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Do you want a realistic voice for your company or brand promotion? Want to create text-to-voice for your next project?

Fortunately, Today I will introduce you to Blakify — The ultimate text-to-speech app.

You can choose from 70 Languages and 700+ voices and generate realistic text-to-speech audio using the Blakify online website in seconds.

Hi Everyone, Expert War Admin is here; I will review the Blakify Text to Speech Lifetime Deal and discuss their deal terms — The best Text to Voice App.

This post will give you all the necessary information on the Blakify text-to-speech app and its features, official pricing, lifetime deal pricing, and terms.

You will also know about What Blackify is? How it works, Blakify benefits, why you should use Blakify and many more Blakify-related questions which have your mind!

What is Blakify?

Blakify is a text-to-speech (TTS) AI tool or software that helps you to create a human-like real voice from the text.

When you need to convert long passages of text into playable audio, then Blakify plays a vital role in this situation. You can generate realistic text-to-speech audio using Blakify.


You can easily create compelling audio content with Blakify to keep your audience coming back more.

Additionally, you can download your desired voice mp3 and WAV format, which play on any device!

Key Features of Blakify

You will get many features with Blakify that are all created to provide you with the finest experience and let you convert your content into an unmatched audio format.

Interested in knowing about Blakify features? Let’s get into Blakify text-to-speech software features and what they offer.

  • High-quality audio formats (mp3 and WAV)
  • 60 different languages and accents
  • Hundreds of different voices
  • Multiple voices
  • Background music
  • Unlimited storages
  • High-quality audio formats (mp3 and WAV)
  • Store & manage your audio files
  • Professional audio sound

Blakify focuses on providing more voices and languages so that you can find a voice that suits your brand. Blakify is doing something that no other company is doing.

1. 700+ Voices:

If you need a voice to talk about your company or brand with personality—don’t worry. With Blakify AI Voice Generator, you can generate your desired voice from over 700 voices. Even you can use the best synthetic voices from Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon.

2. 60 Different Languages and Accents:

The accent is the most important to create a natural (human-like) voice. So you can choose from over 60 languages and accents to get the voice you want.

Blakify review

With their text-to-speech service, you can have your message delivered in over 60 languages. They provide voices for every situation, including calm and collected, impassioned, and excited—all at the push of a button!

You must ensure Blakify supports your native language (If you want to get your voice in your own language) to get a natural-sounding (human-like) voice. Then you will choose one of them which suits your brand. And the great news is that Blakify continuously is adding more languages and accents.

3. Hundreds of Different Voices:

You definitely don’t want to always use the same voice for your business. Since each person’s voice sounds different, you’ll want to choose the most beautiful and sweet voice.

Blakify provides you with almost 100 different voices depending on your preferences. Even you can choose any voice, male or female. So don’t be late; grab the Blakify lifetime deal only for $67.

4. Multiple Voices:

Blackify is the ideal option if you wish to use different voices in an audio file. because Blackify allows you the choice to mix various voices into one audio file.

Blakify multiple voice

You can also compose drafts of your writing, which gives you greater control over what is spoken.

5. Background Music:

You will notice that many people use background music behind their voice because background music helps to make the voice more audible. Also, this background music is used to make the AI voice completely unintelligible.

You can use background music from their massive library to make your AI voice sound like a realistic (like a human) voice.

6. Unlimited Storages:

Blakify provides you with unlimited storage for saving your audio files. With Blakify, you can keep saving your audio file securely.

7. High-Quality Audio Formats:

Blakify never compromises its audio quality. Using their website, you may create realistic text-to-speech audio in a matter of seconds. You can able to download high-quality MP3 and  WAV files from there, which play on any device.

Even you can even convert text into an appealing format for listening on the go – download it, then embed it anywhere there’s space left over.

8. Store & Manage Audio Files:

In every case, the issue of safety is considered very seriously. If you are concerned about your internet security, Blackify is the best option because it allows you to manage and save all of your text-to-speech synthesized audio files in one location, keeping them secure.

Blakify storage

Also, you’ll be able to make drafts for upcoming conversions or updates without worrying about them getting lost if something goes wrong.

9. Professional Audio Sound:

It’s very important to get high-quality & professional sound quality. If your voice quality is low or unprofessional, it negatively impacts your brand or business. But Blakify provides you with professional sound quality.

