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AI writing services are filling up the online marketplace like a swarm of bees. Some AI writing tools are shining like a star among that swarm of AI content writing tools, and is one of them.

AI writing tools have become very popular among e-commerce owners, content creators, and marketers, although some people still feel unsure about using AI writing tools. An AI writing tool can be of great help if you want to create plagiarism-free and SEO-effective content.

Now the question is which AI writing tool will produce the best plagiarism-free, engaging, and SEO-friendly content? There can undoubtedly be more than one that fits that requirement, but I will talk about only today. has a user-friendly interface that urged me to suggest it to the newbies in this sector. This tool is affordable but produces amazing content like a pro. AppSumo even has a lifetime deal to ensure its affordability.

What else does have in store? Let’s check out the specifications and benefits through a detailed review.

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What is is an AI-operated software that is used in writing professional content for marketing, advertisement, blogging, etc. This AI writing software is now a popular choice among e-commerce website owners. is known for generating quality content that can top the google search ranking.

Very few AI tools are as good as in providing a professional-looking article from a bit of information. I’m suggesting you this content writing tool because you do not need to have that much skill to operate So, getting a good result with will not be a hassle, even if you are a beginner.

Credit: AppSumo

It is one of the most popular choices for marketers, online business owners, bloggers, and content creators who want to save money or cannot afford a professional writer. is Best for:

  • Content creators
  • Copywriters
  • SaaS

Key features of is a service that gives you all the features necessary for good content creation. Features like a style editor, Multiple language support, automatic spelling correction, grammar correction and plagiarism check, etc., are available even in the lifetime deal.

I have simplified the key feature list of for you to understand easily. So, do not hesitate and get a glimpse of the key features of

  • Style Editor: Get the AI software to write according to your preferred style.
  • Multiple Language Support: The AI can work in any major language.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Get fresh and unique output that does not match anyone else’s content.
  • Grammar Check: No grammatical mistakes even if you are not an expert in the language.
  • Auto-Correct: Avoid the first-hand embarrassment of a spelling mistake.

How Works works efficiently in providing the best quality content based on a few pieces of information. This is the result of combining AI with machine learning technology. AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Machine learning is a technique that is being used to teach AI-based software. The more your train, the better the AI performs. The AI engine of has been trained with over 100k+ content to understand what would be best for your content. This is why it has a great understanding of content style and quality. uses that teaching and understanding in writing content. You tell which style to follow, and the AI will present you with amazing content following that style.

Benefits of is a beneficial choice because it is fast, efficient, and more affordable than hiring a freelance writer. Use the contents any way you like since gives you ownership of the content you generate.

Take a close look at all the beneficial sides of and decide for yourself.

Free Trial

The free trial of gives you the mental and financial security you deserve before buying a product. You can use for free for a limited time. You can decide not to register for the paid version if you do not feel comfortable working with during that time.

Style Variety

There are three primary style options in; Simple, Confident, and Inspirational writing style. You can select the content style that is appropriate for the context type.

Fast Production

The Peppertype’s AI engine generates copies flawlessly within very little time. Even making a cup of coffee takes more time than creating content with

Unique Output

You would not like the idea of matching sentences with some random people’s content because plagiarism is a severe crime in today’s world of online globalization. This is why checks plagiarism to create unique content and save you from legal issues. LTD

Flawless Results

Spelling mistakes or grammatical faults can put you in an embarrassing situation and destroy the quality of your content. provides articles that are free from spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Spelling Mistake

Spelling mistakes or grammatical faults can put you in an embarrassing situation and destroy the quality of your content. provides articles that are free from spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Language Inclusivity

The primary language set up of is the international language, English. But do not get disappointed if working in English is out of your comfort zone. most likely has whatever language setup you prefer. The language feature of covers almost all the major languages in the world.

Money Saving

The AppSumo lifetime deal saves you hundreds of bucks every month. You do not have to pay for content writing if you purchase the lifetime deal.

Full Ownership

You have ownership of whatever you generate through; that is why you are free to use the copies for any purpose.

Why You Should Use

Use because it is efficient, less expensive compared to human writers, and time-saving. helps you to write better content and also can generate content in seconds on your need.

