PitchGround Vs AppSumo Comparison 2023 | Which One is Better? Read it later


AppSumo and PitchGround are both leading marketplaces for lifetime deals. But AppSumo has a more experienced user base.

Hey, do you want to read a comparison review? Your answer must be ‘yes’ if you are looking for a website for the best digital tools and course deals. So, I have decided to do a PitchGround Vs AppSumo comparison review.

Now, there can be so many things to review. Then why did I choose AppSumo and PitchGround? Because I wanted to review daily deals websites, these two are leading this field. One is a pioneer in this sector and has a lot of experience, and the other one is part of the new era and, without a doubt, is a very good deal serving website.

Now, PitchGround and AppSumo may be two renowned websites, but which one is better? Let’s find that out through this AppSumo Vs PitchGround comparison review.

What is PitchGround?

PitchGround is a website connecting digital tool providers and online business owners to benefit both parties. If you are an online entrepreneur, you can visit PitchGround whenever you need any software to improve your business. If you need to improve your business or marketing skills, you can find various courses on PitchGround.

PitchGround Deal

PitchGround started its journey in 2018, and since then, it has been one of the most convenient marketplaces for entrepreneurs. The best thing about PitchGround is its numerous deals that save money and offer maximum value.

What is AppSumo 

PitchGround and AppSumo are similar, but I will still explain AppSumo so you can understand it properly. AppSumo offers online business tools and courses to help increase sales in various sectors.

AppSumo Deal

The lifetime deal segment is AppSumo’s leading bait. Many software and course developers are working with AppSumo to launch lifetime deals. AppSumo runs and promotes these deals for a limited time. However, AppSumo is capable of making the products famous in that little time. So, SaaS companies, online educators, and marketers think of AppSumo whenever they need to promote their products and services.

PitchGround vs AppSumo Key Features

Let’s discuss the key features of these two daily deals websites in one place.

1. Deals

AppSumo and PitchGround both are daily deals websites. That means the deals segment is the protagonist of their stories.

AppSumo Marketplace

Their deals are simple and affordable, and you will not find these deals on the official websites of the partners. PitchGround promises to save 95% of the money on their deals, and AppSumo can save up to 90% of your budget.

2. Special Membership Program

PitchGround and AppSumo have special membership programs, serving extra benefits to the members. You can save up to 10% more money than any ordinary buyer if you become part of the special membership program.

AppSumo Plus

PitchGround’s membership plan is popular as the PitchGround VIP Plan,, and its AppSumo counterpart is the AppSumo Plus.

Both platforms have advanced search bars and filters with precise search results. PitchGround has two types of filters; product category and deal type. PitchGround’s search results can appear to you based on the prices and launching time.

AppSumo has more filters than PitchGround but they are a little difficult to find. Nevertheless, AppSumo search results are very precise.

4. Community

AppSumo has a community of millions, and PitchGround is not far behind that either. These two platforms have social media communities of their own, and the members can interact, ask for help, give reviews, and do a lot more things there.  

AppSumo vs PitchGround Pros and Cons

This article requires a proper pros and cons comparison. So here are the pros and cons of AppSumo and PitchGround.

AppSumo Pros:

  • AppSumo offers to provide an SMB acquisition accelerator.
  • AppSumo promises to save up to 90% of your money from your budget.
  • Any member of AppSumo Plus can exclusively save 10% money on every purchase.
  • You will get 60 days trial facility with a money-back guarantee if you buy from AppSumo.

AppSumo Cons:

  • The free plan lacks some facilities compared to the paid plan.

PitchGround Pros:

  • PitchGround users can save up to 95% on PitchGround lifetime SaaS deals.
  • You have the right to cancel your purchase and get a refund within 60 days.
  • You can split your yearly pay in the PitchGround VIP Plan.

PitchGround Cons:

  • Accessing the free online courses in PitchGround is a bit irritating since it requires signing up.

PitchGround or AppSumo Which One Is Better?

Let me do a final evaluation of these two leading daily deals marketplaces. The AppSumo Vs PitchGround conflict will cool down for now if I figure out which one is better.

Let’s evaluate and compare the key components of PitchGround and AppSumo. This way it will be easier to understand which website serves the best value.

PitchGround and AppSumo both websites are user friendly, and the navigation is smooth like butter. But the AppSumo home page is a bit overwhelming whereas the PitchGround website is minimal and simplistic.

On the other hand, the search option of AppSumo is very precise. So, I would call this round a draw.


PitchGround promises to provide 5% more money-save than AppSumo. But nobody provides better deals than AppSumo in terms of value, and it is a fact. Plus, AppSumo has way more deals in its collection than PitchGround.

So, AppSumo wins this round. But I believe that PitchGround is not that far behind AppSumo and its promise has some credibility.

Membership Program

AppSumo Plus membership plan costs $99 per year, and PitchGround is $119 per year. PitchGround promises to add a lot of features in the future, but the AppSumo Plus program is already full of good features.

If you like the security of experience at a cheap price then AppSumo is the best choice. But if you want to trust a new website and invest for future gain, then PitchGround is the best call.

Price Range

AppSumo can win this race as well since this marketplace is popular for its low-price deals. But PitchGround is not something to ignore since this website is confident enough to claim 95% money-save on purchases.

Customer Support System

This sector is both of the website’s strong zone. AppSumo has an experienced set of support team which is ready to help customers all the time. But PitchGround’s customer support team is surprisingly active and helpful considering how new they are.

So, in the end, I will call this round a draw too since PitchGround and AppSumo both are similarly efficient in customer support.

Now, back to the question regarding which marketplace is better. My evaluation shows that AppSumo wins the most points making it the winner of the PitchGround Vs AppSumo comparison. However, we should not take PitchGround lightly. PitchGround has a lot of potentials to reach the same league as AppSumo. PitchGround is minimalist and easy to navigate, the deals are beneficial, and these qualities make this website beginner-friendly. So, I would not be surprised if anyone else takes PitchGround as the winner.

Bottom Line

I compared every key component to reach the result of this AppSumo Vs PitchGround comparison. But no matter what the result is, in the end, it all comes to your personal comfort.

PitchGround’s simplicity makes it beginner friendly whereas AppSumo has a more experienced user base. You decide which side is more convenient for you and that will be your version of the PitchGround Vs AppSumo comparison.

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