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You may have often seen some URLs that look slightly different, and you can’t understand what they are. These URLs seem to be very brief or small in size. You may wonder why the URLs are like that. What are the advantages or disadvantages of using URLs like this?

Well, this is nothing else; the original link has been shortened using URL Shortener. A URL shortener is mainly used to hide or shorten any link. It is nothing but cuts any of your links and gives a short form.

The original link may be too long, so a user can shorten the original link so that it can be easily shared on Facebook or any other medium. It is also called Link Shortener. But what URL shortener will be the right one for you among all the URL shorteners available in the market? Don’t be panicked about choosing. I am here for your help.

Here I listed the 5 best URL shorteners lifetime deal 2022 with various features. Just look at the list and choose the proper one for you.

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What is a URL Shortener?

First, we have to know what a URL shortener is. Well, a “URL” is an abbreviation for Uniform Resource Locator. This is also known as a link or web address. And a URL shortener is a tool that takes a full-length web link and compresses this web address into a shorter URL.

An URL shortener is a tool that cuts any of your links and gives them a short form. The original link may be too long, so a user can shorten the original link if it’s needed. And it can be easily shared on social media or any other medium.

You can make your links attractive and smart by using an URL shortener. Usually, when we visit any e-commerce site, we see the product links are very big. And this prominent link can be shortened using a link shortener.

Benefits of URL Shortener

The term URL shortener isn’t the new one. It has been widely used for several years. Now you may think about the benefits of shorting URLs. And the question that comes to your mind is, “Why should I shorten my URLs?”

Yes, there are a lot of important issues to show why you shorten your URLs. We use a URL shortener for its convenience. The benefits of an URL shortener are innumerable to count. Let me list out some for you.

  • Shorten URLs
  • Promote with Easy Sharing
  • Save Your Precious Characters
  • Accumulating Data
  • URL Customization
  • Different Links
  • Printing Media Friendly
  • Engagement Makes Stronger

☛ Shorten URLs

Your URLs will be small in size. You can easily share it on your various social media account, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on.

☛ Promote with Easy Sharing

For Example:

  1. https://appsumo.com/software/operations/calendar-scheduling?sort=review_count
  2. appsumo.8odi.net/2rZZaG

The second one is easier and more attractive to look at, right? Short links make sharing easy and faster. As a whole, it promotes more sharing.

☛ Save Your Precious Characters

As we everyone know that Twitter has a limitation of 140 characters URL. It is pretty hard to get messages on these limited characters. But URL shortener gives you more space by shortening the links.

☛ Accumulating Data

You can know how many people clicked on the link, when they clicked, from which country they clicked, and all data from these tools. This data will help to get benefits from your marketing.

Moreover, you can also know the clickers device, operating system, browser, and referral. This data will help to bring benefits to your marketing.

☛ URL Customization

The best thing about an URL shortener is that it lets you customize your URLs. You can make your URLs more attractive and relevant.

☛ Different Links

You can use different links in multiple ads or social media posts with a URL Shortener tool.

☛ Printing Media Friendly

Typing long links every time seems too much annoying and time-consuming. By giving a short link on printing media, you can make people interested easily enter your link by typing your link.

☛ Engagement Makes Stronger

You can make strong engagement with your audience by shortening your URL. According to a renowned website, a short URL can increase engagement by 39%.

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5 Best URL Shortner Lifetime Deal

There is no end to the good. And there is a huge range of URL shorteners in the market. You have to pick one which reaches your needs and demands. From the sea of URL shortener lists, I’ve just tried to make a short list for your assistance. Please take a look at my 5best URL shortener 2022 lifetime deal.

1) Foxly

2) OpenMyLink

3) MicroLinks

4) Splitmat

5) JAE Links

Know the Best URL Shortners at a Glance

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JAE LINKS$51 Year DealVisit Here

1. Foxly

Foxly is one of the world’s leading link management platforms. It just shortens the URL by using your brand name. It helps to increase your brand growth by shortening the long, monotonous URL.

Foxly AppSumo

Foxly creates an environment to manage each touch for accuracy and produces an insight-driven rhythm to measure the performance.

Foxly Key Features

Foxly Lifetime deal
  • Foxly is a user-friendly UI. It fulfils the needs of its users properly.
  • It monitors and tracks results and engagements.
  • With bulk features, it builds batch links.
  • It customizes all short URLs to increase CTR.
  • To pass only the relevant information, it puts an expiration
  • on the link.

2. OpenMyLinks

OpenMyLink holds the second position on my list. OpenMyLink is a collection of marketing tools such as Bio Pages, QR Codes, a URL shortner, and so on. It is not only a URL shortener tool but a complete digital marketing tool.

Openmylinks lifetime deal

OpenMyLinks Key Features

  • OpenMyLink URL shortener shortens the long URLs.
  • It customizes short URLs to target a wide range of audience.
  • It is a great choice for marketers, marketing agencies, and
  • social media marketers.

3. MicroLinks

Among the URL shortener tools, MicroLinks appears to be one of the low-cost ones with rich experience. MicroLink is a URL shortener that brands, tracks, and enables users to engage with clients differently.

Microlinks lifetime deal

MicroLink’s Key Features

  • MicroLink is a low-paid URL shortener with rich experience.
  • It can measure traffic and know your audience.
  • You can retarget your audience by adding tracking pixels to your links with Micro links.
  • MicroLink’s URL shortener secures your links from unwanted visitors by using a password option.
  • MicroLink analyzes the performance of your links.

4. Splitmat

If you are looking for a URL shortener for splitting your traffic into two or multiple pages, then Splitmat is the great solution for you.

Splitmat lifetime deal

Splitmat is an URL shortener tool that helps you to create custom URLs. You can redirect your traffic across multiple pages, compare conversions, page load time, etc. You can also track emails & track clicks, and run A/B tests.

Splitmat Key Features

  • Splitmat is very easy to use.
  • It requires no code change.
  • Splitmat splits traffic into two or multiple pages.
  • It can work with WordPress, WIX, or any existing website builders.
  • It is suitable for any custom builder website.
  • It appends a specific UTM_ID parameter to your URL.

5. JAE Links

JAE Links is one of the best ones for your long URL shortener. It is a tool that is protected with a password to avoid unauthorized access. JAE Links is a business-grade URL shortener. It features a professional and modern design to make it more comfortable.

Jae links lifetime deal

It comes with high-quality code. It has such an unmatched feature set that requires no matching with the existing URL shortener tool.

Jae Links Key Features

  • Protected with a password to avoid unwanted and unauthorized access.
  • This URL shortener can add a pixel to links.
  • It turns every URL significantly into targeted ads.
  • It groups links for further management and analytics for group and individual links.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that every URL shortener is not the same. You have to choose the right one according to your need. These listed 6 best URL shortner tools can save you time and make your content more engaging to reach people.

Best URL Shortner Lifetime Deal is Going On!Get the best deal for lifetime access for only $9.99.
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