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Today, I present a list of the Best Canva Alternatives in 2022. Yes, to the people who were desperate to find the best Canva alternatives, this is your day.

Canva is the leading user-friendly design software right now. This software has been dominating the design market for a while. But it is 2022, and there are a lot of applications and services that can work as Canva alternatives.

But as globalization progress, the number of options around us increases. How would you know which ones are the best Canva alternatives for you? Donโ€™t worry; I am not here to just bluff. I will help you pick up the Canva alternatives of your choice with my comprehensive list, including the 10 best Canva alternatives and their lifetime deals.

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10 Best Canva Alternatives

Canva is a famous software for designing. There are several tools or software in the market as an alternative to Canva, but we will try to tell you about 10 Canva alternatives that only offer lifetime deals.

  • Snapied
  • Pubcoder
  • Flexclip
  • Graficto
  • ImagickPro
  • Vidds.co
  • Pinreel
  • Mydraw
  • Kapa99
  • Inksprout

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1. Snapied

The first name that appeared suitable to me for this list of best Canva alternatives is Snapied. Snapied is a user-friendly graphic design application for both professionals and beginners.


Learning the techniques of full-fledged graphic designing can take years. But your creative ideas can hardly wait to come to life. Snapied will let you play with your creativity without getting trapped in the jungle of complex techniques. The Snapied lifetime deal has made this design suit more accessible to everyone.

โ˜› Snapied Best for:

  • Bloggers
  • Graphic designers
  • Marketers

โ˜› Snapied Pros:

  1. User-friendly operation setup.
  2. Comes with background Removal credits.
  3. Features like Magic Resize, Sets of icons, and Social Media Calander.
  4. Supports media files like JPG, PNG, PDF (Raster), Transparent, SVG, and WebP.
  5. Massive quote collection.
  6. Integrates with Iconfinder, Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash.

โ˜› Snapied Cons:

  1. Many consider the number of background removal credits inadequate.
  2. Lacks good community support.

Snapied Lifetime Deal Pricing & Features

Snapied Lifetime deal offers only one package plan. Get all the premium features of Snapied for life with the Single Plan.

Single Plan: $56

  • โ˜› Unlimited users, workspace, and branding preset.
  • โ˜› No restrictions on the number of monthly downloads.
  • โ˜› Countless custom fonts and quotes collection.
  • โ˜› Comes with Magic Resize, Sets of icons, and Social Media Calander, and 100 background removal credits.

2. Pubcoder

Pubcoder is one of the best Canva alternatives this year. Pubcoder is an interactive content creator software and can be supported by all digital platforms.

Pubcoder Lifetime Deal

If you are an awesome person to make creative ideas, but you do not know about design skills or the knowledge of code, yeah, there is the pubcoder for you to make your content ideas come into reality.

You can create responsive apps for various platforms like android, ios, etc. You can also enhance your content with animations, videos, sounds, and many other features.

โ˜› Pubcoder Best for:

  • Graphic designers
  • Visual artists
  • Web design agencies

โ˜› Pubcoder Pros:

  1. The interface is much more user-friendly, even for beginners.
  2. More customization options than a lot of other alternative software.
  3. You can export in various formats.
  4. Built-in social media sharing tools.
  5. Ability to sell your publications online.
  6. Integrates with Adobe, Google Fonts, Photoshop, Unsplash, and Vimeo.

โ˜› Pubcoder Cons:

  1. Can be a bit buggy sometimes
  2. Learning can be steep for some users if coming from another platform

Pubcoder Lifetime Deal Pricing & Features

Pubcoder lifetime deal by AppSumo comes with 3 license tier choices:

License tier 1 at $69

  • โ˜› Unlimited projects and storybooks.
  • โ˜› Panels: Interactivity widget, animation, etc.
  • โ˜› Seat Quantity: 5 at most.

