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We will be looking at the Asana free alternatives that are popular right now. I found 9 software that are very good alternatives to the Asana Project management software, and today’s article will be all about them.

If your work involves working in teams, tracking operation time, handling project files, or other project management-related tasks, you need a project manager’s help for speed, comfort, and excellence. The Asana project management tool is quite popular in this sector, but different people have different preferences. In some cases, you may be unable to use Asana even if you like it very much. If you have a good alternative to Asana, you do not have to struggle with your project management tasks.

So, let’s talk no more and jump to the main course. Here are the 9 different software you may like if you like Asana.

1. Taskade

I will start the list with Taskade, a very reliable task management software. I have known Taskade for quite some time and this software is one of those digital tools that I am very comfortable with.

Handling every little task of a project can turn out to be quite chaotic if the team members work from different locations. This situation can create a lack of communication which leads to messy and unorganized operations. Taskade is an expert in solving this type of situation.

Taskade Project Management

Taskade manages project works in a to-do-list format which makes this project management solution exceptionally easy to use. You and your team members can easily check the progress, tasks at hand, deadline, and time left.

Taskade has the option to open individual folders for each project to store the project data and files. so, whenever you need to show your clients something or give them any information, you can take them to their separate project folders without risking the security and privacy of other projects.

Taskade Features

Workflows: Have a clear workflow view and enter your working zone without batting an eye.

Collaboration: Experience one of the best team collaboration system of this era.

Workspaces: Create individual workspaces for each and every team you handle.

Timer: Track the amount of time finishing a task took with a countdown timer.

Due Dates: Set up your own deadline and forget about procrastination. 

Comments: Upgrade your teamwork by practising feedback, sharing information, and giving suggestions.

Chat & Messaging: Fill in the gap of communication between your comrades with the chat and massaging option.

Video Chat: Hold conferences, give presentations, and make strategies through real-time face-to-face video chat.

Templates: Use customizable templates to get your job done automatically and save time.

Calendar Integration: Integrate your Taskade account with various calendar apps like Apple, Outlook, and Google Calendar according to your comfort or device.

Team Permissions: Appoint your team members to different roles, control access permissions to files, workspace, etc., and lead multiple teams without compromising privacy.

Roadmap: Make a map of your vision, track how far you have come, figure out what is due, and plan or add future tasks.

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2. Jira

To an otaku, Jira may sound like an anime villain’s name. But to a project leader, Jira is nothing less than a hero. According to IT experts, it is a digital tool with many uses. But for now, let me keep aside its other uses and focus on its project management ability. After all, we are discussing the Asana free alternatives and Asana is popular for its project management talent.

Jira Project Management

Jira is a great tool for people new to digital project management experience. This IT tool has almost all the basic managerial functions essential for delivering a successful project. Jira comes with a set of features like project planning, task creation, management, reporting, etc.

Jira depends on the APM (Agile project management) method to create an intuitive and interactive environment for the workspace. This method strengthens communication, makes tasks easy to handle, and leads to successful teamwork.

Jira Features

Agile Boards: Keep your projects on Scrum or Kanban boards.

Roadmaps: Map out your project, add tasks and track progress.

Reports and Insights: Receive critical insights on your project with detailed reports and dashboards.

Autonomy and Structure: Jira is flexible towards your workflows and preferences so you get to choose from team-based or company-managed projects.

Customizable Workflows: Customize your workflows to suit your work style and other variables.

Extend with Apps and Integrations: Go beyond the basic ability of Jira with more than 3000 apps and integrations.

Drag and drop automation: Just set up the key components and let everything happen automatically.

3. Clickup

Next, I have a comparably newly launched software to suggest. Meet ClickUp, a projected management aid that started its journey in 2018 and earned everyone’s respect within a few years.

The Clickup developer team carefully added all the essential elements of project management. From planning tools to operational functions; Clickup has it all. This intuitive Asana alternative also supports countless integrations. You can work with 1000+ third-party apps and platforms using your Clickup workspace.

