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What can be the most affordable and profitable way to enjoy a tool or service for life? Yes, that is correct. AppSumo lifetime deal is the answer to that. So, today I will talk about the FormCan lifetime deal powered by AppSumo.

The best way to have a form for your business or website according to your liking is to build the form by all yourself. But creating a form is not easy if you have zero coding skills. This is now an old-school thought since FormCan has changed the scenario completely. You do not need any coding skills to make a good data-collecting form if you have FormCan.

Let’s dive in to learn more about FormCan and the FormCan AppSumo lifetime deal.

What is FormCan?

FormCan is an online platform for generating high-quality data collection forms. FormCan helps you get more relevant data that helps you better analyze the end user’s behavior, thinking, and needs.

FormCan is designed with powerful features that let you create smart and logical forms. The interface of FormCan is user-friendly and pleasant to look at. The form responders will never get an irrelevant question.

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You will want to know what the customers want if you are a business owner. With FormCan, you can build forms to conduct surveys, quizzes, etc., on your customers to collect data on them and make your service better.

FormCan is Best for:

  • Small businesses
  • Marketers
  • Real estate

Key Features of FormCan

The key features are what make FormCan so desirable to form designers. Ready-made templates, drag-and-drop editor, form share, conditional logic, etc., are the key ingredients of FormCan.

FormCan Deal
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Form editor
  • Conditional logic
  • Form share
  • Analytics
  • Other

Ready-to-Use Templates

FormCan provides various types of form templates that are ready to be used anytime. Select these templates based on the kind of form you want to build.

Form Editor

FormCan LTD

Add different kinds of fields like multiple choice, signatures, images, and videos with the drag-and-drop editor of FormCan. The drag-and-drop editing technique is time-saving and easy to use.

Conditional Logic

Create a smart form with FormCan’s conditional logic feature. The conditional logic feature ensures that the questions are relevantly presented to each end user.

Form Share

You can present the form to the public by using a shareable link of the form or by embedding the form to a platform.


You can get a better understanding of your form data and leads using the analytics feature. This will help you take the necessary measures to boost the conversion rate and improve the design of your forms.


Some features are not the highlight of FormCan but are vital to its overall design and performance. These FormCan features include API integrations, multi-lingual support, white label, CNAME, etc.

How FormCan Works

FormCan is a web-based SaaS platform, and it uses Cloud for storage. Its super intuitive interface lets you choose and customize the form elements, making creating forms a smooth and fun experience.


The form editor of FormCan lets you drag and drop any field you want to add to the form. This is faster and easier than any other form-editing technique.

This form builder uses the “If then” conditional logic formula to keep the flow of questions relevant to the responder. So, the responder or end user will not get questions meant for doctors if they are an artist.

Why You Should Use FormCan

I think the best quality of FormCan is the relevancy of the question flow. This is enough to make me want to use FormCan. Below are some facts that justify the use of FormCan:

FormCan AppSumo Lifetime Deal
  • Super intuitive form-building interface
  • A huge variety type of ready-made form templates that take decrease workload
  • Convenient field adding with drag and drop editing
  • Conditional logic for smart question setup
  • Multiple language support for netizens of different countries

FormCan AppSumo Lifetime Deal Review

I have already talked about so many AppSumo deals so far that explaining the goodness of FormCan AppSumo’s lifetime deal seems unnecessary. You already know how much money-saving a deal like that can be.

FormCan AppSumo

The number of forms needed monthly can vary depending on your business type and size. Some months go by without needing to make any forms, and some go by when you can’t take a break from making them. In that situation, monthly or yearly subscriptions can feel like a waste of money. The FormCan lifetime deal will keep you subscribed for life, and you do not have to pay periodically.  

This is why I urge you to get the FormCan lifetime deal if you decide to get FormCan anyway.

FormCan AppSumo Lifetime Deal Benefits

FormCan lifetime deal has some benefits that will cost you a lot more if you ignore this deal and get a regular periodical subscription plan. Check out this super long list of the FormCan lifetime deal benefits.

  • Lifetime access to FormCan and its future updates
  • Flexibility to migrate between 2 license tiers
  • FormCan policies are GDPR compliant
  • 60 days free trial of FormCan
  • Exclusive to new FormCan users without existing accounts
  • Embedding field, managing submissions, customizing designs, and creating forms in more than one language
  • Signatures, form themes, templates, and custom domain
  • The convenience of team collaboration
  • Limitless API request
  • Integrations: Zapier, Integrately, Stripe, etc.
  • Removable branding or white labeling

Note: You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase. (Otherwise, your code will be invalid)

FormCan AppSumo Lifetime Deal Pricing

FormCan lifetime deal comes in two license tiers that are less than a hundred bucks. Let’s learn about the $49 and $99 packages of the FormCan AppSumo lifetime deal in detail.

License Tier 1

  • One-time purchase of $49
  • email invitations per month: 1000 emails
  • Total storage 100 GB
  • Unlimited forms, submissions, and team members

License Tier 2

  • One-time purchase of $99
  • email invitations per month: 20000 emails
  • Total storage 500 GB
  • Unlimited forms, submissions, and team members

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FormCan Alternatives Lifetime Deal

Every single person wants to choose products from various options because it is easy to find the best products.

Want to get more Form Builder tools? Don’t worry. I will introduce some more Form Builder tools you can buy at a low price with AppSumo deals.

All the above form builder tool has lifetime deals, and you can now buy them at a discount from the official price.

FAQS about FormCan Lifetime Deal

Can I build multiple pages form with FormCan?

Of course, multiple-page form building is one of the major privileges of using.

Why can I not find the public roadmap of FormCan?

As of October 2022, FormCan does not have a public roadmap yet but the team will soon provide a roadmap for the public.

Is the form generated with FormCan mobile compatible?

Yes, FormCan’s forms are compatible with mobile phones.

Will FormCan have features like automated charts and tables for data analysis?

Yes, these features will be included later since these are on the roadmap.

Does FormCan allow adding multiple images in the form?

FormCan allows you to add multiple “Image” fields on the form.

What is the size limit for single file upload in FormCan?

Up to 1GB upload size for a single file is possible in FormCan.

What to do if my custom domain feature is disabled?

Just enable it in your FormCan account. Simply log in, go to the “Your branding” section, and open the “Plan and Billings” page. You can enable the custom domain feature there.

Final Verdict & Our Opinion

There are tons of form-building apps where. Some are ordinary, and some are super advanced next-generation form builders. FormCan’s status resides among the elite next-generation form builders.

I bet you would want to use FormCan for your form-building tasks once you start using FormCan. In that case, nothing can surpass the usability of the FormCan lifetime deal by AppSumo. So, it is better to choose the cheapest option with the highest value.

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