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If you are looking for a good SEO tool lifetime deal, I can suggest you some. AppSumo has so many lifetime deals on SEO tools that I lost count. You deserve only the best, so I am here to help you identify the best SEO tools.

You will find countless SEO tools in the digital marketplace that promise the best service. But not everyone has similar luck with SEO tools. Not every SEO tool matches your budget. So, I have compiled a list of cheaper SEO tools, flexible enough to work with almost every type of user, and have lifetime deals on AppSumo.

The list includes five very affordable SEO tools, and I can’t wait to discuss them!

1. Screpy

Let’s start this whole thing with one of the most convenient things for website owners: Screpy. Screpy is an SEO solution for a website’s rank tracking and analyzing activities.

Wouldn’t it be the best thing if you are not an SEO expert, but you can still see where your website stands in the google ranking with a few clicks here and there? Screpy is an expert SEO solution that shows you your website’s SEO ranking and does all the related analysis. Besides these primary functionality, Screpy keeps an eye on your website and lets you know whenever it detects any problem.

AppSumo has an amazing lifetime deal on this SEO tool and listed it as one of the Ahrefs, Semrush, and Ubersuggest alternatives.

Key Features

Screpy primarily has functions like SEO monitoring, uptime monitoring, page-speed monitor, keyword tracking, etc. You will find many other features, and all these Screpy features are beginner friendly.

Anyway, let’s shortly go through the following features of Screpy-

SEO Monitor: The SEO monitor precisely tracks your website’s SEO performance and any related issues. See the report, solve problems, and eliminate obstacles that hinder your website’s performance.

Uptime Monitor: Keep an eye on the uptime of your website and receive instant notifications regarding uptime problems. You will get all the resources and solve the uptime issue before it is too late.

Page-Speed Monitor: Did you know that Screpy integrates with Lighthouse? Yes, Screpy works smoothly with Lighthouse, and it will get you a complete insight into how long your page takes to load and run. Solve slow page speed or any other related issue with Screpy.

Keyword Performance Tracker: Screpy’s keyword tracker helps you monitor every keyword used in your website and determine its effectiveness in getting a high SEO ranking. Discard the low-performing ones and use effective keywords to get a higher Google ranking.

Who Should Buy The Screpy Lifetime Deal?

You do not need expert-level skills or knowledge to analyze and monitor your website’s SEO performance if you have Screpy. So, this is the best match for new online entrepreneurs.

You know, a lifetime deal on AppSumo related to Screpy will lower your expenses to $49. This SEO tool lifetime deal is perfect for novice website owners, developers, or marketers.

2. SiteGuru

What if you want to optimize your website in search engines but do not know the process? What if you cannot afford to hire an SEO expert, and now you have to do the job yourself? In this case, you either have to learn SEO from scratch or use SiteGuru. Smart people will close their eyes and opt for SiteGuru. I assume you are one of those smart people, so I will explain SiteGuru in more detail.


SiteGuru is an SEO tool that works as a specialist, so you do not have to hire one. It gives you a list of essential tasks that helps you optimize your website. You do not need any special skill or the help of an expert; you only have to fulfill the tasks SiteGuru gives you, and your SEO activities are complete. SiteGuru features Google Analytics integration and does all the monitoring and analyzing tasks for your website. This SEO tool identifies the website’s weaknesses and tells you how to solve them. If you are short on money, check out the SEO tool lifetime deal of SiteGuru in AppSumo.

Key Features

Now, if you have enough time, take a look at the most important features of SiteGuru below-

Automated Website Crawler: SiteGuru automatically gives you a complete overview of your site. Sitemaps, internal links, and canonicals; find out everything about your site. Find info about the forgotten pages. You will receive new SEO reports right in your inbox.

SEO To-Do List: Instead of hiring an expert, it is cheaper to do it all by yourself. But how will you conduct an SEO activity if you lack knowledge or skill? SiteGuru will tell you the recipe with its SEO to-do list.

Work as A Team: SiteGuru lets you build your team in case working alone becomes too burdensome. So, gather your friends, colleagues, developers, technicians, and anyone you like and add them to your Screpy team.

Who Should Buy The SiteGuru Lifetime Deal?

SiteGuru is a low-cost SEO solution for bloggers, marketers, and small business owners. So, if you are one of them and looking for a cheaper alternative for a website IT specialist, SiteGuru is for you. If you want to go for a different cheaper route, grab the SiteGuru lifetime deal for $69.

3. Labrika

Labrika sounds like a beautiful female name! However the name sounds, Labrika is a good SEO tool. Labrika is a search engine optimization software that runs on artificial intelligence!


With Labrika, you hardly need to do anything because Labrika will do all the heavy work for you. You have to give a command with a few clicks and fall in love with Labrika’s SEO skills. I am lazy and do not want to do any SEO work. So, when I learned about Labrika and its functionality, I was super excited to talk about it with my lazy peers. If you are one of them, make sure you check out their website or their AppSumo page.

