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Task management, project planning, Chat, team collaboration organizing, and getting things done using a single project management app.

Working on a project can create a huge mess unless you have a good project management system. I have come across the Cubicl lifetime deal and thought it would help if I discuss that now.

If you are working on a messy project, you need help to sort things out, but good project management tools are hard to find. Not every solution can suit you since not every software can be an all-rounder in its job. But if you have Cubicl, things can be different.

AppSumo is relentlessly promoting a lifetime deal on Cubicl. I started digging up a bit and discovered tons of facts about Cubicl. So, let’s explore Cubicl with a short review.

What is Cubicl?

Cubicl is a smart project management app that offers chatting, organizing, and many other related features in one place, like an all-rounder. Cubicl lets you out of the messy situation you face while working on a project.

You can organize your projects and collaborate with the great task management features Cubicl offers. Cubicl provides a custom notification facility that keeps you and your teammates on the same page. Use this one workspace and conduct tasks like creating sales pipelines, handling customer support, or sharing project files with people.

Key Features of Cubicl

Cubicl is full of features and facilities, but some are more important than others. Below are the features of Cubicl that define this software.

You do not have to be bound by one project since you can work on several projects with Cubicl. You only need to create separate projects for your teams to prevent confusion.

1. Projects

You can also build sub-projects and appoint team members to make things faster.

2. Task Management

Lead your team by creating and appointing tasks to your team members. You can provide specific directions about when to start a task, due dates, descriptions, etc. You can add a progress bar to the task, so you know how much more work you need to do. 

Cubicl Task Management

3. File Sharing

Import your project files to the workspace and share information and essential resources with your team members. Attaching the files to the tasks or sending them to your teammates through chat can also be a quick way to share the files.

4. Instant Notifications

Cubicl helps you stay focused through instant notification. Whether your teammate did something or the due date is coming, Cubicl lets you know everything.

5. Chat

How do you expect to succeed in a project without properly communicating with your team members? Of course, there is no way you will be able to succeed in your project like that! So, Cubicl has allowed you to chat with your project mates.

6. Workflows

You do not need to create sub-tasks under a task with multiple stages or check the status of the sub-tasks. Cubicl’s Workflow feature will handle all of that.

7. Integrations

Cubicl’s main integrations are Cubicl API, Microsoft E-mail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, Slack, and Webhook.

Cubicl Intregation

Benefits of Cubicl

Cubicl is a very simple tool but it offers great value in the following use cases-

  • Easy Task Management: Assign tasks to your team members, use a custom Kanban view,  get notifications, track progress, and do much more.
  • Project Management: Plan a project, get reports and statistics, track spent time, and analyze teammate’s performance.
  • Team Collaboration: Chat, discuss, comment, and share files.
  • Client Portal: Maintain a good relationship with your clients by communicating with them and updating them about their projects, tasks, and deals.

Cubicl Lifetime Deal Pricing

Purchase any Cubicl AppSumo license tier with a one-time payment and enjoy the software for life!

License TierPrice
License Tier 01 (3 users; 60 GB total storage)$59
License Tier 02 (10 users; 200 GB total storage)$119
License Tier 03 (25 users; 500 GB total storage)$179
License Tier 04 (50 users; 1000 GB total storage)$239
License Tier 05 (100 users; 2000 GB total storage)$339

Cubicl Lifetime Deal FAQs

Is my data safe with Cubicl?

To ensure data safety, Cubicl keeps data in secure servers, uses SSL for traffic, and backs up the database daily.

Can Cubicl auto-sync to my google calendar for event updates?

 You must do this manually from your integrations page since Cubicl cannot auto-detect new events.

Is there any restriction to creating a client portal account for my clients?

No such restriction exists, and you can easily create a client portal account for your clients.

Final Verdict

Cubicl is like the support system you never knew you needed. It is a simple software with a simple motto: to help you manage your projects in every way possible.

Cubicl has become the talk of the town because of the AppSumo lifetime deal. Check out the Cubicl lifetime deal on AppSumo, and do not forget to let me know how you feel about it.

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