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Luna is running a special deal on AppSumo. You might have guessed the deal already, and I bet you are 100% correct. We have Luna to help you get more top-tier leads and run successful cold outreach activities.

Cold outreach is only sometimes as effective as you expect it to be. Most of the cold emails end up in the spam folder. It would be best if you had a better strategy to get the best outcome from your cold outreach activities.

Luna’s main job is ensuring the prospect notices your cold emails. Luna helps cold emails avoid the spam filter. So, more prospects read the emails, and the rate of reply increases.

So I was talking about the Luna lifetime deal. It would help if you read on to learn more about the deal and how Luna helps you with personalized cold emails.

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What is Luna?

Luna is an AI assistant tool used for effective cold outreach. Luna discovers leads and sends them personalized AI-generated cold emails.

Usually, a cold email ends up in the spam folder of the lead’s inbox. The scenario is vastly different with Luna since this AI assistant can produce cold emails with a high reach rate.

Luna is smart enough to understand the type of leads you need based on the little information you provide. Luna finds out high-quality lead, generates cold emails, and send them. Luna’s AI system is so intelligent that it knows how not to get caught in the spam filter. So, Cold emails by Luna get higher chances of reaching the primary inbox of the lead.

Luna is Best for:

  • Sales managers
  • Freelancers
  • Small businesses

Key Features of Luna

The main website of Luna and AppSumo has briefed about the key features of Luna. I have made it more understandable with the following details about the key features of Luna.

  • High-Quality Leads
  • Personalized Cold Emails
  • Train the AI
  • Integrations 

☛ High-Quality Leads

Luna converses with you through some questions. The AI uses your answer to those questions and finds out leads. Luna goes through millions of leads to find the leads that match your needs.

Luna AppSumo

The leads that Luna provides you regularly are high quality. High-quality leads mean they are from verified sources and have more potential to turn into future customers. Note that you can also add leads to Luna for future cold outreach.

☛ Personalized Cold Emails

Luna is a resourceful AI assistant that writes copies based on the info found on the prospect’s website. The leads will get personalized cold emails this way, and the chances of a reply will increase.

AppSumo Luna

Luna does all the complex work of writing and sending emails and saves time. The only responsibility Luna leaves for you is approving or rejecting the suggestions Luna presents. 

☛ Train the AI

Luna lets you train itself. As you train the Luna AI assistant, incoming leads’ quality improves regularly.

You can let Luna know your preference in leads by answering questions or letting Luna track your online activities. Luna gets smarter by analyzing those answers and activities. So, the next time this AI assistant looks for leads, it will get even better results and conducts better cold outreach.

☛ Integrations 

The native integrations of Luna are Hubspot and Pipedrive. By integrating with your preferred CRM tool, Luna also helps you monitor email conversations.

Luna Review

Now Zapier is an essential tool to connect with various apps. Only some AI assistants will let you use Zapier. Luna effortlessly integrates with Zapier and connects you with over 5000 different apps.

Why You Should Use Luna

Your wisest choice would be to use Luna to maximize the positive outcome of your cold outreach. The Luna AI assistant benefits you with the following-

  • Automated features to save time and decrease workload.
  • We have personalized cold email suggestions.
  • The maximized success rate on cold outreach.
  • Increased customers.

How Luna Works 

Luna is an AI assistant that discovers important leads and sends cold emails. But how is Luna so successful in cold outreach? Let’s see how Luna works to find out its secret to success.

Luna conducts effective cold outreach through the following activities.

  • Luna provides new high-quality leads every day.
  • Luna writes copyright and sends your leads personalized cold emails.
  • The cold emails by Luna can smoothly avoid the spam filter.
  • Luna seamlessly integrates with Zapier and CRM.
  • The AI lets you train itself through interaction to get smarter.

Luna Lifetime Deal and Review

Here is some good news if you are stressing over the money you need to spend on Luna every month. The master of lifetime deals, AppSumo, has brought you the Luna lifetime deal!

Original Luna subscription plans can cause you to lose $39 to $249 monthly. But the lifetime deal can stop that flow of expense once and for all.

Even the most expensive tier of the lifetime deal is just $239. Do not forget that you have to purchase a license tier once. Just a one-time purchase, you get lifetime access to the features of Luna.

I will choose the lifetime deal over the regular monthly plans if you ask my opinion.

Luna Lifetime Deal Benefits

The Luna AppSumo lifetime deal saves money and provides countless benefits. Let me point out some of the significant benefits of the lifetime deal.

  • Lifetime access to the Luna AI tool
  • Get all future updates of Luna’s Grow Plan
  • Upgrade or downgrade between 3 license tiers
  • Proper copywriting
  • Customized outreach
  • Regular high-quality leads discovery and add your leads
  • Get timing suggestions to follow up with your prospects
  • Get CRM system integration with Luna
  • Comprehensive reports on targets
  • Access to the mobile app version
  • 60 days’ money back after the trial

Lifetime Deal Pricing

Just $69 to $239 can give you access to Luna for life. Only this simple information is intriguing enough. Check out the entire pricing setup of the lifetime deal and get mesmerized by the exclusive benefits.

  • License Tier 1
    • Purchase cost: $69 (One-time purchase for lifetime enjoyment)
    • Total email count per month: 100 total emails
    • Free integrations: CRM and Zapier
  • License Tier 2
    • Purchase cost: $139 (One-time purchase for lifetime enjoyment)
    • Total email count per month: 300 total emails
    • Free integrations: CRM and Zapier
  • License Tier 3
    • Purchase cost: $239 (One-time purchase for lifetime enjoyment)
    • Total email count per month: 900 total emails
    • Free integrations: CRM and Zapier

Want to Get a 10% Extra Discount for Luna?

You can save extra 10% money on AppSumo Luna Deal!

Just enter your email when you get the Discount popup on the Luna Deal page on AppSumo. AppSumo will confirm your discount by notifying you through Email.

Note: 10% discount on Luna AppSumo Deal only applies to the first order.

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FAQS about Luna Lifetime Deal

Are the limits on the number of emails generated or on the number of emails sent?

The Luna lifetime deal puts a limitation on the number of emails sent.

Which regular plan does tier 3 of the Luna lifetime deal feature?

The Luna lifetime deal tier 3 is more similar to the Grow plan. So, the license tier 3 features the Grow plan.

Can I put static information like gifs into messages?

Yes, you can train Luna to use static information in messages.

Final Verdict

I could go on and on about the Luna lifetime deal all day long. But let me stop for today since I am talking too much of your time. You could’ve already bought this AppSumo deal by now.

You will not believe it if I tell you there is, even more, to learn about Luna. Anyways, you will know them when you start using Luna yourself. So, I wish you the best of luck and hope you have a happy purchase.

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