Let’s Connect Lifetime Deal [$69]: Connect with Customer Via Chat, Phone & Video   Read it later

What is Let’s Connect, you ask? Let’s Connect is a tool that improves your CX and boosts your sales. Let’s dive into the Let’s Connect AppSumo lifetime deal.

Talking with a chatbot is indeed a boring experience for any customer. But connecting your customers to a human representative is easier said than done. Good customer service can produce long-term loyal customers, and you must establish human-to-human communication with your customers. The Let’s Connect tool will ensure you can communicate with your customers in person without trouble.

AppSumo has a Let’s Connect lifetime deal for now, and I am here to tell you about it. Let’s jump right into my Let’s Connect lifetime deal review. 

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What is Let’s Connect?

Let’s Connect is a CX tool that directly connects you with your customers via chat, voice call, or video call. You can turn potential leads into loyal customers by providing them with person-to-person CX support, and Let’s Connect helps you with that.

The Let’s Connect tool lets your customers reach you or your customer support team using a link, QR code, or widget. Your customers do not need any external app or connection to contact you. You only need to do your part using the Let’s Connect tool, and your customers can reach you without a hitch.

Credit: AppSumo

Your customers can leave their leads in the inbox or set up future appointments if you are not available. This tool will help them set up meetings or gather leads from them.

Let’s Connect is Best for:

  • Sales managers
  • Customer support
  • Ecommerce

Key features of Let’s Connect

Let’s Connect tool key features work harmoniously to provide the best outcome. You will get lifetime access to these features of Let’s Connect if you buy the Let’s Connect AppSumo Lifetime Deal.

Lets Connect AppSumo
  • Connect to CX Team
  • Contact Form
  • Calendar Synchronization
  • Personalized Look

☛ Connect to CX Team

Your customers can easily communicate with your business using Let’s Connect and do not need to download any external app.

Also, Your customers can easily connect to the CX team of your business using a shareable link, QR code, or widget. The Let’s Connect tool gives your customers options to converse with your CX representative via chat, audio call, or video call.

☛ Contact Form

We are talking about connecting with your customers human to human. What will you do when a customer is trying to join, but you or your CX team are unavailable for the time being?

You can provide your customers with a personalized contact form via Let’s Connect. Your customers can leave their massage or book future appointments using that form.

☛ Calendar Synchronization

The system of Let’s Connect can integrate with Google Calendar of Outlook. You can sync your workflow with these calendar apps for appointment scheduling using Let’s Connect.

☛ Personalized Look

You will get tons of customization options to make the look of your Let’s Connect interface according to your liking.

Lets Connect LTD

Usually, personalizing options can be expensive to access. But the money-saving packages of the Let’s Connect lifetime deal will give you access to all the personalized features available.

Benefits of Let’s Connect

The Let’s Connect lifetime deal review is incomplete if I do not point out the benefits. You can enjoy the following privileges of Let’s Connect forever by purchasing a license tier of the Let’s Connect lifetime deal.

Lets Connect
  • Establish person-to-person communication with your customers.
  • Swift and trouble-free digital communication.
  • CX improvement causing an increase in sales.
  • One-time subscription for all-time better CX.

Let’s Connect Lifetime Deal Benefits

The perks of buying the Let’s Connect lifetime deal will make it impossible for you to ignore this AppSumo deal.

  • Lifetime subscription to Let’s Connect including future Plan updates
  • Option to upgrade or downgrade between license tiers
  • Integrations: Zapier
  • Screen sharing features
  • Full stack calendar available
  • Live contact features: Via QR-code on products, packaging, and invoices.
  • Unlimited visitors identification
  • Custom branding option
  • Online meetings & A/B testing
  • A couple of months (60 days) for trial with guaranteed cash back

Let’s Connect Lifetime Deal Pricing

The starter pack of Let’s Connect will cost you 275 dollars every month if you go for the ordinary monthly subscription packages of Let’s Connect. But just one-time spending of $69 to $209 will give you lifetime access to Let’s Connect if you purchase the Let’s Connect lifetime deal.

License Tier 1 at $69

  • Users: 03
  • Live Contact Widgets: Unlimited
  • Phone, Video & Live Chat Communications: Unlimited
  • Widgets Install: Unlimited websites

License Tier 2 at $139

  • Users: 10
  • License tier 1+
    • Expert analytics
    • Routing features

License Tier 2 at $209

  • Users: 50
  • License tier 1+
    • Expert analytics
    • Routing features

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Final Verdict and Our Opinion

The Let’s Connect AppSumo lifetime deal is available only at $69. The Let’s Connect lifetime deal has three license tiers that cost no more than $209.

$69 to $209 is a fair price if you want to enjoy the features of Let’s Connect for a long time. Besides, you can test the deal for two months and decide based on your experience. Let’s Connect AppSumo will refund you the money if you choose not to purchase after that.

You do not need to look any further if you want to improve the CX of your business and increase its popularity. I humbly suggest you try out the Let’s Connect CX tool.

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