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Hello, would you hate it if I gave you a piece of free advice on screencasting? Of course, you won’t if you probably need a screencasting solution. Well, hate it or love it, I would advise you to check out Komodo Decks.

Why am I suddenly talking about Komodo Decks, you ask? The AppSumo platform launched The Komodo Decks lifetime deal not so long ago, and I had the opportunity to research this tool. Komodo Decks is a delightful tool to keep in your collection if your job or business requires screencasting. Now you can produce a top-quality live presentation using your screen without worrying about interruption or quality drop. 

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Check out my review on Komodo Decks if you need more knowledge about this screencasting solution. 

What is Komodo Decks?

Let’s first start with a simple definition of Komodo Decks for better understanding. Komodo Decks is a high-quality screencasting solution that can produce and record screen videos without compromising the video quality. Komodo Decks is easy-to-use and highly functional.

You can quickly start a screencasting session with only one click. You can produce, record, edit, and share unlimited videos using this screencasting tool. These features are just some of the benefits of Komodo Decks, and there are many more. You can track video engagement, access live comments, and even analyze the feedback of your video on Komodo Decks.

Komodo Decks is your all-in-one solution for a smooth, uninterrupted, and high-quality screencasting session.

Komodo Decks is Best for:

  • Product managers
  • Sales managers
  • Solopreneurs

Key Features of Komodo Decks

Komodo Decks can help you run screencasts, track engagements, edit videos, and more. This simple screencasting software has so much potential that it is hard to describe in a few words. But I still made a quick list to give you an overall idea of what this screencasting solution can do.

Komodo decks appsumo
  • One-Click Screencasting: Starting a screencast is just one click away.
  • Add Face: Turn on your camera and appear on the corner of the screen during the screencasting session.
  • Commentary: Viewers can comment throughout the session, and you can see them right on your screen.
  • Track Video Engagement: Track information regarding video viewing engagement, like time and location of playing the video, commenting, and screenshots of the video clicks.
  • Video Editing: Add voiceover to your videos or fix any mistakes you made during your walkthrough.
  • Share Video: Share your video directly from the app without an extra step like encoding or exporting.

Benefits of Komodo Decks

You can achieve countless possibilities through Komodo Decks. Let me make it short since thoroughly explaining the benefits of Komodo Decks will take me hours. Komodo Decks mainly benefits you in these four sectors-

Komodo decks appsumo deal

☛ Product Walkthrough

A product walkthrough is the best way to convince potential customers to buy your product. You can effortlessly give information about your product to your customers, get feedback, and use them for future product developments.

Making your customers understand your product is easy with Komodo Decks. You can easily start screencasting, show how your product works, explain the benefits, answer customer queries, etc.

☛ Educational Purposes

The educational purpose is one of the biggest reasons for using Komodo Decks. A well-made screencast can make education so much more fun and effective.

Komodo decks review

Komodo Decks can help you provide educational presentations without any interruptions. 

You can get questions through the comments and answer them right away. You can record the screencast and upload it to those who missed your presentations.

☛ Mend the Mistakes

You know you can record your session on Komodo Decks, which is super easy. You can directly upload your video after the walkthrough from your Komodo Decks screencasting account without needing an additional step. However, it is best to erase all your mistakes during the session before you upload the video.

Yes, you can edit the video, cut the scenes you do not like, and even add voiceovers. So your screencast video becomes flawless before you upload them.

☛ Analyze the Feedback

You can get feedback on your Komodo Decks videos through live commentary and other types of engagements. These engagements will help you develop your product or service in the future, and Komodo Decks can be your helping hand in that task.

Komodo Decks’ analytical features help you understand the feedbacks you get on your screencast videos.

Komodo Decks AppSumo Lifetime Deal Benefits

  • Get Komodo Decks for lifetime access
  • All future professional plan updates
  • You can upgrade or downgrade anytime between all license tier
  • Asynchronous video recording
  • Video editing and video engagement tracking feature
  • Collaboration
  • Transcription-based editing
  • Android, iOs, and web apps available
  • You can share instantly

Komodo Decks Lifetime Deal Pricing

The Komodo Decks AppSumo deal has four license tiers. Let’s see what the pricing of the AppSumo Komodo Decks deal is.

License Tier 1: $19

  • All above features+
  • User: 1
  • Videos: Unlimited

License Tier 2: $69

  • All above features+
  • User: 5
  • Videos: Unlimited

License Tier 3: $139

  • All above features+
  • User: 15
  • Videos: Unlimited

License Tier 1: $209

  • All above features+
  • User: 50
  • Videos: Unlimited

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FAQs about Komodo Decks Lifetime Deal

I need help finding the video editing features in my Komodo Decks software. Which version of the Komodo Decks has video editing features?

Try out the macOS version of this tool since the video editing features of Komodo Decks are available there.

I can share the videos of Komodo Decks using a link. But can I embed my Komodo Decks videos on any website using an iframe or script?

Embedding videos on websites is an upcoming feature of Komodo Decks, and you will get it soon.

Will I get branding control with my Komodo Decks lifetime deal since it is necessary for a professional look on the video?

Komodo Decks will soon have branding control or white labelling, and the lifetime deal will also include that in the package.

When will I get additional features like guides and screen recording on the android mobile app version?

Komodo Decks will soon add new features for the android app version, and hopefully, these two features will be part of the update.

Final Verdict

There is always enough room for improvement, and Komodo Decks is no different. The developers of Komodo Decks are still working on making this software even better. Just check out the official public roadmap of this tool. You will get a lot of amazing features in the future with your Komodo Decks subscription.

Try out the Komodo Decks lifetime deal on AppSumo if you are worried about the expense. Do not worry; your lifetime deal package will receive the upcoming features, too, after every update.

I have worked hard to produce this Komodo Decks review. I would have no regrets if this review were helpful to you. Make sure to give Komodo Decks a chance; it will not disappoint you.

Komodo Decks Lifetime Deal is Going On!Get the best deal for lifetime access for only $19.
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