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Dewstack AppSumo Lifetime Deal is Going On!Get the best deal for lifetime access for only $69.

Do you have to make various types of documents like knowledge bases, FAQs, changelogs, and manuals? Do you want to make documents that are easily accessible to the readers? Does making and organizing documents feel like a hassle to you? Then you need Dewstack.

Who makes documents out of the hobby? A weird person can only enjoy documentation. Every other normal person will look for a way to skip making documents no matter what.

If skipping is not an option, they will at least search for something to make it easier and quicker. Because who wants to spend their precious time registering things in files? This is why developers came up with Dewstack.

Dewstack is a user-friendly documentation software. This software handles documentation like Changelogs, knowledge bases, user manuals, FAQs, product docs, and many more. Dewstack is also an expert in creating easily accessible documents for end-users.

Dewstack premium purchases are pretty reasonable. But Devstack has recently joined AppSumo to make its services even more affordable.

Today I will tell you all about Dewstack and Dewstack Appsumo Lifetime Deal.

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What is Dewstack?

Do you want to provide easily accessible information to your product or service users? Are you struggling to create various types of documents for your organization? Are you tired of repeating one answer to different people repeatedly? Here is Dewstack to lessen your load.

A business or an organization has loads of information. Information calls for proper documentation. Different types of information need different types of documentation. This job is as annoying as it is time-consuming.

Dewstack is a software that focuses on making user documentation easier. A user document is the collection of information sorted for other parties to read. These documents can vary from manuals to FAQs or from knowledge bases to changelogs. Dewstack allows you to make any kind of document you like.

Dewstack provides you with a huge range of tools and features. Documenting information feels like playing taking a stroll online with these tools and features.

Key Features of Dewstack

  • Customized domains
  • Public documenting
  • Customizing themes
  • Customized branding
  • Layouts for themes
  • Import/export contents
  • Advanced Editor
  • Auto saves contents
  • Advanced and Accurate search
  • Nested page support
  • Shortcuts
  • SSL Certificate for free
  • Access in private

How Dewstack Works

Now you know what Dewstack is and its key features. If you have a bit of technical knowledge, you may have a vague idea about how it works. Still, some people may be scared even before learning the whole documentation process of Dewstack. Documentation is a heavy word. Trust me, the process is not nearly as intimidating as that word sounds.

You can start by pressing the import content option. You can import MS Word documents, Google Docs, Notion, HTML, etc. If you do not have an existing file, you can create it from scratch. Do not worry about documentation limits and host without counting numbers.


Dewstack has a super powerful editor tool that lets you edit your user documents as creatively as possible. Embedding shareable content, images, gifs, videos, and even emoticons is no problem.

You can add call-outs with changeable colours and fonts. You can add data tables to make it more reader-friendly and attention-grabbing.  

Dewstack appsumo

Dewstack provides maximum customization facility. Preview everything and just customize them to your requirements.

Dewstack supports chat tools like Crisp and Tawk. To, and intercom, making the documents more interactive.

Dewstack lifetime deal

It also keeps your user documents pretty and organized. So, those documents will not look boring or scary to the users.

Dewstack AppSumo LifeTime Deal and Review

Dewstack offers some features for free. But to get the premium features of Dewstack, you have to spend money. Getting the feature for a limited time means spending money repeatedly.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you get lifetime access to Dewstack? You will only spend money once and get the premium features of Dewstack for life. Even if the amount to be paid is high, it still sounds like a good deal, right? But AppSumo says that you don’t have to go broke for this.

Dewstack AppSumo Lifetime Deal allows you to enjoy the lifetime service at a low price. AppSumo ensures maximum money savings.

If you are thinking of using Dewstack, just buy the lifetime deal. You can switch between license tiers if you are confused about which license tier to use.

The trial period will give you 60 days to make up your mind. So, if you do not like the Dewstack AppSumo Lifetime Deal, you can just cancel it within that time. 

Benefits of Dewstack AppSumo LifeTime Deal

  • Access to Dewstack for Lifetime
  • Switch Between two License Tiers
  • 2 months trial period
  • Money-back guarantees after the trial period.
  • Free subdomain of Dewstack
  • An infinite number of pages
  • Landing page
  • Free hosting option
  • SEO
  • Private links (Shareable)
  • Advanced customizing option
  • Private documenting
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Dewstack Appsumo Lifetime Deal Pricing

DewStack Appsumo provides 2 license tiers in their lifetime deal. Both of these packages have all the facilities listed above. The price range starts from $69 only. Let us see what license tier 1 and license tier 2 have to offer individually.

  • License Tier 1
    • Price: $69 only
    • Up to 5 documentation allowed
  • License Tier 2
    • Price: $139 only
    • Reader analyzing
    • Unlimited document making
    • Various integrations (Intercom, Tawk. to, and Crisp)
    • Ability to remove the “Made with Dewstack” badge

Frequent Asked Questions about Dewstack (FAQ)

Will the content have white-label or will the Dewstack brand be visible?

The Dewstack brand will be visible in your content by default. But you can have to option to remove it in license tier 2 of the Dewstack AppSumo Lifetime Deal.

How many CNAME and team members does Dewstack allow?

The number of CNAME or custom domains depends on your license tier. License tier 1 allows 5 CNAMEs, and license tier 2 allows 15.
At present, anyone can access it with login information.

Can I use Dewstack for hosting API documentation?

Dewstack is not completely appropriate for API documentation from Swagger/OperAPI, etc. But it allows code block insertion.

Does the editor allow creating tickable task lists and cookies per web session?

No, the editor does not have that option. That option is part of task management. Dewstack focuses on documentation. That is why the developers left out this option intentionally.

Final Verdict and Our Opinion

Documenting can be no one’s hobby in normal circumstances. But Dewstack can make that possible. I’m not joking when I say that documentation with Dewstack feels like creating an art piece.

Dewstack AppSumo Lifetime Deal is here for just a little bit of time to bring out the documenting artist in you at an affordable price. Wouldn’t the Picasso of documentation in you be wise enough to take the hint and grab the deal?

Don’t make the silly mistake of missing out on the chance and grab the Dewstack AppSumo Lifetime Deal.

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