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The ongoing GetShow lifetime deal on AppSumo has created hype, and I think it is a good time to discuss this marketing solution thoroughly.

Let’s be realistic; nobody cares about a written campaign. The world is advancing, and only extraordinary things can catch a human’s interest. So, you need to add more eye-catchy items to your campaign if you really want to increase sales. What can be more eye-catchy than a video? I believe nothing, so we need to find a solution that can turn our boring written content into exciting video marketing content.

Let’s shake hands with GetShow, an effective video marketing solution.

What is GetShow?

GetShow is an amazing video marketing platform that helps you with lead generation. GetShow provides you with features to create videos that help you conduct a successful visual marketing campaign.

You can add interactive elements like forms, annotation links, etc., to your marketing video, which will help generate and convert leads. Monitor the viewer’s activity in real-time, and get insights on average view time, playtime, video heatmap activity, etc., with the help of GetShow.

Key Features of GetShow

Do you want to know what GetShow offers? Check out the list of GetShow’s key features below-

1. Host and Play

Hosting videos with GetShow is as easy as making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. GetShow provides a hosting platform that offers maximum comfort and control. This video marketing tool also provides a high-quality player for your videos.

2. Teams

Working on your marketing campaigns with your team is the best way to be successful in your campaign. You can appoint different teams on different projects and manage your videos based on those teams using GetShow.

3. Growth Tools

GetShow offers you the perfect tools to collect and convert your leads which results in business growth. The growth tools include video generation and editing tools, in-video interactive elements, built-in CRM, video recorder and sharing tool, SEO analytics, customer profiling, etc.

4. Survey  

Any good business strategy needs information. I am talking about the information regarding your customers and marketplace. Information like customers’ choices and demands, their financial state, the target consumers’ phycology, and the current market trends are crucial for running a successful business.

So, how do you get all this marketing-related information? Obviously, you conduct surveys, take feedback, and hold quizzes, polls, etc. GetShow has built-in tools to create surveys, quizzes, q&a, polls, etc. Make good use of these tools and create strategies that expand your consumer base.

Benefits of GetShow

According to my findings, the following are the core reason anyone would want to use GetShow-

  • You can conduct engaging video marketing, which collects leads and increases the conversion rate.  
  • Instead of taking all the marketing burden alone, you can work with your trusted people in a team.
  • GetShow offers features that can make your video marketing content interactive.
  • You can regularly hold surveys, quizzes, and polls to learn information regarding your customers and make plans accordingly.

GetShow Lifetime Deal FAQs

What integrations does GetShow use to push the leads?

GetShow currently uses integrations like HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, MailChimp, Intercom, and ActiveCampaign.

Does this video marketing tool have smart autoplay?

Yes, they already have the smart autoplay which you can activate from the player customization section.

Does this software have an exit thumbnail tool?

Not yet, but the exit thumbnail feature is on their roadmap.

Do I need CName to use GetShow?

No, CName is not a necessary item to run GetShow properly.

Final Verdict

You can run business or product marketing campaigns in many ways, but none is as effective as a video marketing campaign. Adding a video to your marketing campaign boosts lead generation, and the chances of lead conversion become almost double.

Check out the ongoing GetShow AppSumo lifetime deal at $49, $99, and $199.

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