License tier 2 at $149

  • โ˜› Unlimited projects and storybooks.
  • โ˜› Panels: Interactivity widget, animation, etc.
  • โ˜› Seat Quantity: 10 at most.

License tier 3 at $269

  • โ˜› Unlimited projects and storybooks.
  • โ˜› Panels: Interactivity widget, animation, etc.
  • โ˜› Seat Quantity: 50 at most.

3. Flexclip

Flexclip is a powerful yet simple online video editing or creating software. It is an all-in-one online tool for easily making videos, movies, and slideshows in minutes.

Flexclip Lifetime Deal

With Flexclip, there is no need to be an expert to make a video. It is so user-friendly that you can effortlessly turn your creativity into reality. You can make videos with a vast selection of editing tools like a pro, even if you are a beginner. That is why it is an excellent example of semi-professional video editing software.

If you want to know more about Flexclip Lifetime Deal, Please read our honest review.

โ˜› Flexclip Best for:

  • Course creators
  • Small businesses
  • YouTubers

โ˜› Flexclip Pros:

  • Beginner-friendly design.
  • Perfect video ads builder.
  • Support for different formats.
  • Ability to export videos with high resolution.

โ˜› Flexclip Cons:

  • Team collaboration is not so easy

Flexclip Lifetime Deal Pricing & Features

Flexclip is one of the most affordable Canva alternatives. You can get the lifetime deal of Flexclip, and your wallet will be hardly affected.

Basic Plan: $49

  • โ˜› Features: Video editor, Movie-maker, slideshow maker, screen recorder, custom watermark, stickers and overlays, transitions, and custom fonts.
  • โ˜› Built-in templates and elements. (3000+ templates)
  • โ˜› Copyright-free or royalty-free media assets.
  • โ˜› 25 background removal credits for the lifetime deal holders.
  • โ˜› Language inclusivity: 8 languages.
  • โ˜› Space: 50GB (Video hosting) and 10 GB (Cloud)

4. Graficto

Graficto is a powerful template-based design tool that lets you create smart infographics and visuals even if you lack professional skills. Graficto provides you with a lot of professionally designed infographic templates.

Graficto Lifetime Deal

You can generate lists, processes, cycles, or even charts in very little time with Graficto. Almost every element in the Graficto templates is customizable.

โ˜› Graficto Best for:

  • Educators
  • Graphic designers
  • Marketers

โ˜› Graficto Pros:

  • Generate High-end design content super fast.
  • Great help in the education, design, and marketing sector.
  • Ready-to-use templates.
  • Customizable elements.

โ˜› Graficto Cons:

  • Lacks the feature to upload icons.

Graficto Lifetime Deal Pricing & Features

The Graficto lifetime deal is a bit pricer than the other Canva alternatives I have talked about so far. But I think the price is understandable considering the high-end results Graficto provides.

Graficto Plan: $109

  • โ˜› Premium templates, colour palettes, and fonts.
  • โ˜› No limits on infographics.
  • โ˜› Export integrations: SVG, PNG, and JPG formats.
  • โ˜› High-resolution content export.
  • โ˜› New template updates per week.

5. ImagickPro

ImagickPro is a multi-purpose design tool that can fulfil your design needs in place of Canva. Get ImagickPro if you are looking for a design tool to make stunning animation. Because animation is the speciality of ImagickPro.

ImagickPro Lifetime Deal

Other than specializing in animation, ImagickPro can generate Cd covers, Product boxes, slideshows, logo reveal videos, photo collages, QR codes, and many more.

โ˜› ImagicPro Best for:

  • Content creators
  • Graphic designers
  • Social media marketers

โ˜› ImagicPro Pros:

  1. Aces in animation.
  2. Multipurpose use in the field of design.
  3. Build design without limits.
  4. The finished design looks professional.

โ˜› ImagicPro Cons:

  1. The number of ImagickPro design templates is limited.

ImagickPro Lifetime Deal Pricing & Features

You can get lifetime access to the ImagickPro with the ImagickPro AppSumo lifetime deal. The ImagickPro Plan by AppSumo is available at $55.

