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Create and sell online courses packed with lucrative content using a simple WordPress plugin.

The MasterStudy LMS lifetime deal on AppSumo is today’s topic. There is not much time left until the deal ends, so I will make this MasterStudy LMS review simple and short.

Today I have brought up a topic that will interest almost all aspiring freelance educators. There are millions of students willing to gain different knowledge and skills.

If you have any special skill or knowledge and want to pass on that knowledge to those eager students, an online class is a good medium. MasterStudy LMS helps you achieve your dream of becoming an online instructor.

Let’s jump into more details about my MasterStudy LMS review.

What Is MasterStudy LMS?

MasterStudy LMS is a learning management system for online education that lets you create and sell online courses in the easiest way possible. This education solution is an online course builder that lets you build courses using your WordPress skills.

You do not have to do everything from scratch since MasterStudy LMS offers tools that do the most complicated tasks and save you from the hard work. You can add quizzes, certificates, etc., to the course and provide your students with a bespoke app.

Key Features Of MasterStudy LMS

Here are the key features of MasterStudy LMS-

1. Course Builder

This feature is the main function of MasterStudy LMS. You have many essential tools and options to build a course according to your style and knowledge.

MasterStudy LMS-Page Builder

You can create a course using various easy-to-use plugins and tools and keep the course in draft until you publish. You can also attach files containing essential course material and add FAQs for common questions.

2. Page Builders

Add different types of pages to your online course with MasterStudy LMS. This system has a page builder that lets you create e-learning pages, blogs, standalone LMS, etc.

3. Online Lessons

Upload your lessons online with the help of MasterStudy LMS. You can publish online lessons in any format you like. Be it text, video, slides, streams, or zoom webinars, MasterStudy’s interface accepts all formats. You can even mix multiple formats and create a more interactive lesson.

Online Lessons

4. Advanced Quizzes

What is an online course without a set of quizzes to solve? MasterStudy LMS understands the importance of quizzes and provides you with all you need to create interactive quizzes for your students. 

You can build quizzes like single choice, multiple choice, true or false, image matching, fill the gap, etc., with MasterStudy LMS.

5. Student Management

MasterStudy LMS allows you to manage your students and courses with a few clicks here and there. Student management is child’s play because of options like Automatic Group Creation, Separate float menu for students & teachers, and Email Template Editor & Branding.

6. Drip Content

Drip content assists you in creating a structure for your course. You can use this feature to schedule every class and assignment and allocate specific deadlines for each activity.

7. Zoom & Live Streams

Give your students a live class experience with Zoom and live stream integrations. MasterStudy LMS allows online meetings, live streaming, live chat, etc., and you can provide all the course materials during the live session.

8. Custom Certificate Builder

Nothing satisfies a serious and sincere student more than a certificate from their teacher or institute acknowledging their hard work. You can build certificates for your students with MasterStudy LMS, which only needs your WordPress skills.

Custom Certificate Builder

MasterStudy LMS lets you customize the certificate however you like.

9. Monetization & Payment Methods

So how do you earn through MasterStudy LMS? You must monetize your courses and set up a payment method. Do not worry about the procedure since MasterStudy LMS will help you get through that.

MasterStudy LMS-Membership plan

10. Integrations

I did not count how many integrations MasterStudy LMS supports, but I assure you they are a lot in number. Some of those integrations are Elementor Page Builder, WP Bakery, Divi Builder, WooCommerce, Paid Membership Pro, H5P, GamiPress, Zoom, Google Classrooms, MailChimp, Contact Form 7, WPML, etc.

Benefits of MasterStudy LMS

If you have any special skill or are very knowledgeable in any topic, you may want to become an educator. Becoming an educator through MasterStudy helps you gain the following advantage-

  • MasterStudy LMS allows you to become an online educator by providing a platform to create courses and teach your students.
  • Creating these courses needs no more than basic WordPress skills.
  • You can monetize your course and earn money in MasterStudy LMS.

Now you do not have to put up with a monthly payment system since you can permanently access MasterStudy LMS and save loads of money. You only need to purchase any of its lifetime deal tiers on AppSumo.

The MasterStudy LMS license tiers cost $69, $138, and $207.

 MasterStudy LMS Lifetime Deal FAQs

Can I integrate MasterStudy LMS with Razorpay as a payment method?

The direct integration for this functionality is not available yet, but you can get the WooCommerce plugin and run Razorpay with it.

Can I export a course created with MasterStudy to Udemy?

Well, The MasterStudy LMS plugin does not support course export functionality.

Are any built-in protection features available in the MasterStudy LMS plugin?

Currently, no built-in protection feature is available in the MasterStudy LMS plugin.

Final Verdict

Just because you are an educator with many skills does not mean you have all the skills to make an online course from scratch. Building an online course from scratch is more complicated than it sounds.

So, MasterStudy LMS is here with all the preparation to make an online course; all you need is your WordPress skills. MasterStudy LMS aims to make course building and selling as easy and simple as possible.

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