Clickup Project Management

Another thing that has impressed me is Clickup’s ability to stay up-to-date. Clickup updates its features on a weekly basis. So, if you face any trouble using Clickup, you will most likely find it fixed the next week.

Clickup Features

Everything View: View all your projects in one glance with a bird-eye-view.

Space, Folder, List: Divide departments and teams into different spaces, keep projects in folders, and create lists of tasks.

ClickApps: Customize almost anything with 35+ ClickApps that add interesting features like automation, sprint points, etc.  

Nested Subtasks and Checklists: Break down projects into subtasks and keep a record of progress with checklists.

Automation: Automate recurring tasks with more than 50 triggers, conditions, and actions.

Templates: Use templates to reduce work pressure and make things easier and faster.

Collaborations: Make groups of talented people, share documents, and lead them to produce successful projects.

Reporting: Get real-time reports on your ongoing projects with a dashboard that shows workload & box view, goals, milestones, and pulse.

Time Management Tools: Set a timer, estimate required time, and monitor how much time a task takes automatically or manually. Also, get automatic reports on billable time.

4. Nutcache

Every software I am suggesting here has its individual style and focal point. Nutcach focuses on helping you finish your project on time.

Nutcache is a budget-friendly software for project management that helps you plan and execute within due time. Nutcache provides you with a clean and intuitive workspace that never says no to teamwork no matter the size.

Nutcache Project Management

You can direct an entire army of workers or team members in Nutcatche. You can plan and budget with them, track the progress, give direction, and clean up any mess to avoid chaos.

Nutcache is very budget-friendly which makes this tool easy to obtain for small and medium businesses.

Nutcache Features

Task Management: Create, duplicate, move, and search tasks or subtasks, make checklists to track progress, set up recurring tasks regularly, and collaborate on tasks to achieve bigger goals.

Time Tracking: Use powerful timesheets to allocate time, track spent time, and view your team’s time-based productivity.

Expense Management: Record your expenses, sort them based on categories and keep track of your cash outflows.

Invoicing: Receive payments through credit card or online payment and enjoy an easy invoicing setup that includes delivering professional invoices, setting up repeating invoices, and tracking down overdue ones.

5. Project Insight

Time to bring an award-winning project management tool onto the stage. A round of applause for Project Insight. Project Insight is an online platform that lets you manage your tasks, take on team collaborative jobs, and monitor time and deadlines.

Project Insight Project Management

Project Insight’s name tells about most of what it does. The term “project insight” means the full overview of a project which includes all the project information, finished, ongoing, and due tasks, time tracking, and team member’s activity, etc. So I believe you already understand where Project Insight prioritizes. You can have a complete view of your portfolio (expenses, development, issues, approvals, scheduling, etc.) in real-time.

Project Insight Features

Project Templates: Get project templates as by-products while you work on your usual projects and use them in the future to save time.

Time Tracking: Use their time entry grid to enjoy the time-tracking facility.

Project Requests: Prepare a standard and likeable project request and set it up for approval.

Intelligent Scheduling: You will enjoy the service of an intelligent scheduling system that adjusts the schedule of the leftover tasks every time any task gets rescheduled.

Issue Tracking: Track issues in no time regardless of the location of the issues on your projects.

Resource & Capacity Management: Balance out the resources among all your ongoing projects.

Budgeting & Costing: Track your costs or expenses, and plan out your budget at any level of the project.

Integrations: Enjoy syncing your Project Insight workspace with software and platforms like Outlook, Gmail, MS Teams, and Slack.

Customizable Reports: Prioritise your executive needs and choose how you want to be reported.

Document Management: Upload, store, and use documents for projects while having control over who can view them.

Mobile App: Enjoy the conveniences of Project Insight anywhere with a well-made mobile-friendly app.

6. MeisterTask

What a task manager needs is the ability to clearly show you what is going on with your project. How can you expect an organized workspace without a clear idea of progress, issues, and due time? MeisterTask is a task management program that contains tools to visualize the elements of the ongoing project and help you work in teams. MeisterTask uses Kanban boards for their digital workflows which provides clear visualization of the project including progress and due tasks.