You can either try out the free trial for the official website or the Labrika lifetime deal on AppSumo. I feel like choosing the AppSumo SEO tool lifetime deal will be a better option. You can cancel the deal within two months if you do not like Labrika.

Key Features

 Larbrika does an excellent job at bringing traffic and making your website rank high using the following advanced AL-led features-

AI-led SEO Auditor: Labrika’s AI-led SEO Auditor can ensure all your site pages are working properly and bring the highest quantity of SEO traffic to your website using its advanced auditing skills. This Labrika feature keeps an eye on the traffic and your business revenue simultaneously.

Interactive Content Optimizer: Labrika effortlessly optimizes your content, and the best part is that this feature is interactive and easy to use. This function is one of the most popular features of Labrika, and more than 40,000 websites use this SEO optimizer to reach the top ten ranking on Google search.

Advanced Rank Checker: Check your Google rank with Labrika’s advanced rank checker. The rank checker is a very flexible SEO feature suitable for heavy and light users. It can track the rank of multiple sites so you can work on several websites.

Who Should Buy The Labrika Lifetime Deal?

Labrika lifetime deal on AppSumo is perfect for busy freelancers, marketers, and solopreneurs who want to do the job spending less time and money. The Labrika lifetime deal is only $69, and as a freelance marketer, I think it is amazing.

4. SEOcrawl

SEOcrawl is an SEO tool for those who want to keep their web data safe and sound. SEOcrawl uses crawl bots to extract and store all your data in a powerful warehouse. This SEO tool optimizes your web content and shows you everything in its custom dashboard. SEOcrawl also writes actionable reports.


Have you heard of crawl bots? It is a bot that crawls throughout the internet and collects data. This system is what SEOcrawl uses. That feature is the main attraction, but SEOcrawl also has white labeling facilities, GDPR-compliant policies, Google Sheets integration, and many more. It also has an SEO tool lifetime deal on AppSumo for you to purchase easily.

Key Features

SEOcrawl has some of the most outstanding features an SEO tool can have. Look at the SEOcrawl functions below if you do not believe me-

SEO Dashboard: Do you manually analyze your SEO data or use a dashboard? Is your SEO dashboard customizable? Well, SEOcrawl has a customized dashboard that will give you information on the things you prefer to know.

SEO Targets and Forecasts: This SEO feature does two things; sets you a target and predicts upcoming internet situations. People do better when they have a target to achieve, and SEOcrawl uses this human psychology for better search engine optimization.

Besides that, it studies the current trends and conditions on the internet and predicts future trends, allowing you to make early strategies.

Data Warehouse: SEOcrawl’s crawl bot crawls over all the data, collects them, and stores them in your data warehouse. You can store years’ worth of data without batting an eye.

Who Should Buy The SEOcrawl Lifetime Deal?

The SEOcrawl lifetime deal is flexible enough to satisfy heavy and light users. The SEO tool lifetime deal ranges from $19 to $269. E-commerce, marketing agencies, and SaaS companies are worthy of purchasing this lifetime deal.

5. Branalyzer

At the end of the list, we have Branalyzer, extremely simple software that provides almost all types of information about a brand. You can thoroughly study a brand’s website through Branalyzer.


Branalyzer is the easiest-to-use SEO tool on this list. Trust me, even my ten-year-old nephew can use Branalyzer. From a brand’s basic info to its SEO performance, KPI, backlinks, and competitors, you get all the necessary information within a few seconds. Having a web browser-like interface, Branalyzer works just like a search engine. You type the name or URL of a brand, and Branalyzer instantly brings out all the information it has. This technique is a great way to find out about your brand’s or your competitor’s SEO performance.

Key Features

Branalyzer works like a browser, and here are the things you can find out about a brand with it-

Brand Summary: Get all the basic information about a brand with just a couple of clicks. Branazlyzer puts together all those information and creates a brand summary. You will find out about the brand industry, employee info, brand country, etc.

Brand SEO: See how well a brand’s website is performing on Google rankings. Branalyzer will do all the analysis needed to track a brand’s SEO performance and show you the results within seconds.

Brand Competitors: It is beneficial to know who your brand’s competitors are, so Branalyzer puts together all the names of a brand and makes a complete list. You know which brands you are dealing with, and you can develop special strategies accordingly.

Others: You will find a complete list of features when you visit the website, but before that, I will make some honorable mentions. Besides a lot of major information about a brand, Branalyzer also provides a list of emails and social profiles a brand uses, business KPIs, brand backlinks, and other fascinating information.

Who Should Buy The Branalyzer Lifetime Deal?

If you are a marketer or a small business owner and want to decrease some expenses, the Branalyzer lifetime deal at $39 is perfect for you. This SEO tool is for those who spend their days researching various brands’ SEO information.

Bottom Line

I did not just go through the same type of SEO tools. I checked out various SEO tools, which you can see in this list. Some of them may match in functionality, but there are other SEO tools. After all, they all have similarities but are unique in their own way.

For me, Branalyzer, Labrika, and SiteGuru are the most suitable. But you may have different needs, so I suggest you check them out thoroughly before committing to any particular SEO tool.

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