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Do you still manually post your content on social media? If yes, you should use Postly to schedule your social media content.

You definitely don’t want your content to take hours and hours to publish on all your social media. It is a boring process and slows too. No worries, Postly will help you make your social media marketing easier.

Hi Everyone, Expert War Admin is here; I will review the best social media manager and content scheduler, Postly Lifetime Deal and discuss their deal terms.

In this post, I will give you all the necessary information about Postly social media management software and its features, official pricing, lifetime deal pricing, faqs, terms and more.

You will also know about What Postly is? How it works, Postly benefits, why you should use Postly and many more Postly-related questions which have your mind!

What is Postly?

Postly is an AI-powered social media marketing tool that offers to schedule, collaborate, and post content (automatically) for all popular social media platforms.

With Postly, you can able to collaborate with your team, and you can also schedule your content. In addition, you can plan weeks of content weeks ahead.

Want to organize and schedule your social media content for all social media platforms in one place? Also, want to write SEO-optimized content? Then Postly is the best option for you.

Postly is best for freelancers, solopreneurs, small businesses, and agencies wanting to grow their business. Using postly, you can create high-quality SEO-friendly content with Postly AI Writer.

Key Features of Postly

Postly focuses on offering more features and tools to help you use social media marketing to develop your business quickly. Postly is doing something that no other company is doing.

Postly Appsumo

1. AI Writer:

Do you want to generate marketing copies 10x faster? Postly AI Writer helps you to create faster and better social media marketing copies that engage and convert. You don’t need to buy another AI writing tool to make your marketing copy.

Postly AppSumo Lifetime Deal

With Postly AI writing tools you can generate —

  • Product Description
  • Hashtag Generator
  • Instagram Captions
  • Post Ideas
  • Facebook, Google & Linkedin Ads
  • AIDA, PAS and Many More

2. Bulk Publishing:

Bulk publishing is one of the unique features that only provides Postly. You can not find these features in other social media marketing tools.

You can publish content at scale. For example, you can create all your content on google sheets or excel sheets. After that, you download them as a CSV file and upload them to Postly.

3. Recurring Posts:

With Postly, you can plan to repost your posts every day, every week, every month, or every year.

4. Smart Polls:

One of the few social media posting platforms that allow intelligent voting is Postly. When you conduct at least one weekly poll on your social media channels, engagement will increase by 350-500%.

5. Twitter Threads:

Your post will automatically create threads on Postly. Just keep producing quality content while we handle the back-end work for you!

6. Content Planner:

Postly Planner

You can visually design your content weeks and months in advance to stay ahead of the competition. With Postly, you can create a beautiful, well-organized environment that will help your business grow.

7. Team Collaboration:

The majority of platforms will empty your pocket by charging you each user. Software is meant to lower your costs, not raise them. Postly team decided to provide an exclusive unlimited team collaboration option.

Postly team member

You can add an unlimited number of team members regardless, Postly providing you with the confidence to expand your business without worrying about the present or future costs.

8. Content Publisher:

Are you still posting social media posts manually in 2022? Oh, No! It’s boring and time-consuming.

You cannot afford to spend hours managing your social network if you are busy. So you require a time and effort-saving solution.

Postly content publisher

The Ultimate Solution is Postly. It allows users to plan, review, approve and schedule social media content in private, secure workspaces. You can Publish your social media content at scale. Write once and be able to publish everywhere.

Supported Platforms

  • Facebook (Page & Group)
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Linkedin (Personal Account & Page)
  • Telegram
  • Tiktok
  • Reddit

9. Content Scheduler:

You can easily publish your content on different social media platforms according to your schedule. Even you can schedule your post after one year using Postly.

10. Analytics:

Analytics features help you get the exact data of your content and what you share on various social media platforms. You will get a clear idea of how many people see and engage with your post.

Postly Official Pricing

We already know that Postly is a social media marketing tool or software that helps to share your content on all social media platforms with one click. They also help schedule your post or repost your content by day, monthly or yearly.

Postly comes in five different packages with low costs compared to other social media management software.

Postly only offers its products in monthly or yearly packages. This means you have to pay every month or year to use it. Want to pay for lifetime use? Let’s check out the Postly lifetime deal.

SOCIAL ACCOUNTS102550200Unlimited
SCHEDULED POSTSUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
AI WRITER20k Chars/mo30k Chars/mo50k Chars/moUnlimitedUnlimited
TEAM MEMBERSUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

I believe it costs you a little more. Do you need more inexpensive choices? In such a case, the Postly AppSumo Lifetime Deal will be your best choice. The lifetime cost of the Postly is $59.

Postly AppSumo Lifetime Deal Review

Do you need Social media management software with a low price compared to official pricing? If so, then the Postly AppSumo lifetime deal offer might be for you!

By using Postly, you can bring your social media usage to your fingertips. With one click, you can publish all content to your social media.

You can also manage content plans, schedules, reposts, analytics, and everything you need to improve your business through social media marketing. And all these you will find in Postly.

I highly recommend that you buy this with AppSumo Lifetime Deal because they offer Posly for a lifetime at a cheap rate.

Note:  Most deals are out of stock within a week of going live on Appsumo. So grab this offers as soon as possible.

FAQS About Postly Lifetime Deal

What is Lifetime Deal?

Lifetime deal is a contract that grants you lifetime access to use of a product by making a one-time payment. In that case, you don’t have to pay any monthly or yearly bills for that product.

How Much Does the Postly Lifetime Deal Cost?

Lifetime deal prices are much lower than official prices. Postly is currently available for $59 with a lifetime deal.

What is the Duration of the Postly Lifetime Offer?

Such lifetime offers typically run for a few weeks. The promotion has been running for a few weeks, but it could stop at any time. So if you require it, I advise that you purchase it right away.

Final Verdict

Postly is an excellent tool that allows users to plan, review, approve and schedule social media content. Using Postly, you can share your content on social media with a single click. You can also write product descriptions and hashtags generated with the Postly Ai Writing tool.

Since most deals often go out of stock in a few weeks, please seize the chance immediately if you need it.

I hope the Postly lifetime deal review was interesting to you. Please remain tuned if you wish to purchase such tools and software at a discount.

Buy now and discover how Postly may assist you in growing your business.

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