Overall, Blakify allowed you to convert any written content into professional audio files. So let’s try Blakify.

Why Should You Use Blakify?

Content Creation: Text-to-speech is a valuable technology for those unable to read or who do not want to read. You can use Blakify text-to-speech to communicate your information to someone who can’t read or isn’t interested in reading. Also, you can use it to save time because reading takes a lot of time.

Audiobooks: Audiobooks are more popular nowadays. As many people do not like to read large books and want to get their information in a short time, audiobooks are an effective solution.

Text-to-speech is a cheaper option for your book narration needs than the high cost of professional narrators. With Blakify, you can create your audiobooks in a short time.

E-Learning: You can create any kind of course with a natural (human-like) voice that will connect with students. They can record your content in any language, including English, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish and more.

Telephony: With their innovative tool, you can change your script with a single click of one button. Want to save time and money by not re-hiring voice actors for each new version? Blakify is the ultimate solution for your text-to-speech need.

Voice Over: Video platforms are very popular these days. But some of them are YouTube, Vimeo, Tiktok etc. You can use their AI voice to create YouTube videos or videos for any other platform, which many marketers already do.

Phone Calls on Auto-Pilot: Interactive voice responses can be made quickly and easily. You can submit the files to an IVR system to have more control over the messages that are broadcast in this manner.

Blakify Text to Speech Pricing

We already know that Blakify Text to Speech is an AI tool or software that helps to convert text to voice. They also help to create text to voice with your own language.

Blackify comes in three different packages with low costs compared to other text-to-speech software called Lite, Pro, and Elite.

Blakify only offers its products in monthly packages. This means you have to pay every month to use it. Want to pay for lifetime use? Let’s check out the Blakify lifetime deal.

VOICESStandard & NeuralStandard & NeuralStandard & Neural

I think it’s a bit more expensive for you. Want more affordable options? If so, the Blakify AppSumo Lifetime Deal is the best option for you. They charge $67 for the lifetime of the Blakify text-to-speech app.

Blakify AppSumo Lifetime Deal Review

Do you need Text to speech app with a low price compared to official pricing? If so, then the Blakify AppSumo offer might be for you!

Using AI for business promotion or branding is very popular these days. Blakify is one of the leading text-to-speech platforms. If you need text-to-speech or artificial voice (like a human), Blakify covers all of your needs.

I highly recommend that you buy this with AppSumo Lifetime Deal because they offer Blakify for a lifetime at a cheap rate.

Blakify Alternatives Lifetime Deal

Every person wants to choose a product from multiple products because it is easy to find the desired product from multiple products.

Want to get more text-to-speech lifetime deals? Don’t worry. I will introduce four more text-to-speech software Which you can buy at a low price with AppSumo deals.

All the above text-to-speech software has lifetime deals, and you can now buy them at a discount from the official price.

Note:  Most deals are out of stock within a week of going live on Appsumo. So grab this offers as soon as possible.

FAQS About Blakify Lifetime Deal

What is Lifetime Deal?

A lifetime deal is an agreement where you get lifetime access to the use of a product by making a one-time payment. In that case, you don’t have to pay any monthly or yearly bills for that product.

How Much Does the Blakify Lifetime Deal Cost?

Lifetime deal prices are much lower than official prices. Blakify is currently available for $67 with a lifetime deal.

What is the Duration of the Blakify Lifetime Offer?

Usually, such lifetime deals are available for a few weeks. Blakify has been offering the offer for several weeks, which could end at any time. So if you need it, I suggest you buy it without delay.

Final Verdict

Blakify is an excellent AI text-to-speech software that offers a wide variety of features, more than 700 voices, and 70 different languages and accents to help you create voiceover content for your business.

It’s perfect for entrepreneurs, video creators, and bloggers who need text-to-voice to get the AI natural voice for their businesses. The Blakify lifetime deal is an incredible value and gives you unlimited access to all of the features and tools.

You don’t need to buy Blakify for text-to-speech. Apart from Blakify, I have introduced you to some of its alternative platforms. You can choose any of them according to your preference. But I highly recommend buying you Blakify.

The majority of deals typically go out of stock within a few weeks, so if you need it, Please grab the opportunity without any delay.

I hope you enjoyed the Blakify lifetime deal review. Please stay tuned with us if you want to buy such tools and software at a low price.

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