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What is the most proper way to showcase your product, service, or deal to your buyers? Of course, knocking on every customer and presenting your proposal would not be very effective and dignified. It would help if you found a way to show your deal in front of many customers without annoying them by knocking them on inboxes.

You need to check out Heybase since it promises to make your sales tasks more accessible and increase loyal customers. Heybase will provide digital sales rooms where you can showcase your deals, converse with your customers, and answer their queries.

Now is the best time to get a Heybase subscription since AppSumo is running a Heybase lifetime deal. Let me fill you out with all the information I know about Heybase.

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What is Heybase?

Heybase is a sales platform with interactive tools that helps you convince buyers to buy your products. Heybase provides your business with digital sales rooms where you can interact with customers and conduct business deals.

Heybase lets you create digital sales rooms. You can invite potential buyers to the sales rooms and showcase your proposal. You can interact and collaborate with your buyers and convince them to buy the proposed deals. Heybase makes sure you handle your sales tasks more swiftly than ever.

Heybase is Best for:

  • Sales managers
  • Marketing agencies
  • SaaS

Key features of Heybase

Heybase makes the tasks of a salesperson super-easy. You will find the following features of Heybase practical if you are handling your company’s sales.

  • Embed blocks: You can allow the customers to access your sales collaterals and content using embedded blocks.
  • Drag and Drop UI Builder: Personalize your digital sales rooms with the code-free Drag and Drop UI builder.
  • Templates: Create templates to reuse your sales collaterals later in your digital sale rooms, decrease workload, and save time.
  • Comments and Mentions: Get direct mentions from the customers and collaborate to satisfy their inquiries through the commenting feature.
  • Email Notifications: Buyer and seller will both get important notifications via email.
  • Custom Domain: Use your company’s brand name on the domain name of the digital sales rooms.
  • Personalization & Branding: Make people notice your brand using personalization and branding tools.
  • Invite customers: Drive your customers to join the digital sales rooms.
  • Password-less login: Enable easy access for the buyers to the salesroom. Buyers will get to the room using a link from your Heybase account.

Benefits of Heybase

Why do you need Heybase? You need Heybase to boost your company’s sales efficiency. Let’s check out the benefits Heybase gives you-

Digital Sales Rooms
  • Give the buyers a personalized experience with Heybase.
  • Interact, collaborate, and negotiate with the buyers to uphold the best customer service.
  • Increase sales and loyal customers.
  • Get leads on customer behavior and look at live insights.
  • Analyze the customer info to provide even better deals in the future.
  • Heybase saves your time and lessens your sales-based workload.

Heybase Lifetime Deal Benefits

Let us stop the introduction here and get into a real business. I told you that the Heybase lifetime deal is beneficial. But how much beneficial is this lifetime deal?

Let us take a look at the benefits of the Heybase lifetime deal in a nutshell.

  • Lifetime access to the purchased Heybase
  • Drag & drop room builder
  • External collaboration
  • Magic link login option
  • You will get all future Heybase updates
  • Get the 60-day registration-free Heybase lifetime deal
  • Upgrade or downgrade your Heybase license tier
  • Integrations: Zoom and Calendly
  • Unlimited guest allowed
  • You can embed anything
  • Video narration

Note: You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase. (Otherwise, your code will be invalid)

Heybase Lifetime Deal Pricing

Now it is time to discuss the price range and features of the Heybase lifetime deal by AppSumo.

The Heybase lifetime deal consists of 2 different license tiers starting from $69 up to $179. Let us check out the pricing and features of each license.

License Tier: 1

  • Price of One-time purchase: $69
  • Total team members: 5 members
  • Active rooms: 50

License Tier: 2

  • Price of One-time purchase: $179
  • Total team members: 20 members
  • Active rooms: Unlimited
  • Domain: Custom domain
  • Branding removal

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Final verdict and our opinion

The Heybase lifetime deal will be the wisest choice if you are planning to purchase Heybase anyway. The excellent features of Heybase are available for life in this deal at $69 only.

Check out the trial version, and you can test the compatibility of Heybase with your workflow. You will get 60 days to confirm or cancel your purchase of the Heybase lifetime deal, and you will get a full refund after those 60 days. You have nothing to lose from the trial purchase of the Heybase lifetime deal.

I hope you make the best decision regarding your digital sales rooms. I will be delighted if my Heybase review has helped you. Now, the choice is yours to purchase or ignore this lifetime deal.

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