once you purchase the RADAAR AppSumo lifetime deal, you will never have to pay any subscription fees. The lifetime deal is very cheap and will save you from the turmoil of periodic payments and hidden charges. So, if you want to be a user of RADAAR, you should start by checking out the lifetime deal.

What Are The Setbacks of RADAAR?

I never encountered anything 100% perfect. So, naturally, one or two setbacks of this social media management solution could not shock me.

RADAAR integrates smoothly with the most popular social media platforms, but its Instagram integration needs some polishing.

Besides that, the inbox seems a little messy. The social inbox feature is a collective setup of all the social media inboxes, so it needs an organized messaging setup to prevent confusion.

I do not know about you, but I find these issues easily fixable. We need to wait and see whether RADAAR’s developers fix this problem. Nevertheless, RADAAR is still a very beneficial marketing tool, and I would not want to give up on it because of these minor technical issues.

RADAAR Price Range

RADAAR is a one-of-a-kind software, but it is surprisingly quite reasonable in price. RADAAR subscription starts at less than ten bucks per month. The monthly and yearly plan originally starts at 9.99 USD per month, but the yearly subscription currently offers a 20% discount. Here is a table showing my findings regarding the price range of RADAAR-

Monthly Plan
Basic9.99 USD   (3 social profiles)
Premium19.99 USD (6 social profiles)
Professional59.99 USD (12 social profiles)
Yearly Plan (after 20% discount)
Basic95.88 USD (3 social profiles)
Premium191.88 USD (6 social profiles)
Professional575.88 USD (12 social profiles)
Pricing Table

Another important thing is the pricing of the RADAAR lifetime deal which is available at $59. This lifetime deal allows you to manage 12 social media accounts simultaneously. The rest of the offered features are similar to the professional plan, but you need to pay only once instead of monthly or yearly. According to AppSumo’s description and my calculation, this deal saves you around $660. Not only this, AppSumo has given everyone a chance to unlock an extra 10% discount on the RADAAR deal’s purchase.

Note: RAADAR offers 60-day money-back guarantee. Try RAADAr for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you!

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My Opinion on RADAAR

The information I gave here may have taken a lot of time and energy, but this information is not something you could not have found elsewhere. Your primary reason for landing on this article must be that you wanted a third-party opinion for assurance, right? So, your visit to this page will be in vain if I do not state my opinion.

Personally, I see RADAAR as something that I will enjoy using. Since I have to handle multiple social media platforms regularly, I would love something that will lessen my workload. RADAAR is full of features that make it an all-rounder software.

RADAAR indeed has some cons but those are nothing too serious. This imperfection is fixable with little effort, and I believe the developers are working on it. I am confident about its potential because the customer support team is friendly, sincere, and reassuring.

I found RADAAR helpful and would love to make it an essential part of my professional life.  

FAQs about RADAAR Lifetime Deal

Does AppSumo RADAAR have any plans to add white labeling?

No, RADAAR has no white labeling option, and I do not believe they plan to add one.

What to do if I manage more than 12 social media profiles with my RADAAR account?

You must buy additional profiles if you want to manage more social media profiles than the allotted number.

Will I get the new features that come with the update?

Yes, you will automatically get the new features after every update.

Final Thoughts

RADAAR Lifetime Deal is a cheaper getaway from the hectic of managing several social media accounts every day. You can manage social media from one place and monitor your social media performance. You can create and schedule posts, test out samples, track post reach, and converse with your clients without even leaving the realm of RADAAR.

I do not know any other social media marketing solution that bestows as many tools or features as RADAAR. I would love your opinion and do not forget to let me know if you have a better alternative. Till then, RADAAR will be my first choice in social media management.

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