CloudFunnels Lifetime Deal & Review [$99]: Best ClickFunnels Alternative? Read it later

Today the star of the show is CloudFunnels! I will give you a CloudFunnels review and discuss its ongoing lifetime deal on AppSumo.

Are you looking for a platform to create sales funnels for your business? Do you desperately need an email marketing aid? Are you looking for a cheaper ClickFunnels alternative? Or are you looking for software that has all of these qualities?

Close your eyes and choose CloudFunnels. This software is a great tool for building sales funnels for your small business. Not just sales funnels, you will get assistance in generating landing pages, digital memberships, and business sites. The best thing about this tool is that it has a lifetime deal on AppSumo that makes it even more approachable. Chill out and keep reading if you want to know all the details about CloudFunnels and its lifetime deal.

What is CloudFunnels?

CloudFunnels is a powerful marketing software that can build funnels, create sales websites, and help market your business. This software is so efficient in generating funnels that it is like the WordPress of funnel building. It works as a great ClickFunnels alternative.

It helps you promote your business with good-quality sales funnels, email marketing, and membership creation. This tool is PHP based and works on every PHP-supporting hosting. So, almost every popular hosting provider is suitable for CloudFunnels.

Key Features of CloudFunnels

Our CloudFunnels review will only be complete by introducing the key features of CloudFunnels. Check out these elements that make CloudFunnels one of the best funnel builders.


1. PHP Hosting

The PHP script is one of the important components that make CloudFunnel work. You can install CloudFunnels on any hosting provider if it supports PHP script.

So, finding good hosting for CloudFunnels is nothing that worrisome. You can host CloudFunnel on most hosting providers like Namecheap, Godaddy, etc.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the core features of CloudFunnels. CloudFunnels can provide top-notch marketing support with facilities that helps you conduct marketing through email.

Clickfunnels alternative

This Funnel builder’s email marketing facility comes with an autoresponder. This feature will save you a lot of time and energy if you are in charge of marketing a business.   

3. Landing Pages

This funnel-building tool assists you in creating many types of landing pages. You can use its resources to create your business’s squeeze pages, lead-grab pages, sales pages, etc.

Cloudfunnels review

You will get many templates of various kinds to make your website’s landing pages. These templates will give your landing pages professional-looking structures and save half the time and energy.

4. Extensive Training and Live Chat Support

So, how do you work on marketing your business with CloudFunnels? How do the features of this funnel builder work? What would you do when facing a problem using this sales funnel tool?

CloudFunnels can help you learn all that with extensive training sessions. The support team is always active and will give you live chat support 24/7.

5. Plugins

You will get to use a lot of plugins with CloudFunnels. You will find various plugins like Exit-pop, Conversion Proof, SEO, Quiz & Surveys, etc., in the CloudFunnels marketplace.

These plugins are free and make your CloudFunnels experience better.

6. Integrations

This sales funnel tool integrates with many different apps and tools. The main integrations of CloudFunnels are ActiveCampaign, AWeber, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, PayPal, and Stripe.

AppSumo CloudFunnels

Why You Should Use CloudFunnels

CloudFunnels’ best use is for eCommerce, marketers, and small businesses. If you are part of any of these sectors, you should use Cloudfunnels for the following reasons-

  • It is a money-saving ClickFunnels alternative for small businesses
  • This funnel builder provides tons of page templates to help you create many types of landing pages
  • This funnel maker works on any PHP-supporting host
  • Your privacy is safe and secure since it is GDPR compliant
  • You can operate this funnel tool in 13 languages.

How CloudFunnels Works 

The main objective of this ClickFunnels alternative is to generate good quality sales funnels and help you in business marketing in a cheaper way. PHP script helps CloudFunnels build sales sites that can work on almost every popular hosting. The landing page templates help in quicker page generation.

CloudFunnels can promote your products via email marketing. The auto responder answers customer inquiries when you are not online and helps you provide better customer support for your business.

CloudFunnels Lifetime Deal Review

In this CloudFunnels review, I have been blabbering about all the basic details of the tool. Now let me get into business and introduce you to the real deal. Let me talk about the CloudFunnel lifetime deal.

Our precious funnel builder is pretty affordable already. But making CloudFunnel even cheaper and better would be good. This reason is why AppSumo is now promoting this lifetime deal. Now you enjoy all the goodness of CloudFunnels Pro, and you will not have to pay yearly. You will never pay again once you buy this lifetime deal.

Oh, one more thing, you can’t stack this deal, and you need to redeem your code within 60 days to finalize your purchase.

CloudFunnels AppSumo Lifetime Deal Benefits

The lifetime deal we are talking about comes with these basic AppSumo benefits-

  • Purchase CloudFunnels Pro for life.
  • Get all upcoming plan updates.
  • You will have two months (60 days) to finalize your purchase.
  • Get your money back if you cancel your purchase within the trial period of the deal.

(Note: You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase.)

CloudFunnels Lifetime Deal Pricing

Get the CloudFunnels lifetime deal at less than a hundred dollars and avoid paying yearly. Check out the pricing of this AppSumo deal before you buy.

  • Price: One-time purchase of $99
  • A Lifetime account plus free upgrades
  • Main features: funnels, landing pages, memberships
  • Customer support tool: Autoresponder
  • Plugins: Exit-pop, Conversion Proof, SEO, Quiz & Surveys, etc.
  • Language support: 13 languages
  • Market support: Every major marketplace & cart
  • Payment support: Every major Credit card gateway

60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to ensure CloudFunnels is right for you!

FAQS about CloudFunnels Lifetime Deal

How many domains does this deal allow?

This lifetime deal allows you to have unlimited domains to work with CloudFunnels.

How many funnels per domain can I get in this deal?

You will have as many funnels as you like per domain.

Does this tool provide support for order bumps and shipping costs?

This funnel-building tool supports order bumps, shipping costs, and many more.

What are the 13 languages that this funnel builder support?

You will get language support in English, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Can I commercially sell the funnels to other parties?

Yes, you can sell the funnels you generate with your account.


A sales funnel acts as the base of all other marketing activities of a business. It shows how your target customers go through different stages and turn into real customers. Building a good funnel can turn around the fate of your business. At the same time, creating a funnel will take a lot of time. So, getting the best funnel builder you can afford is preferable.

There are many funnel builders in the market, and I am not saying they are not worth it. But while writing this CloudFunnel review, I realized even more how good this tool is. So, I would love you to try out CloudFunnel.

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