ImagickPro Plan: $55

  • โ˜› 500+ templates for design
  • โ˜› Features: design editor, GIF & video fx, photo backdrop remover, etc.
  • โ˜› All new feature and design tool updates.
  • โ˜› 1500+ 3D emoji.

6. Vidds.co

Vidds.co is a specialist video building and editing tool for creating pro-level advertisement and info videos. This video-making tool is best for consultants, marketers, and small business owners.

Vidds.co Lifetime Deal

To attract customers and clients online, you need high-quality videos to promote your work. Vidds.co provides advanced video creation and editing features to build professional-looking videos without sacrificing the resolution.

The built-in template library does half of the job resulting in faster video creation. The automated features handle tasks that need pro-level skills.

โ˜› Vidds.co Best for:

  • Consultants
  • Marketers
  • Small businesses

โ˜› Vidds.co Pros:

  1. HD Quality Downloads.
  2. High storage capacity.
  3. Relatively longer video limit.
  4. Copyright-free and royalty-free media assets.

โ˜› Vidds.co Cons:

  1. It is a little bit pricy to obtain.

Vidds.co Lifetime Deal Pricing & Features

Some people may not be okay with the pricing of Vidds.co. But considering the features, the pricing seems understandable to me.

Vidds.co Plan: $127

  • โ˜› Unlimited project creation & project duplication.
  • โ˜› Maximum 20GB storage capacity
  • โ˜› Maximum 50 Video Exports every month
  • โ˜› Videos length limit: up to 5 minutes.
  • โ˜› Access to Template Library and digital asset collection (1M+ of Stock Video & Image Assets).
  • โ˜› Royalty-free Music collection.
  • โ˜› Automated video resize feature
  • โ˜› Complete Commercial Rights

7. Pinreel

Pinreel is your salvation if you are struggling to find a cheaper alternative to Canva to create animated videos. Pinreel is a simple yet effective animation maker for fun and stunning animated video.

Pinreel Lifetime Deal

Making an animated video with Pinreel is easier than filling up a kindergarten form. You just have to pick up a suitable template and fill up the required area. Viola! Your animated video is finished and ready to be exported and shared.

โ˜› Pinreel Best for:

  • Influencers
  • Marketers
  • YouTubers

โ˜› Pinreel Pros:

  1. An affordable choice for digital creators.
  2. Super quick video making.
  3. A built-in collection of templates.
  4. Share the finished video on social media immediately.

โ˜› Pinreel Cons:

  1. The Pinreel app crashes while working sometimes.

Pinreel Lifetime Deal Pricing & Features

This is the cheapest Canva alternative on our list. Money equivalent to your pocket money is enough to buy this deal.

Pinreel Plan: $29

  • โ˜› More than 200 professional-looking video templates.
  • โ˜› Collection of cute animated cartoon characters, Shapes & Stickers, text, titles, backgrounds, and transitions.
  • โ˜› Customizable Brand Color Palettes.
  • โ˜› No limitation on storage capacity.
  • โ˜› Professionally design videos (Ad-free).

8. Mydraw

Mydraw is for people with at least basic drawing knowledge. My draw is an advanced tool to create flowcharts, diagrams, and vector designs.

Mydraw Lifetime Deal

Mydraw is the best software for content creators, product managers, and small business owners to create flowcharts and diagrams for their work.

โ˜› Mydraw Best for:

  • Content creators
  • Product managers
  • Small businesses

โ˜› Mydraw Pros:

  1. Super-duper reasonably priced.
  2. Supported OS: Windows and macOS.
  3. Visioยฎ integration.
  4. High-end text formatting.

โ˜› Mydraw Cons:

  1. Needs more OS integrations.

Mydraw Lifetime Deal Pricing & Features

This is slightly high in price compared to the previous design app I talked about. By slightly, I meant only $.99. Mydraw Plan is the second most affordable option on our list.

