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I have found an AppSumo deal on a privacy consent solution. Have you heard of Illow, the privacy consent software? I’m here to tell you what I learned about the Illow Lifetime deal.

If websites show banners asking you to accept cookies or their privacy policy, that website probably obeys the privacy law. This feature makes a website legit and safe.

You should implement those policies on your website too. You will need a consent management platform to implement them and manage the user’s consent.

So, today we focus on Illow. Buckle up; we are about to start our venture on the Illow AppSumo lifetime deal.

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What Is Illow?

Illow is a consent management platform that helps websites and software become GDPR compliant. Apart from GDPR, Illow also helps you manage consents based on other privacy laws like LGPD or CCPA.

When you land on a digital platform, sometimes you must agree with their privacy policies or accept cookies.


Your privacy consent lets you proceed with the platform. Digital platform owners or developers use a consent manager to add these privacy policies to the website and to handle the user’s consent. Illow is that type of platform

In short, Illow is a platform that manages various online privacy law-based consents on a website or software.

Key Features Of Illow

Below are the key features that make Illow a great tool for privacy consent management-

Illow has a cookie library containing more than 50000 cookies. You cannot accurately set up categorization from this many cookies, so Illow does that for you.

Illow Privacy Banner

Illow’s cookie categorization is automatic. So you do not have to categorize the cookies manually.  

This option blocks the cookies for those who do not consent to your website’s conditions or policies. After you activate this feature, users will not be able to use the cookies until they consent.

Consent Management Platform

Disabling this option means the cookies will work by default until the users choose what they want.

3. Multi-language

Illow is a multi-lingual software. I mean, this GDPR consent manager supports multiple languages. Illow even saved the cookie policies in all the available languages.

Illow multi language cookie

The most interesting part is that the banner’s language can adapt to the user’s browser language. Of course, you can turn the multi-lingual option on or off.

4. Fully Customizable

The banners are fully customizable in Illow. You can select the brand’s colour, style, shape, etc., and decide where the banner will pop up or appear on your website.

The banners will match your website’s layout or brand’s style and colour code.

5. Others

Some other important features of Illow are worth mentioning. Illow has Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, Consent Log, GDPR / CCPA / LGPD Compliant Mode, and IPOA.

Illow Cookie Banner

All these features are important to make your website safe, trustworthy, and privacy law compliant.

Illow Pros and Cons

Let’s look at the positive and negative aspects of Illow-


  • A simple and safe consent management platform.
  • You can add custom colours to your cookie banners.
  • Supports cross-border activities.
  • It Has a WordPress plugin that makes implementing banners on websites super easy.


  • The Illow website goes temporarily down sometimes.
  • The customer support of the Illow page in AppSumo is not up to the mark.

Illow Lifetime Deal Pricing

Illow’s paid service can cost 9 USD to more than 39 USD per month. However, the lifetime deal of this consent management platform will cost you based on the following pricing chart-

License TierPrice
Illow License Tier 1 (10 domains)69 USD
Illow License Tier 2 (20 domains)139 USD
Illow License Tier 3 (50 domains)209 USD

Remember, the regular package will make you pay monthly, but you have to pay only once in a lifetime if you purchase the lifetime deal.

Note: AppSumo offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out for Two months to make sure Illow lifetime deal is right for you.

Illow Lifetime Deal FAQs

Does Illow have different banners for each country or language?

Yes, you can automatically get different banners based on your country.

How do Europeans add a “Reject” button to their cookie banner?

European citizens will automatically get a reject button in the banner, so there is no need to add it manually.

How can I get unlimited domains within the Illow AppSumo lifetime deal?

This lifetime deal has a hidden license tier featuring unlimited domains, which you can purchase by adding an extra 199 USD to the license tier 3 price (209 USD + 199 USD = 408 USD).

Final Verdict

You are here to learn my opinion on Illow, so that is what I will do now.

I appreciate consent tools like Illow. However, Illow is a relatively new platform with some shortcomings. While those lackings are not severe some may find them problematic.

As per the last update, the developers have fixed the server problem, which is running smoothly now. I hope this does not happen again and their support team becomes more responsive.

Now, if I look at the positive aspects, I like how dedicated the developer’s team is and how they always consider the user demands. If Illow keeps developing according to user demand, it will soon become a perfect and all-rounder consent management solution. Keeping this in mind I consider the Illow lifetime deal worthy of my investment.

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