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Name one good Gutenberg page builder. Refrain from naming any boring traditional page builder because those things are outdated. This era is the age of the Cwicly Builder.

If you are looking for a WordPress tool to surpass your design limitations and boost your web developing experience, you are in luck! Meet Cwicly, a modern website designing solution that creates professional-looking webpages in the simplest way possible.

So far, people have been saying that WordPress and Gutenberg are the future of web development. Now add a new name besides them because Cwicly is here to make a revolution.

It is understandable if you need to learn about Cwicly since it is pretty new compared to other builders. Let me give you an overview of the Cwicly builder and the Cwicly lifetime deal.

What is Cwicly?

Cwicly is a code-free WordPress tool that works in website design. Cwicly can build your website most effectively, excelling in speed, flexibility, and performance.

WordPress and Gutenberg have been working together for some time, doing web-developing wonders. But finding a tool that can effortlessly create Gutenberg pages on your website is a bit of a hassle. So, a competent team of developers came up with Cwicly.

This builder is a futuristic website development tool that makes building a website easier for everyone, including people with no coding skills. Cwicly’s system supports the Gutenberg ecosystem and enriches your website with Gutenberg resources.

To summarize, Cwicly builder is a smart, futuristic, and easy-to-use Guttenberg page builder that works as a WordPress tool.

Key Features of Cwicly

Feast your eyes and soul with the fantastic features of the Cwicly builder-

AppSumo Cwickly

1. Speed Setup

Cwicly helps you build superfast websites, and it is a fact. Ensuring speed is one of the significant features of this futuristic web development solution, and the speed test proves it.

This feature of Cwicly positively affects the SEO ranking, accessibility, navigation, and overall performance of your website.

2. Blocks

Blocks make webpage designing more convenient and straightforward. Cwicly has more than 30 pro blocks of various purposes, making your website way cooler than many other traditionally built websites.

Cwicly builder

You will get around 450+ responsive styling properties that help you make your blocks unique. Besides that, you will have many more ways to use those blocks best.

3. Design

Global theming, global classes, responsive layouts, and visual CSS are the four designing advantages Cwicly will provide.

Cwicly WordPress

Decorate your webpages with global themes, upgrade your workflow with super practical classes, make your website supportive of all screens, and add CSS elements to the blocks without wasting time.

4. Theme Builder

Build a whole new theme of your own and use them in your precious website to create a signature appearance. Integrate seamlessly with the WordPress Full Site Editing ecosystem and build your webpage themes with customizable templates.

Cwicly theme builder

Make those templates more adaptable to your work by adding conditional logic. Add conditions to use the global properties you collect from the templates thoroughly.

5. Exclusive Innovations

Get your hands on modern and time-saving features and forget the traditional solutions that need custom coding. These Cwicly features fill the table with exclusive facilities to develop the website according to the ongoing trend.

You will get a lot of expert blocks, a dedicated development team, a role editor, a CSS grid, and many more.

Benefits of Cwicly

Let’s take a look at the conveniences Cwicly will cause you-

  • Unique Solution: Stop working with traditional web development solutions and use this Gutenberg page builder to create unique, high-performing WordPress websites.
  • Direct Integration: The days of continuous juggling between WordPress and your page builder are over since the Cwicly builder lets you build pages, design, or add text directly from the WordPress editor
  • Design the Future: You will find ultramodern tools to design a website like a professional website developer.
  • Simplify Your Workflow: Break down and minimize the tasks to make your workflow more convenient and practical.
  • Powerful Design Cloud Library: Check out the massive cloud library to customize your website properties like blocks, tabs, menus, etc. However, you like countless designing solutions.
  • AppSumo Lifetime Deal: Enjoy being a Cwicly user for life at a low price with the Cwicly lifetime deal on AppSumo.  

Cwicly Pricing Plans

Cwicly comes in 3 different packages, Base, Pro, and Expert.

↪ Base Plan (€49/year)

  • Websites: 3
  • 500+ Templates
  • 24/7 premium support
  • Future updates

↪ Pro Plan (€99/year)

  • Websites: 10
  • 500+ Templates
  • 24/7 premium support
  • Future updates

↪ Expert Plan (€199/year)

  • Websites: 1000
  • 500+ made templates
  • 24/7 premium support
  • Future updates and upcoming features

It’s a little bit pricey, Right? Enjoy making savings? Test out the Cwicly AppSumo Lifetime Deal. You can enjoy all the above features for just $79 for lifetime access.

Cwicly Lifetime Deal Benefits

  • Lifetime access to Cwicly
  • Get all future updates
  • 500+ designer-made templates
  • Role editor
  • RankMath SEO integration
  • Cloud design library
  • Custom icons and fonts
  • Conditional logic
  • Code block
  • Custom theme builder
  • Slider builder

(Note: You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase.)

Cwicly Lifetime Deal Pricing

1 Code2 Code3 Code
All features above included+All features above included+All features above included+
Websites: 3Websites: 10Websites: 100
Responsive backend and frontendResponsive backend and frontendResponsive backend and frontend
24/7 Premium Support24/7 Premium Support24/7 Premium Support
$79 (for lifetime access)$158 (for lifetime access)$237 (for lifetime access)
Cwicly AppSumo Pricing Table

60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to ensure Cwicly is right for you!

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FAQs about the Cwicly Lifetime Deal

Does the Cwicly lifetime deal come with the lifetime ACF Pro?

Yes, Cwicly undoubtedly comes with the lifetime ACF Pro.

Can purchasers of the previous Cwicly deals purchase the new deal and stack them together?

Sorry, but matching codes from two different Cwicly deals is not possible.

How many websites can I access with three codes of the Cwicly AppSumo deal?

Cwicly will allow you to access 100 websites with three codes.

Last Talk

Louis-Alexander Désiré, the founder of Cwicly, started designing a builder of his own when he got frustrated with the design limitations of the existing builders. This reason drove him to create a solution relatable to many other website designers who like thinking out of the box.

WordPress and Gutenberg have become essential parts of the web development industries. So, Louis-Alexander Désiré designed the Cwicly builder as a perfect Gutenberg page builder.

If you love thinking out of the box but are annoyed by the limited resources, you should check out the Cwicly lifetime deal.

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