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Have you heard that Leadmonk Lifetime Deal is now on AppSumo? Oh, you don’t know what Leadmonk is? Have you been in the stone age that you don’t know about Leadmonk?

Leadmonk is the first mobile-based scheduling tool for business meeting appointments. This tool takes all the meeting scheduling load off your back. Book meetings, plan your schedule and track them in the calendar, and attend conferences online with this simple tool called Leadmonk.

Booking appointments is a task anyone hardly wants to take over. Even if you are booking online, it can be such a hassle! Plus, all the confusion of double-booking gets on the nerves.

Things can get much easier if you let Leadmonk handle the booking tasks. No more confusion regarding scheduling the appointments because Leadmonk is right at everyone’s reach. Leadmonk is also affordable because of the Leadmonk AppSumo Lifetime Deal.

What is Leadmonk?

Leadmonk is a mobile-based business appointment scheduling tool that allows you to choose between your phone number or email address to book an appointment. Leadmonk helps you set up appointments online just with your mobile.

Don’t you find booking appointments for business meetings boring and time-consuming? Oh, you may say no if you have Leadmonk’s support. If you are using Leadmonk to book appointments, then that is understandable.

After all, Leadmonk does make booking and scheduling appointments simpler and quicker.

Leadmonk is a tool you can use to set up meeting appointments, hold conferences, create multiple profiles, etc. The best part is that you do not need to sit in front of a computer for once to do these tasks. Leadmonk will let you take control of the appointments right on your smartphone.

Key Features of Leadmonk

The booking page, mobile number sync, multiple calendars, and various integrations are the key features of Leadmonk. I am done with the simple answer, and I would like to show you what you will get from Leadmonk in detail.

  • Multiple calendar connectivity ( Upto 6 calendars).
  • Video Conference Integration with Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, etc.
  • Booking Flexibility to use a phone number or email address for appointments.
  • Scheduling appointments (any type).
  • Single-use scheduling links to avoid jamming the calendar.
  • Payment collection integration with Stripe.
  • Custom Intake Forms to collect the essentials from invitees before the appointment.
  • Upload your logo to promote the brand.

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How Leadmonk Works

Make a list of the most efficient services for your business, and you will find Leadmonk there.

Leadmonk allows you to create multiple appointment types with the booking page.

You can also have a clear schedule view by creating many available profiles. Leadmonk differentiates the days based on the activities, and you get a clear idea of which days are for which activity.

Leadmonk Schedule

Leadmonk gives the best video conferencing experience by integrating with Google Meet, Zoom, and MS Teams.

Leadmonks accepts debit cards and, credit cards, multiple currencies and integrates with Stripe for payment collection.

Why Should You Use Leadmonk?

You should use Leadmonk because it effectively schedules meetings, has expertise in quick invites, and can avoid double-booking.

Have meetings whenever and wherever you want with Leadmonk. You can set up a lead time to complete the preparation on time.

Leadmonk AppSumo Lifetime Deal

There is no chance of mistakenly getting double-booked if you book with Leadmonk. Leadmonk thoroughly checks the calendar and your appointments to avoid double booking.

Add your colleague’s email address to an appointment type. This way, the email id gets added to every meeting invite with one scheduling link.

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Leadmonk Lifetime Deal Review

Any service can look like a cash grab if you have to pay for it monthly or annually for a long time. So, do not miss the chance if you can get the service in a one-time payment.

I suggest you get the Leadmonk Lifetime Deal from AppSumo if you are looking for a budget-friendly way to use LeadMonk.

Leadmonk ltd

Leadmonk AppSumo provides you with all the exclusive features for life in a one-time purchase plan. Though there are limitations in using the premium features, it is still better than losing money over one feature. Plus, you can always buy add-ons.

In my opinion, The Leadmonk Lifetime Deal is a golden opportunity to get the most out of Leadmonk.

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Leadmonk AppSumo Lifetime Deal Benefits

Get the most out of Leadmonk with these exclusive features that come with the Leadmonk Lifetime Deal.

  • Ability to use Leadmonk for life.
  • Get all the updates of the Professional Plan (future updates).
  • Ability to change between 3 license tiers (upgrade or downgrade).
  • Numerous appointment types (Unlimited).
  • Attach a custom form with a scheduling page to collect info.
  • Ability to customize your booking link as you need.
  • Auto-notifications for appointments.
  • Include Leadmonk in your web platform.
  • ☛Integrate with many business apps, including Google Meet.
  • Money-back guarantee after 60 days if you want to cancel the plan.

Note: You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase. (Otherwise, your code will be invalid)

Leadmonk Lifetime Deal Pricing

All the Leadmonk AppSumo tiers include the benefits we have just talked about alongside all the benefits below.

License Tier 1 [$69 for Lifetime Access]

  • Maximum 5 users as team members
  • Unlimited number of appointments

License Tier 2 [$132 for Lifetime Access]

  • Maximum 25 users as team members
  • Unlimited number of appointments
  • Ability to remove Leadmonk brand name

License Tier 3 [$249 for Lifetime Access]

  • Limitless users as team members
  • Unlimited number of appointments
  • Ability to remove the Leadmonk brand name

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Enter your Email when you get the Discount popup on the Leadmonk Lifetime Deal page on AppSumo. AppSumo will confirm your discount by notifying you through email.

Remember: 10% discount on Leadmonk Lifetime Deal only applies to the first order.

FAQS about Leadmonk Lifetime Deal

How many calendars can Leadmonk work with?

Leadmonk can currently integrate with four calendar software (Google Calendar, GSuite, Outlook, and Office 365). Leadmonk will also be able to integrate with ICal soon.

How many Google calendars can I connect to my Leadmonk account? Is there a difference in the number of calendars based on the license tiers?

You can add 6 Google calendars to your Leadmonk account no matter which tier you choose.

How do I install this app on an iOS device or my desktop?

The iOS installation facility is on the roadmap of Leadmonk. Until then, you can use PWA to install Leadmonk on devices or desktop applications run by iOS.

Are there any chances of getting Pabbly integration and API/Webhooks available for Leadmonk in the future?

Leadmonk has added APabbly integration and API/Webhooks in their roadmap. Hopefully, soon you will get these features in Leadmonk and the Leadmonk AppSumo Lifetime Deal.

Is there a way to get the support of Twilio integration?

Leadmonk is unable to offer that facility to the users due to their lack of integration ability with Twilio.

Final Verdict & Our Opinion

Booking appointments are undoubtedly a tiresome and time confusing job. I do not believe that any sensible person would miss out on an assistant like Leadmonk to book appointments.

It would be even more unreasonable to miss out on the Leadmonk Lifetime Deal. Leadmonk AppSumo provides so many facilities at such a low price that this deal is irresistible to business minds.

So, trust me as a friend, get the Leadmonk AppSumo Lifetime Deal now and enjoy your professional and personal life to the fullest.

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