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Here we have Laxis, an expert in keeping meeting records, transcribing notes, and providing key insights. Why am I suddenly bringing up Laxis you ask? Because the Laxis lifetime deal is the hot topic of AppSumo now.

You can be a consultant struggling to keep up with your meeting data, or you can be someone simply looking for a Fathom,, or alternative. Either way, you need to check out Laxis. Laxis transcribes notes in seconds and saves you from hours of work.

Don’t you know about the Laxis AppSumo deal? The Laxis AppSumo deal is one of the most hyped deals on AppSumo right now. You should read the whole review if you want to know more about the AppSumo lifetime deal of Laxis.

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What is Laxis?

Laxis is an AI-based digital meeting assistant that is intelligent enough to make your meeting sessions more fruitful. Laxis keeps a record of the conversations you have during the meeting so that you can go through all the important information even after your session.

Laxis can transcribe meeting notes providing you with key insights into that session. Laxis works great as an alternative. The Laxis AI assistant is GDPR and it can easily integrate with a bunch of amazing software and platforms to make your meeting sessions perfect. This AI-based meeting tool is best for consultants, project managers, and sales managers.

Key Features of Laxis

The key features of Laxis are of three types; pre-meeting, in-meeting, and post-meeting features. This classification means Laxis helps you in these three stages and the features it uses are down below-

☛ Personalizable Meeting Templates

This feature falls under the pre-meeting feature category which means it helps you even before the meeting starts.

Laxis Meeting Templates

Laxis lets you build different types of templates based on the meeting type. You can add topics and keywords to your template design. The AI system of Laxis uses keywords to automatically collect the key information from your conversations.

☛ Real-Time Transcription and Tagging

Now let me tell you about the in-meeting feature which is the real-time transcription and tagging feature. This Laxis feature lets you keep capturing information while the conversation goes on.

AppSumo Laxis

You can record the conversation with your microphone, highlight or tag the action items and key information, and transcribe meeting notes while the session is ongoing.

☛ Post-Meeting Audio Upload

I have finished discussing the pre-meeting and in-meeting features and now I want to talk about the post-meeting features. The audio upload feature is the first post-meeting feature I will explain.

Laxis AppSumo

Laxis not only transcribes ongoing meeting conversations but also recorded conversations. You can record the audio of your meeting conversation and upload it to Laxis later. Laxis will effortlessly transcribe information and you can also apply a template to that. The template will help Laxis auto-extract insights.

☛ Smart Summaries

The smart summarizing option is yet another post-meeting feature of Laxis. This feature helps you get a short overview of the session you just finished.

Laxis’s AI depends on your personalized templates to collect information and generate summaries using NPL technology.  

☛ Insight Management

Providing key insights is one of the key post-meeting features that I have mentioned previously. Insight management refers to the task of organizing and keeping meeting insights safe.

Laxis categorizes your conversation and puts your key quotations in different groups based on your customized template and topic. You can later use your template topic and keywords to quickly find those key quotations.

You do not have to go through the countless conversations you had just to find one little thing. Laxis offers an advanced search option to find every little thing you want.

This feature goes through all of the transcripts in seconds and finds you the quotations, keywords, or any other information you seek.

☛ Post-Meeting Collaborations

Post-meeting collaboration refers to the activities you conduct with your conversation partners after the meeting. Laxis offers you downloadable transcripts and memos to share with your collaboration partners and work on them.

How Laxis Works

Laxis provides you with options to transcribe meeting notes. This tool is AI-based meaning it works on the power of artificial intelligence. This technology helps Laxis to make a lot of tasks automated like collecting data, creating notes, etc.

The AI depends on the meeting-wise personalized template, the topic, and the keywords to fulfill all of its duties. Laxis does most of the tasks in real time. This AI meeting tool works in a way that makes it perfect for an alternative.

Why You Should Use Laxis

Maybe the following facts will clear out your curiosity regarding why you should use Laxis.

  • Laxis has a lifetime deal on AppSumo.
  • This AI meeting tool can integrate with tools and platforms like Cisco Webex, Google Calendar, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.
  • Laxis ensures privacy and security through GDPR-compliant policies.
  • This is a great option as an alternative.
  • Laxis works and transcribes in real time.

Laxis Pricing Plans

Laxis comes in 4 different packages, FreeStarter, Standard, and Premium.

↪ Free Plan ($0/month)

  • Meetings: 30/mo
  • Google Meet, Webex, Zoom
  • Offline Meetings: 300 minutes/mo
  • Meeting template
  • Editor
  • Share & download
  • Insight management
  • File upload (Audio)
  • AI Augmented Memo

↪ Starter Plan ($8.99/month)

  • Free plan +
  • Meetings: 60/mo
  • Offline Meetings: 600 minutes/mo

↪ Standard Plan ($15.99/month)

  • Free plan +
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Offline Meetings: 1800 minutes/mo

↪ Premium Plan ($29.99/month)

  • Free plan +
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Offline Meetings: 4800 minutes/mo

Laxis Lifetime Deal Review

The time has come for me to talk about the Laxis AppSumo lifetime deal. This AppSumo AI tool deal strikes you with its affordable price range which starts at less than $70. Then you can take a look at the exclusive features it offers and I think this is in no way a losing game.

Like any other AppSumo lifetime deal, the Laxis deal is affordable and lucrative. I have faith in this AppSumo deal.

Laxis AppSumo Lifetime Deal Benefits

Before you take a peek at the exclusive lifetime deal features of Laxis, check out the common benefits.

  • Lifetime access to Laxis Premium Plan and its future updates.
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 2 Laxis lifetime deal license tiers.
  • Tasks: Unlimited online meetings (via Zoom, Google Meet, and Webex integrations), recording audio or transcribing meeting notes, sorting and managing insights, downloading, and sharing.
  • Tools: Customizable meeting templates, AI-augmented memos, editor, etc.
  • 60 days trial purchase of Laxis with cash back guarantee.

Laxis Lifetime Deal Pricing

The Laxis AppSumo deal has two license tiers and both of them are delightful. Let’s see what the pricing of the AppSumo Laxis deal is.

License Tier 1: $69

  • Online meeting transcription limit: Unlimited
  • Monthly offline audio transcription minutes: 4,800 minutes per month
  • Limit on team members: 5 members.

License Tier 2: $139

  • Online meeting transcription limit: Unlimited
  • Monthly offline audio transcription minutes: 10000 minutes per month
  • Limit on team members: 15 members.

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Does Laxis have an “export to clipboard” option?

Laxis does not have this clipboard option yet.

Can we use a custom template during a Google Meet conversation?

Currently, only the default Google Meet template is available during Google Meet conversations.

Does Laxis support Doc format or Docx format?

At present Laxis supports the Doc format.

Is the offline audio limit for each user or the whole team of users?

The offline audio limit is for the whole team of Laxis users.

Last Word

No matter how you look at it, finding a better AI meeting assistant than Laxis is not an easy job. But you would not know if you haven’t encountered an AI meeting assistant before.

AI meeting assistants are the future of online conversation. There is a race going on to become the best AI tool and Laxis has jumped right into that race. Laxis is a good alternative. It integrates with Google meet and Zoom to give you the best experience possible. The best part is that you can now enjoy this tool for life with the AppSumo lifetime deal of Laxis.

Laxis Lifetime Deal is Going On!Get the best deal for lifetime access for only $69.
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