The software lets you choose your style and topic relevant to your subject. Besides you can choose different content types such as Blog posts, social media posts, email, SEO, e-commerce, etc.


These are the main reasons why I think you should give a chance-

  • gives you a free trial so you can take a chance without facing any financial losses.
  • It provides you with different writing styles (Simple, Confident, or Inspirational).
  • Your content will be written in seconds using Peppertype’s AI engine.
  • This AI tool comes in handy when you are out of unique writing ideas.
  • No plagiarism, spelling mistakes, or grammatical hazard. Appsumo Lifetime Deal Review

Let’s move on to discuss the lifetime deal by AppSumo now that I have given you a solid idea of the tool.

AppSumo has brought the lifetime deal for a limited period. I honestly think that you should not miss this opportunity. The deal starts at only $99 which is reasonable since you will be allotted  50,000 words per month. You can get monthly 250000 words and many more exclusive features as you upgrade your tier.

You will get lifetime access to these features with just one purchase. Just upgrade or downgrade if you are not satisfied with your tier.

Get the AppSumo lifetime deal if you haven’t already bought the paid version of this software. Appsumo Lifetime Deal Benefits

Besides the facilities exclusive to each of the license tiers, these are the common benefits of the lifetime deal by AppSumo.

  • Lifetime access to the exclusive features of
  • More than 40 content types
  • Notes, quick actions
  • Templates, projects, sequences, download results, and analytics
  • The automated brief generation tool
  • Unlimited translation in about 20+ languages
  • Open prompts or freestyle writing
  • Invite to collaborate with up to 25 people
  • Complete history view option
  • Long-form content building (Before-After-Bridge copywriting, YT descriptions, blog, etc.)
  • Cash back guarantee if 60 days pass without confirmation.

Note: You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase. (Otherwise, your code will be invalid) Appsumo Lifetime Deal Pricing lifetime deal pricing showcases a reachable range of $99 up to $399. Take a look at the license tiers and know what I’m talking about.

  • License Tier 1 at $99
    • 1 user max.
    • Monthly 50000 words max.
  • License Tier 2 at $249
    • 5 users max.
    • Monthly 100000 words max.
    • SEO, share & collab, and command the AI
  • License Tier 3 at $399
    • 20 users max.
    • Monthly 250000 words max.
    • SEO, share & collab, and command the AI

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Enter your Email when you get the Discount popup on the Lifetime Deal page on AppSumo. AppSumo will confirm your discount by notifying you through Email.

Remember: 10% discount on Lifetime Deal only applies to the first order.

Want to get an extra 10% off every AppSumo lifetime deal? Please try Appsumo Plus. With AppSumo Plus membership, you get an additional 10% discount on every Appsumo deal. Alternatives Lifetime Deal

Every single person wants to choose products from various options because it is easy to find the best products.

Want to get more AI writing tools? Don’t worry. I will introduce some more AI writing tools you can buy at a low price with AppSumo deals.

All the above tool has lifetime deals, and you can now buy them at a discount from the official price.

FAQ about Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Which company developed

A company named Pepper Content is the owner and developer of the writing software.

How do I report any kind of bug or error to

There is a widget named ‘Need Help?’ at the bottom right of the screen. Click that widget to report a bug or error to

Does offer an API?

No, will not provide you with an API facility but they seem to provide integrations on demand.

Does have a review responder?

Yes, offers a review responder that is called Customer Review Responder.

Does allow commercial use of the generated outputs?

Yes, you can use the generated copy for any purpose since gives you full ownership of the output.

Final Verdict and Our Opinion

Some creative writers are yet to accept AI tools as part of their life. But the world is changing fast, and AI-powered tools are bringing revolutions. Adapting to changes should be the way to go in this era of globalization.

Online content creators, marketers, and eCommerce owners are always looking for ways to save time and money. But getting high-quality, flawless, and unique content in a bit of time is not so affordable. can be the ultimate solution to all that problems. Try out the free trial of to know whether it is completely suitable for you or not. Lifetime Deal is Going On!Get the best deal for lifetime access for only $99.
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