Mydraw Plan: $29.99

  • โ˜› Free vector drawing feature.
  • โ˜› Comes with more than 300 new libraries and a reconstructed browser for the library.
  • โ˜› Diagram style template collection.
  • โ˜› Tools for redefined shapes, smart shapes, and connectors
  • โ˜› Tools for rendering and creating vector drawings.
  • โ˜› Image and barcode generation features.
  • โ˜› Export in PDF format.

9. Kapa99

Kapa99 is a team of skilled digital designers who works on your design projects and delivers high-quality results in a short time. You donโ€™t have to do a thing if you have the Kapa99 team with you.

Accountants, consultants, and content creators who have busy schedules can choose Kapa99 with their eyes closed.

โ˜› Kapa99 Best for:

  • Accountants
  • Consultants
  • Content creators

โ˜› Kapa99 Pros:

  1. No chance of missing deadlines.
  2. Tasks completed by expert graphic designers.
  3. Time and money-saving service.
  4. Legal ownership of the project including copyright, trademark, etc.

โ˜› Kapa99 Cons:

  1. The communication system is a bit unresponsive from time to time.

Kapa99 Lifetime Deal Pricing & Features

Now, you can have the Kapa99 team work on 5 tasks with just one purchase. This is the Kapa99 5 Tasks Plan by AppSumo lifetime deal.

Kapa99 5 Tasks Plan: $99

  • 5 tasks that include:
    • โ˜› Original Logos, illustrations, infographics, and templates.
    • โ˜› Images for blog, social media, and podcast covers
    • โ˜› Book covers, layout, or formatting
    • โ˜› Packaging, labels, flyers, posters, and brochures design.
    • โ˜› Power Point, E-mail signatures, business cards
    • โ˜› Background removal service.
    • โ˜› Billboard ad design.
    • โ˜› Complete restaurant menu design
    • โ˜› Banners for a trade show.
    • โ˜› Create web ads for your business.

10. Inksprout

Last but not least we have Inksprout on our list. Inksprout is a social media content creation tool that works using AI.

Inksprout Lifetime Deal

Inksprout AI summarizes data, creates automated captions, and posts directly to your social media account. It is a great choice for busy bloggers and marketers.

โ˜› Inksprout Best for:

  • Bloggers
  • Marketers
  • Social media managers

โ˜› Inksprout Pros:

  1. Quick content generation.
  2. Instant upload after finishing creating the content.
  3. AI-driven software.
  4. Easy access and low price.

โ˜› Inksprout Cons:

  1. You will have less control over content generation.

Inksprout Lifetime Deal Pricing & Features

Inksprout is included in our list of Canva alternatives 2022 because of its low-price lifetime deal. It offers amazing functions and features at such a low price that I had to include it.

Inksprout Plan: $59.14

  • โ˜› 100 caption generation capacity per month.
  • โ˜› 40 video generation ability per month.
  • โ˜› Inksprout watermark Free content.

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FAQ about Canva Alternative 2022

What is the best Canva alternative for student-grade animated videos?

Pinreel would be the best choice for that since it only costs $29 and has basic functions.

How do I choose the best Canva alternative for me?

Consider 3 criteria while choosing a Canva alternative. 1. You budget, 2. Most common project type, 3. Quality expectation.

Which one is the most well-balanced Canva alternative in terms of functionality and price?

Snapied has the most functional features compared to the price.

Final Verdict

So, we have come to the end of our article about the Best Canva Alternatives 2022.

Let me conclude todayโ€™s list with a little bit of advice. Canva is still the most popular option in designing field. But popularity not necessarily measures functionality. Canva is undoubtedly a good software but human needs can be unpredictable.

I would suggest you consider your need and decide whether you need Canva or you should look for ย Canva alternatives.

Canva Alternatives Lifetime Deal is Going On!Get the best deal for lifetime access for only $29.
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