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Hey, I have news of the Hoverify Lifetime Deal from AppSumo. Hoverify is a web development extension that gives you all the necessary tools and frees the browser from other extensions.

Is your web browser suffering from an excessive number of web development extensions? Have you considered getting an all-in-one extension that can replace all those tool extensions? So, you haven’t heard of Hoverify yet?

Web development is a challenging task that requires a lot of tools. Some web developers use separate extensions for each tool, and some are smart enough to use Hoverify.

Hoverify will replace all other extensions you have for web development and save you money. If that wasn’t affordable enough, you could also check out the Hoverify Lifetime Deal from AppSumo.

Pay attention to learn more about Hoverify and the Hoverify Lifetime Deal.

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What is Hoverify?

Hoverify is a package of tools to make web development smoother and more manageable.

Hoverify provides a huge range of tools that come in handy for web development. Instead of looking for each tool in different places, find them all in one place with Hoverify.

If you are a web developer, you are probably jamming up your browser with extensions and spending a lot of money on that. Just use the Hoverify browser extension and get rid of all those extensions and unnecessary expenses.

Hoverify helps web developers in their daily professional challenges.

Key Features of Hoverify

Hoverify features all the tools you had separate extensions for, like Inspector, Debug, Color Eyedropper, and many more.

What is hoverify

Let’s take a look at the things you can do with Hoverify.

  • Inspector
  • Colour Eyedropper
  • Responsive
  • Assets
  • Debug
  • Capture


The Inspector tool is for inspecting CSS and HTML by hovering over the object. You can edit CSS and HTML live, export codes, and do many more tasks.

Hoverify extension

Colour Eyedropper

The Color Eyedropper lets you pick up colours from images, iframes, or anywhere on the page.


This feature of Hoverify allows the replication of click, scroll, or navigation activities to any of your devices. The Responsive feature also supports Hot-Reloading.

Hoverify ltd


Images, SVGs, videos, and Lottie animations are easy to extract with Assets.


With one click, you can clear your cache, conduct spellcheck, find meta tags, check hyperlinks, and even analyze HTML Semantic Elements with the Debug tool.


You can capture a full page or parts with Hoverify’s “Capture” feature.

Hoverify AppSumo Lifetime deal

 How Hoverify Works

Hoverify works as a simple extension to the web browser you use for web development. 

Working with Hoverify is as simple as cutting a piece of cake. Just get the Hoverify app, add the extension to your browser and use it from there.

When you are developing a website, Hoverify will help you by providing the tools you need to get through any difficulty. Just make sure the Hoverify extension on your browser is active.

Why Should You Use Hoverify?

In simple words, you should use Hoverify to ease your daily difficulties in web development.

Hoverify provides tools like Debug, colour Eyedropper, inspector, etc.

Before, you must have overloaded your web browser with tons of extensions for these tools. But now, you need the Hoverify extension, and you will get all the necessary tools.


You can pick a colour from anywhere, capture pages, and export media files like images, SVGs, videos, and Lottie animations with Hoveify.

You can inspect codes, run spellcheck, examine links, and do a lot of things without overwhelming your computer.

That’s not all; Hoverify lets you duplicate click, scroll, or navigation actions on any device.

There are tons of reasons for you to use Hoverify, but not a single reason not to use it.

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 Hoverify Lifetime Deal and Review

Have you heard that AppSumo has brought the Hoverify Lifetime Deal?

Hoverify Lifetime Deal means you can buy one Hoverify package for once and enjoy the services for the rest of your life.

Hoverify has its own sets of monthly subscriptions. But wouldn’t it be way better if you could stay subscribed for life with just a one-time payment?

Yes, that is why AppSumo presents you with the Hoverify Lifetime Deal.

In the Hoverify Lifetime Deal, you will get lifetime access to the premium features, all future updates, and even a trial period with a refund. 

I see the AppSumo Hoverify Lifetime Deal as an absolute win.

 Hoverify AppSumo Lifetime Deal Benefits

The main benefit of the Hoverify Lifetime Deal is that you will be able to get premium services for life. But that is just the base benefit. Look at what other benefits Hoverify AppSumo will give you.

  • Lifetime right to access and use Hoverify.
  • Get an update on all new plans in the future.
  • Check out Hoverify features for 60 days without commitment.
  • Money-back guarantee for cancellation of the Hoverify lifetime deal. (Must be cancelled within 60 days of trial)

Note: You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase. (Otherwise, your code will be invalid)

 Hoverify AppSumo Lifetime Deal Pricing

Buy 1 code of Hoverify AppSumo Lifetime Deal at only 49 USD.

AppSumo provides a lifetime package from Hoverify. Hoverify gives you a huge number of facilities in this package, and you can add more with some extra spending.

  • Number of Licenses: 3 activations
  • Get support for different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge
  • Website use: Unlimited
  • Responsive View setup
  • Eyedropper for colour selection
  • Access to tools like Inspector, Assets, BuiltWith, Debug, and Capture
  • Get additional code by Stacking (1 add. License, and 3 add. Browsers per code)

FAQS About Hoverify Lifetime Deal

Does Hoverify work for Tailwind CSS?

Yes, Hoverify works efficiently for Tailwind CSS.

If I buy one package, can I activate it on different devices?

Yes, you can activate Hoverify on different devices as your browser’s extension.

Can I export the result to Elemantor?

Hoverify can export if Elemantor accepts.

How is Hoverify different from VisBug?

Hoverify is not just a simple tool for inspection. Hoverify is a system made of a huge number of tools for web development. This is why Hoverify has many more tools that VisBug lacks.

Can I zoom in when I take a screenshot on the web?

Yes, you can zoom in on the screen before taking the shot; that should do the job.

Final Verdict & Our Opinion

Web development is one of the most important jobs in this new era of the internet and technology. Developing websites is a job that faces many difficulties and challenges every day. You need a range of advanced tools to overcome these challenges.

But finding these tools in one place is a challenge in itself. The Hoverify Lifetime Deal by AppSumo is what you need in this situation.

Hoverify rescues you from that extra unnecessary challenge, and AppSumo gives you that financial ease.

Get rid of your old extensions and buy the Hoverify Lifetime Deal from AppSumo now!

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