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Today’s focus is Cogniflow, the easiest code-free AI model builder. You can create AI models and teach them as you like with Cogniflow.

Do you need an AI model desperately, but building it on your own is tough? You must live under a rock if you haven’t heard of Cogniflow.

What is Cogniflow, you ask? The simplest answer would be that Cogniflow is a machine learning model creator. But Cogniflow has much more to offer. This model builder is here to help you in every step, from building to training your AI.

You can build the AI from scratch or use the time-saving ready-to-use items. Cogniflow can help you in both. You need no experience to use Cogniflow as you will get the directions anyway.

Today we’ll first talk about Cogniflow. Later on, we will talk about Cogniflow Lifetime Deal by Cogniflow AppSumo.

What is Cogniflow?

Cogniflow is a code-free AI model builder and trainer. You can easily build machine learning models from text, sound, or photos; you don’t need to learn to code for that. Cogniflow allows you to build AI models according to your needs without asking for codes.

Have you never built an AI model before? Do you not know how to build AI models? Don’t worry; Cogniflow’s got your back! Or are you simply looking for a hassle-free way to build AI models to save time? Cogniflow helps you in that too.

Cogniflow provides direction to all the necessary steps to build a machine learning model. If you are new to this job, you can simply follow the direction Cogniflow gives and make your own AI model.

Cogniflow’s pre-trained models save you tons of time from your precious lifespan.

Key Features of Cogniflow

Cogniflow’s key features include a pre-trained model library, OCR, sound classification, etc.

Randomly name a feature you think is good for building and training AI. Cogniflow most certainly has it. For now, let’s focus on the key features of Cogniflow.

  • Pretrained models
  • Create experiment
  • OCR
  • Sound classification
  • Speech to text

Pretrained Models: A library filled with ready-made AI model templates.

Create Experiment: Create a new AI model from the beginning.

OCR: Bring out information from images.

Sound Classification: Classify sounds for voice recognition or command detection.

Speech to Text: Convert verbal audio into text.

How Cogniflow Works

Cogniflow lets you build AI models in less than an hour. You can create AI models in two ways with Cogniflow.

Cogniflow appsumo
  1. Pre-trained AI Models: Just choose a pre-trained AI model from the library and follow the direction given by Cogniflow to finish up.
  2. Create Experiment: Click the “Create Experiment” button, choose model type, follow the given instructions, and you are done!

Working with Cogniflow to create and train an AI model is that simple.

Why You Should Use Cogniflow

You should use Cogniflow even if you don’t have any AI model-building knowledge. Use Cogniflow if you are looking for a no-code AI model builder that’s hassle-free and time-saving.

Cogniflow appsumo lifetime deal
  • Cogniflow is easy to operate.
  • The interface is not overwhelming to look at.
  • Saves time by providing ready-to-use objects.
  • Provides all the tools necessary to make the model to your liking.
  • It gives essential directions to making the model.

Cogniflow Lifetime Deal and Review

Congniflow now allows you to get lifetime service for a one-time payment. AppSumo has brought Cogniflow Lifetime Deal to light.

Cogniflow AppSumo

Cogniflow AppSumo provides five license options for the Cogniflow Lifetime Deal. You will enjoy lifelong premium service, all future updates of professional plans, a 2-month try-out opportunity, and many more facilities from Cogniflow Lifetime Deal.

All the license tiers seem fairly reasonable to me, and the facilities Cogniflow AppSumo gives are adequate.

I believe taking the Cogniflow Lifetime Deal will be a far better choice than taking any other regular plan from Cogniflow. All in all, I believe Cogniflow AppSumo has done an amazing job with this lifetime deal.

Cogniflow AppSumo Lifetime Deal Benefits

Enjoy lifelong premium service with Cogniflow Lifetime Deal by AppSumo. Get the trial period to test out all the benefits of Cogniflow AppSumo.

  • Lifelong Cogniflow premium service
  • 60 days trial and guaranteed refund
  • All professional plan updates in the future
  • Chance to change to another license tier
  • Zero code or stacking requirement
  • Commercial usability
  • Integrates with Excel, Bubble, Google Sheets, and Botpress
  • Open API
  • Detecting Object
  • Language support: English, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • Training and prediction: Text, image, video, or audio
  • Training models
  • Pretrained model

Note: You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase. (Otherwise, your code will be invalid)

Cogniflow Lifetime Deal Pricing

Cogniflow AppSumo provides the Lifetime Deal for just $79. There are 5 license tiers of the Cogniflow Lifetime Deal costing $79 to $399.

  • License Tier 1
    • Price: $79
    • Monthly prediction: 15000
    • Monthly training: Unlimited
    • Monthly training hours: 50 training hours
    • Users amount limit: 5 users
  • License Tier 2
    • Price: $159
    • Monthly prediction: 30,000
    • Monthly training: Unlimited
    • Monthly training hours: 75 training hours
    • Users amount limit: 15 users
  • License Tier 3
    • Price: $239
    • Monthly prediction: 75,000
    • Monthly training: Unlimited
    • Monthly training hours: 100 training hours
    • Users amount limit: Unlimited
    • Active learning
  • License Tier 4
    • Price: $319
    • Monthly prediction: 100,000
    • Monthly training: Unlimited
    • Monthly training hours: 200 training hours
    • Users amount limit: Unlimited
    • Active learning
  • License Tier 5
    • Price: $399
    • Monthly prediction: 200,000
    • Monthly training: Unlimited
    • Monthly training hours: 300 training hours
    • Users amount limit: Unlimited
    • Active learning

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Enter your Email when you get the discount popup on the Phonesites Lifetime Deal page on AppSumo. AppSumo will confirm your discount by notifying you through email.

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FAQS About Cogniflow Lifetime Deal

Does Cogniflow have pre-trained models in the German language? If not, is there a way to have that in Cogniflow?

The Sentiment Analysis model of Cogniflow allows the German language. Design a new custom text model to make it work in German.

Can I test a model setup on a large dataset Cogniflow? Or do I have to test the AI model set up on a small scale?

The test page lets you test the dataset examples manually, one by one.
It is also possible to test it in a large dataset. Cogniflow provides a plug-and-play API. Use the plug-and-play API to test the model setup on a large dataset.

Does Cogniflow allow numbers as input to create a prediction output?

For now, numbers as input for prediction output are not part of Cogniflow’s features. But the developer team is working to make Cogniflow better, and hopefully, soon enough, you will find that option.

Can Cogniflow AI receive text input and use that data to match with the tags in product plans for a product recommendation?

Yes, using text info to match tags and recommending the product based on that is one of the Cogniflow features.

Can Cogniflow AI identify the sentiment of customer reviews and label them as negative, positive, or neutral?

Yes, you can train the AI to take text input and use NLP to identify reviews’ positive, negative, or neutral emotions.

Final Verdict & Our Opinion

Whether you lack experience or time, Cogniflow helps you like a loving guardian. This machine learning model builder is one of the best aids for building AI.

The Cogniflow Lifetime Deal by Cogniflow AppSumo makes it more approachable. Now you can use this AI builder without worrying about your pocket.

So, don’t just goof around like an indecisive fool. Get the Cogniflow Lifetime Deal and start building your first machine learning model.

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