How to Get a 10% or More AppSumo Discount in 2023? Read it later


Get a 10% discount for your first purchase on AppSumo by submitting your email on this site and also you can get a 10% discount for every purchase on AppSumo just by getting an AppSumo Plus membership.

AppSumo is a well-known name in the SaaS industry. Many of you may have heard of the AppSumo discount, even if you do not know how to get it. So, this topic is the main protagonist of today’s article.

AppSumo sometimes cuts the price to 10% or more on its deals. Not everybody is aware of this money-saving facility available in this marketplace. Some of them are aware, but the process of gaining that discounted rate is still a mystery to them.

Getting a special discount sounds like a very exclusive facility. To some extent, that may be true, but overall it is not that complicated. In fact, even you and I can enjoy a 10% or more price deduction if we follow the proper steps.

So, how do you get this 10% discount on your AppSumo purchases? Let’s search through more information and find out the answer.

What Is AppSumo Discount?

AppSumo discount refers to the AppSumo offers that cut the regular prices to make the deals more affordable and attractive. This AppSumo facility is a great way to fill your bucket with amazing tools without going overboard with the budget.

AppSumo deals are quite affordable as it is. But it doesn’t hurt to look for ways to get those deals at even lower prices. Discount deals are actually a good way to attract more buyers. So, AppSumo has kept the door open for the like of you with its various ways of getting discounts. These discounts can be of any amount like 10%, 15%, etc. The most common amount of discount on AppSumo is 10%.

Who Are Eligible to Get An AppSumo Discount?

Hypothetically speaking, anyone is eligible to get a discount on AppSumo in 2023. But technically, we all have to fulfill certain criteria to be able to unlock the discount facility. So, people who are eligible for a discount on this daily deal marketplace are-

  • New Sumo-Lings: AppSumo users who haven’t made any purchases yet will get a discount on their very first purchase.
  • AppSumo Plus Members: The members of the AppSumo Plus program enjoy a discount on all their purchases.
  • AppSumo Briefcase Members: Business owners who have AppSumo Briefcase Membership will save money in bulk. 
  • Coupon Holders: Anyone with an AppSumo Coupon will get discounts equivalent to their coupon’s value.

How to Get A 10% or More AppSumo Discount?

Now, back to the original question; how can we get a discount on AppSumo? People will tell you many ways, but not all of them work all the time. Here are four legit ways to get a 10% or more discount on AppSumo-

1. First Purchase Coupon

AppSumo provides special discounts to the new Sumo-lings on their first purchase. AppSumo offers a coupon to their first-time purchasers, which can cut the price of a deal to 10%.

When you create a new AppSumo account, a popup appears after some time. Write your email address on it and press “Unlock my 10%”. Enter the coupon link AppSumo sent via email, add your desired deals to the cart checkout, and this is it! You just enjoyed a 10% discount on your first purchase on AppSumo.

2. AppSumo Partners’ Coupon

Coupons are a great way to decrease the pressure on your wallet and make you more interested in buying the product. So, AppSumo partners sometimes offer coupons to lower the prices and impress you with their deals.

The discounts from those coupons can be 10%, 20%, or whatever the AppSumo partners offer. Grab those coupons and apply them before finalizing your purchase.

3. Auto-Discount on AppSumo Plus

If you are an AppSumo Plus member, you will definitely get a lot of exclusive facilities, and an automatic discount is one of them. The all-time 10% discount attracts the Sumo-lings the most.

You do not have to do much to get the discount other than get a Plus membership if you do not have one already. AppSumo auto-applies the 10% price deduction to your cart.

The AppSumo Plus members may get other discount opportunities occasionally, but the 10% price cut is constant for them.

AppSumo Plus Benefits

  • 10% off all AppSump purchases
  • Access to KingSumo giveaway pro
  • Purchase from the Last call
  • Early access to promotions

4. Special Discount through AppSumo Briefcase

If you are a business owner trying to decrease the amount of money you spend on tools and software, you should consider subscribing to the Briefcase program. You can save 15%, 20%, or even 30% money on your AppSumo purchases.

You will receive AppSumo credits every three months if you remain a Briefcase subscriber. You can use those credits to purchase AppSumo deals at a lower price, thus saving money.

Last Update: AppSumo has decided to discontinue the AppSumo Briefcase program.

Final Verdict

The internet will tell you a lot of ways to get a discount on AppSumo but do not blindly trust whatever the internet says. Check the facts before trying out any of the tips and tricks you learned from Google.

I was heartbroken when the discount tricks I learned from other people did not work. So, I worked hard, did enough research on this matter, and found some all-time effective methods to get the discount. AppSumo approves these methods, and they work in all situations.

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