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Check out the Fynzo Survey lifetime deal on AppSumo if you want to conduct your market surveys in a budget-friendly manner. Fynzo Survey is now a hyped software in the online market for its ability to create anonymous survey forms.

What do you need to know the most before starting any business? The answer would be the customer’s needs or market demand for your product. The best way to understand what customers want is to collect relevant information directly from them through surveys, quizzes, and polls.

Okay, I will stop the pointless blabbering for now and jump deeper into my Fynzo Survey review.

What is Fynzo Survey?

Fynzo Survey is a form builder software for creating interactive online surveys and forms (quizzes, polls, etc.). This intuitive software works as a survey creator and aids you in collecting data from your website visitors. You can quickly create surveys, share them on different platforms, and receive real-time survey reports.

Fynzo Survey provides you with all the resources necessary to create surveys, share them, receive reports, and analyze them. 

Key Features of Fynzo Survey

Let’s see what facilities Fynzo Survey has to offer-

1. Create and Personalize Survey

Creating Surveys is the very reason behind Fynzo Survey’s existence. You can quickly create surveys in various languages featuring 20+ questions, logic, etc., with the readymade templates Fynzo Survey offers.

You can personalize your surveys by uploading your brand logo, adding changeable themes, and customizing the start and end pages.

2. Collaborate

Create a work team and use the skills of the team members to conduct better surveys with more ease and speed. Appoint different teammates to different tasks and lead them with proper direction.

3. Share Survey

Use Fynzo Survey to create the perfect survey and share it on various platforms so that it can reach your target audiences.

Create a link to embed on websites or post anywhere, send customized email invitations to targeted people, use your social media channels, or use QR codes to reach the target participants and urge them to participate.  

4. Analyze Survey Reports

Get real-time survey reports and analyze them with Fynzo Survey. You can download your reports in numerous formats, filter out responses, customize the reports, and even share them with your teammates.

You can create a schedule that Fynzo Survey will follow to send you reports.

5. Online Survey App

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply create a personalized survey anytime and anywhere just using the device you have in your hand? I mean, since you do not have to leave your comfortable couch and open your computer, why not?

Keeping our comfort in mind, this survey maker offers a mobile app that supports literally any android or iOS device.

Fynzo Survey Benefits

Fynzo Survey comes in quite handy in collecting consumer data and analyzing them.

  • Conducting surveys with the help of this software is easier than child’s play.
  • You can also personalize or customize your surveys to match your business’s theme.
  • Fynzo Survey allows anonymous surveys, strengthening trust between the website and the participant.
  • Fynzo Survey respects user privacy.
  • Fynzo Survey’s anonymous surveys have a higher rate of participation.
  • You can create survey forms and publish them right on the go anytime and anywhere.

Fynzo Survey Pricing

The original pricing of Fynzo Survey Starter, Standard, and Premium packs are $19, $32, and $79 per month, respectively. You can get the Fynzo Survey Custom pack, and the cost will vary depending on the number of features and benefits you have added to your package.

The lifetime deal of Fynzo Survey, however, will charge you only once in a lifetime, and the pricing is as follows-

  • Tier 01: $69 (10 devices and users, 5 GB files, and 5,000 responses per month)
  • Tier 02: $159 (100 devices, 10 GB files, and unlimited users and responses per month)

FAQs About Fynzo Survey Lifetime Deal

Can I export the survey data to XLSX or SPSS for further use?

Yes, you can export the collected data to XLSX for further use.

Can I remove the Fynzo Survey branding in the disclaimer?

The Fynzo Survey branding in the disclaimer has already been removed.

How long do I have to wait for the HTTPS on CNAME?

Not long; hopefully, you only have to wait until February for the HTTPS on CNAME.

Bottom Line

Fynzo Survey is such simple software that it is super easy to use. But it is undoubtedly a handy software to collect survey data in real-time. You hardly need any other software for data collection if you have Fynzo Survey.

Fynzo Survey has an AppSumo lifetime deal going on, and I think it would be beneficial for you to check it out.

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