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I have suggested many tools and plugins for marketers so far. Pagescreen is another tool that a marketer needs to have. If you’ve intentionally clicked on this article, you already know I will talk about the Pagescreen lifetime deal.

You need to analyze historical data regarding changes in trendy web pages to understand the current or upcoming trends. You need to monitor a website to obtain those data continuously; this is where Pagescreen aces. So you can keep up with the ever-changing world of online marketing.

So, without delay, let me give you all the info about the Pagescreen AppSumo lifetime deal and other relevant things.

What Is Pagescreen?

Pagescreen is an automated website monitoring system that keeps a visual record of a webpage’s changes. Pagescreen uses a screenshotting and archiving method to provide you with a website’s design and content changes.

This site monitor automatically takes screenshots of all webpage versions and stores them in the archive. So, all the updates of your target webpage stay in your knowledge. Pagescreen automatically provides you with the historical data of a page and lets you analyze them with your teammates. Pagescreen integrates with Google Teams to give you a smooth teamwork experience.

Key Features of Pagescreen

The key features of Pagescreen include all the essential tools you need to stay up to date with the latest trends. Let’s look at the facilities this webpage observer offers.

1. Screenshot

Pagescreen takes screenshots of a webpage automatically when changes occur. This activity is for keeping visual records of changes in the webpage.

Website monitor

This tool stores the screenshots in the archive and lets you compare the screenshots. You can compare different screenshots of the same webpage to identify the changes.

2. Monitoring frequency

How often would you like to know about the changes to a webpage? Whatever monitoring frequency you prefer, Pagescreen can provide that.

You can set up hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly frequencies on Pagescreen. You can also choose the days and times you want a change alert.

3. Website change notification

Pagescreen keeps a close eye on webpages and can alert you whenever it sees changes in the design or content. This activity is automatic, but you can control the frequency. 


Pagescreen integrates with your Webhook and Slack account to send the change notifications. This web monitor can send emails if that is what you prefer.

4. Teams

You can make teams analyze the visual and content-related changes of webpages. Pagescreen lets you work with all the teammates in one place.

PageScreen AppSumo

Pagescreen allots some seats to every account, and the number of seats depends on your subscription plan. The bigger your team, the more seats you need in your Pagescreen account.

5. API

Pagescreen mainly supports two types of API. The REST API, AKA the RESTful API, allows for building strong connectors and automation. You will find the REST API and the screenshot API in the system.

The Screenshot API opens the path to create and show screenshots of your target web page. All you need to do is input a safe and hosted URL.

6. Integration 

Pagescreen has all the integrations you need for a smooth and convenient experience. I have already talked about the API integrations, but there is more.

Pagescreen website monitor

This web monitor integrates with Dropbox for safeguarding your data, Microsoft Teams for excellent teamwork, and Webhook or Slack for sending notifications.

How Pagescreen Works

Pagescreen is a monitoring tool to capture past data of a website. So, how does Pagescreen work? What process does Pagescreen use?

Pagescreen is an automated system that works based on the preferences you set up. Input the URL of your target webpage or upload in bulk. You can decide which part of the webpage to monitor; this tool will get even more specific. Pagescreen keeps all the records of the changes safe in the archive.

Pagescreen will take screenshots whenever changes happen to those web pages and notify you through email, Slack, or Webhook. This website monitor works continuously and alerts you of changes based on your preferred monitoring frequency.

Why You Should Use Pagescreen

What else would you use to monitor web trends if not Pagescreen?

  • Pagescreen keeps you up to date in crowded markets.
  • This web monitor helps you understand the trend.
  • Its automatic work style saves a lot of time and energy.
  • You can form a team and work on trend analysis with them.
  • Pagescreen’s interface is easy to handle.

Looking at all the benefits, using Pagescreen would be an excellent decision.

Pagescreen Lifetime Deal Review      

Now it’s time to talk about the Pagescreen AppSumo lifetime deal. This deal is for those who want to monitor websites smoothly and affordably. This deal will give you three license tiers of different price ranges. You cannot stack, and you do not need to since the tiers are perfect. You can upgrade or downgrade between different tiers if you feel the current one isn’t serving you properly. You can cancel the deal within 60 days; don’t worry; you will get a refund.

The Pagescreen lifetime deal has maintained a golden mean of pricing and facilities in its license tiers. You can’t find a better deal for website monitoring.

Pagescreen Lifetime Deal Benefits

Let’s point out the benefits Pagescreen provides through the lifetime deal. These benefits are not exclusive to any particular Pagescreen license tier. These benefits will be available to you regardless of the tier.

  • A lifetime subscription to Pagescreen, including all the Team Plan, updates.
  • You get three license tiers to choose from and can upgrade or downgrade later. 
  • You can input unlimited URLs and monitor as much as you like.
  • You will get SSO (Single Sign-On) facility.
  • Both the REST API and Screenshot API is available.
  • The Pagescreen lifetime deal is GDPR compliant.
  • Sixty days trial and refund.

Pagescreen AppSumo Lifetime Deal Pricing

I have briefly discussed the common benefits of the Pagescreen lifetime deal, and now it is time to show you each tier’s pricing and exclusive features.

➜ License tier 1 ($69)

  • Monthly screenshot count: 5000 screenshots per account
  • Maximum allotted seats: 5 seats
  • Archive duration limit: 6 months (max.)

➜ License tier 2 ($129)

  • Monthly screenshot count: 15000 screenshots per account
    • Maximum allotted seats: 15 seats
    • Archive duration limit: 12 months (max.)

➜ License tier 3 ($199)

  • Monthly screenshot count: 50000 screenshots per account
    • Maximum allotted seats: 50 seats
    • Archive duration limit: 12 months (max.)

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FAQs about Pagescreen AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Where do the screenshots stay, and is there a size limit?

The screenshots stay in Google Cloud, and there is no size limit.

How many users can I invite to my Pagescreen account?

The number of seats indicates the number of users you can invite.

Can Pagescreen interact with a website?

Complete interaction with a page is an upcoming feature that you can find in Pagescreen’s roadmap.

Final Talk

Pagescreen is a very good tool for marketers and SaaS companies. It integrates with many apps and gives you the best trend-monitoring experience. This tool is a great alternative to Hexowatch and Visualping. You should undoubtedly check it out if you are looking for an alternative to these two tools.

Test out the Pagescreen AppSumo lifetime deal with the 60 days trial and cancel the purchase if it doesn’t suit you.

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