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Let’s go through an Envato Market Review. You can call Envato Market the sibling of Envato Elements.

Envato Market is a digital asset marketplace where high-quality digital assets, like media files, graphics, templates, 3D files, etc., are bought and sold. It helps you trade creativity at a satisfying price.

Are you an online content creator, businessman, or marketer? Or, are you a creative genius who can create digital assets like templates, themes, 3D files, and media files? No matter which one you are, Envato Market welcomes you with open arms.

Get ready to be overwhelmed by the vast collection of digital assets arranged by Envato Market. No matter what kind of creative asset you need, you will find it in Envato Market.

Let’s jump into the details to know all about Envato Market through my comprehensive Envato Market Review.

What is Envato Market?

Envato Market is a digital asset marketplace where high-quality digital assets are bought and sold by direct buyer and seller connections. You can buy any digital assets at a low price directly from the seller in Envato Market.

Will it not be great to have a marketplace where all digital products are assembled in one place? Would it not be very helpful if you could buy those items directly from the asset’s creator? Well, in reality, there is one called Envato Market. Web themes, templates, video, audio, photos, graphic, etc., get everything in Envato Market.

Envato market

You do not have to stay subscribed to Envato Market since it is not subscription-based. You can look at the marketplace without signing in, but you must sign up and have a license and codes to get all the other key privileges.

Costs depend on what you buy from this digital marketplace since each product varies in price. Envato will keep a commission from your total sales if you are a seller.

Envato Market Features

Envato Market Features include advanced search, forums, support team, analytics, daily insights, and a gigantic collection of digital assets like WordPress themes & templates, Code scripts, Videos, Audio, Photos, Graphics and many more.

  • Digital Asset Collection
  • Advanced Search
  • Forums
  • Envato Help Team
  • Analytics
  • Daily insights

Digital Asset Collection

If I haven’t told you, hear me and engrave it in your mind. Envato Market is the best digital asset marketplace, and this is a fact. Just going through its digital asset collection is enough to convince you.

Digital Asset Marketplace

These are the categories of digital assets you will find in Envato Market.

  • ✔ Web Themes & Templates
  • ✔ Code Scripts
  • ✔ Video
  • ✔ Audio
  • ✔ Graphics
  • ✔ Photos
  • ✔ 3D Files
  • ✔ Add-ons

All of these categories are neatly sorted in the marketplace section.

Every item is sorted neatly on the Envato Market website. But using Envato Market’s search bar and filtering out the results will be way quicker and less tiring for you instead of going through the whole collection.


Some websites are not very informative about their services, correct? But Envato Market is not interested in being like that.

You can get all kinds of notifications in Envato Announcements and share your projects to get feedback and suggestions from Envato Customers.

You can join other authors and work on collaborative projects with them in Envato Authors if you are an author.

Envato Help Team

Are you facing any kind of problem with Envato Market? Or are you looking for some kind of solution in this digital asset marketplace?

Envato Help Team is always there to give you the support you need and deserve as an Envato user. 

☞ Analytics

Correct me if I am wrong, but every marketplace requires some specific analytics. How can we rule out a digital asset marketplace from this?  Envato Market, being the resourceful marketplace it is, has analytics as one of its key features.

Daily insights

Envato community publishes articles that give you a detailed insight into the current situation and the latest trends in the marketplace. This way, Envato Market keeps you well informed and keeps you up to date.

Envato Market Benefits

Envato Market benefits buyers and sellers both by creating a direct connection between them. You can buy products directly in the digital asset marketplace.


If you are a digital asset seller or buyer, Envato Market helps you in many ways.

  • Get a huge digital asset marketplace full of creative digital products.
  • Products are available at a price that keeps both buyer and seller happy.
  • Earn as you sell and get better every day by reaching new milestones.
  • Get traffic with Envato Market’s affiliate programs.
  • Exclusivity or non-exclusivity is simply a choice.
  • Multiple product markets in one place.
  • Get help from various Envato Market tools and support for a high-quality item.

Why You Should You Use Envato Market

You should use Envato Market if you are a digital asset seller or a digital asset buyer. Envato Market ensures direct connections between buyer and creator.

Artists, graphic designers, software developers, and photographers are the primary potential creator of Envato Market. Register as an Envato Market seller if you work on any of these criteria and want to earn money.

Showcase your creative digital items and get paid when your items are sold. Envato marketplace is the best marketplace for digital asset creators.

The digital profession needs digital assets. You need superhero-level talent to make every element of your content by yourself. Envato Market benefits buyers of various digital professions. If your work is based online, you pretty much have no other option but to buy from Envato Market.

Bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters need various audios and photos that they can easily get from Envato Market. Freelancers and web developers can get templates that ease their jobs. Affiliate marketers and E-commerce business owners can use various assets from Envato Market to promote their products and services.

How to Use Envato Market

Using Envato Market requires nothing more than basic browsing skills. You can go to the Envato Market website and look at the items without signing up for an account. You can sign up for an account or log in with an existing one if you like any of the items and decide to buy from this digital asset marketplace.

Purchase from Envato Market:

  1. Look up an item list sorted nicely based on categories or search for your desired asset using specific keywords. You can use a filter type to find the most relevant results, so you do not get overwhelmed with search results.
  2. If you find the desired item, press “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart.”
  3. Fill out essential information and add your preferred payment method during checkout. 
  4. I urge you to download the asset you just bought right then without wasting any time.


  1. Hold the mouse on your user name, and a drop-down menu will appear.
  2. Click ’Downloads’, find the purchased item, and press ‘Download’.

Difference Between Envato Elements and Envato Market

Envato Elements and Envato Market are part of the same company, providing digital assets. Then how is Envato Market any different from Envato Elements?

Many confuse Envato Elements with Envato Market and do not understand their uniqueness. Look at the basics, and you will notice the differences.

If you want to know more about Envato Elements, please check it out our Envato Elements Review!

Product Quality

Envato Market ensures high-quality assets, while Envato Elements have mixed quality products.


You will need separate licenses for Envato Market and Envato Elements both.


Envato Elements is a subscription-based service, so the cost depends on the subscription plan.

Envato Market’s pricing depends on each product. No subscription but signing up for an account is needed.

Envato Market Refund Policy

If you face any issue with the purchased asset, you can request a refund. Make sure you read the product’s guidelines, policies, and comments before requesting a refund.

You will send your request to the author of the digital asset. Sometimes the Envato author can decline the request. Then you can open a dispute and get Envato to investigate the matter if you disagree with that.

If the Envato investigation result favours your side, you will get the refund in no time.

Envato Market Review

If I have to give an Envato Market Review, I will keep praising the digital asset marketplace for the most part. Trust me; I am not being partial and showing some kind of nepotism about Envato Market. Check out the full Envato Market review and find the reason for such praise.

This digital asset marketplace has a website that is easy to browse. Envato Market has kept the buy and sell process as simple as possible. On top of that, you will not find any lack of information because of the intelligent support team.

The number of digital assets listed on Envato Market may seem endless. Plus, this digital marketplace refreshes and comes up with new items now and then.

The community for customers and authors is a great way to develop amazing new items and get feedback and solutions.

But there are also some issues with Envato Market. The most visible problem is the item’s removal from the purchased items. Once you buy an item, you will think you will have it forever. But that is where Envato Market pisses some customers off. Items from the Envato Market collection get deleted from time to time, which also affects your purchase.

But this calamity can easily be avoided by downloading the purchased item before it is too late. This is why Envato Market urges you to download it immediately after purchase.

Without a doubt, I will suggest this digital asset marketplace to online workers after looking at all the information about Envato Market.

Envato Market Pros and Cons

The best way to evaluate a product or service is to list the pros and cons. This is why I do not want to skip the pros and cons in my Envato Market review. Let’s see what upsides and downsides this digital asset marketplace has.

Envato Market Pros

  • Legally licensed and safe digital asset marketplace.
  • A good-looking and neat interface that makes browsing through the website easy and fun.
  • Large collection of photos, video, graphics, audio, templates, 3d files, etc.
  • Assets are easy to browse, find, purchase and download.
  • Envato quality standard ensures high-quality downloadable files.
  • Reasonable asset price that keeps the buyer and the seller both happy and satisfied.
  • Informative and cooperative Envato help team.
  • Up–to–date Envato announcements forum
  • Supportive Envato customers’ forum
  • Collaborative Envato authors.

Envato Market Cons

  • Purchased assets get removed from downloads now and then.

FAQS About Envato Market

Is Envato Market Safe?

Envato Market is a 100% safe digital asset marketplace.

Is Envato Market Legit?

Yes, Envato Market is legally licensed.

How to buy items from the Envato market?

To buy from Envato Market, select the item, click “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart”, give the required info, select payment method, and check out.

What are the payment integrations for buying from Envato Market?

You can pay through PayPay, credit card, Skrill, or Envato credit.

What is Item Support?

Item support refers to the intellectual support the author provides the buyer for any kind of issue.

What license do I need to sell a logo?

Envato Market requires three types of licenses for a logo. You will need one logo license for templates, one regular or extended license for after-effect, and one tool license for fonts to sell logos in Envato Market.

Final Thoughts

Envato Market has its downsides alongside the tons of benefits it offers. But if we evaluate without being partial, you will see that the faults don’t hold much power against Envato Market’s strengths.

There aren’t many digital asset marketplaces that are equal to Envato Market.

So, in my opinion, Envato Market is the best digital asset marketplace at present.

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