MeisterTask Project Management

The team management facilities of MeisterTask are what make it a great choice as an alternative to the Asana project management software. Confusion about which teammate is handling which task is the main reason behind the messy work environment of long-distance teamwork. MeisterTask tells you exactly who is in charge of which task and how much they have progressed. so, you do not have to worry about two or more team members doing the same thing. Whether you are the team leader or a regular member, working on MeisterTask is always fun and comfortable.

MeisterTask Features

Project Essentials: Find every basic essential feature like a dashboard, projects, tasks, agenda, and security.

Task Management: Professionally manage your tasks with a resourceful set of tools which includes time tracking, assignees & watchers, due dates, custom fields, multiple checklists, attachments, task relationships, and tags.

Project Management: Let the software display the tasks in a calendar timeline, use filters to easily identify and find tasks and projects, create as many sections as you like for your project tasks, get insightful reports, and enjoy automation for repeating actions.

Communication: Build a strong communication line-up through notifications, comments, mentions, reactions, etc, using the software even from your mobile device.

Teams: Make full power of your admin account to lead the groups, assign roles, give permissions, work on team projects, and get help for the account manager if needed.

Making the Leap: Customize your project to your liking and make it attractive, directly bring your projects or tasks from platforms like Asana, Trello, Wunderlist, etc., and use your MeisterTask account as a hub to connect with many other productivity software and platforms.

7. nTask

We have got another task manager that values teamwork the most. What is the name of that task manager you ask? It is none other than Ntaskmanager. Yes, I know what you are thinking about this project manager. Even calling the name self-explanatory would be an understatement, haha!

nTask Project Management

Jokes aside, do not take this project management solution lightly just because it has a simple name. Ntaskmanager has all the quality required to replace Asana on your computer. But one thing is for sure which is Ntaskmanager has the superpower of simplifying anything. You can plan better, analyze thoroughly, and manage each task easily with Ntaskmanager.

Aside from all the basic project management features, Ntaskmaneger’s best quality is the ability to make the project easy to understand and work on thus leading the team to success. Even a complete novice will understand the project when Ntaskmanager breaks down the project for better execution.

nTask Features

Project Management: Complete your projects faster, but still get better results.

Task Management: Manage all your small and big tasks online.

Kanban Boards: Organize your projects and tasks, and conduct better team collaborations with the help of Kanban boards.

Gantt Charts: Overview your completed projects, allocated time per project, and time taken through intuitive Gantt Charts.

Team Management: Work in groups, assign responsibilities, share information, and allocate time to each group or teammate for each task.

8. Nuclino

Time Tracking & Time Sheet: Track time taken per task, get a detailed report on time spent, and make better time management decisions.

If the countless features and functionalities of all these project managers overwhelm you, you should take a look at Nuclino. Nuclino is a simple and beginner-friendly project management solution suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

When it comes to project management for small and medium businesses, things should be as simple as possible. In my opinion, there is no need to spend extra money and hours on going for the complex route if you have the easier and simpler solution right beside you.

Nuclino is the epitome of simplicity in this list of Asana-free alternatives. Nuclino unifies the workspace of your entire team and makes them work in the same space. It feels like one body with several brains. This project management software is super fast too. So, no matter how many people work in one place, it will not make the software slow down.

Nuclino Features

Easy-To-Use Editor: A drag-and-drop editor for creating and editing all your project content.

Real-Time Collaboration: Do execution and editorial tasks together with your teammates in real time without fearing the chances of project-related confusion.

Markdown: Use your keyboard to throw Markdown commands for easy and quick content formatting.

Instant Search: Just typing the title or parts of the content is enough to help you find your projects instantly.

Version History: Nuclino keeps your activity history safe so you can restore past versions to undo unwanted activities or changes anytime you want.

Access Rights: Control access, reading, and editorial permissions of your files.

Comments: Show your support, provide constructive criticism, suggest changes, and discuss issues through comments on content.

Views & Visualizations: Sort information in a visually convenient way and get graph views on essential details.

Internal Links: Bring all information from various members of the team in one place by adding internal links.

Images & Videos: Make your project content visually informative and intuitive by adding images and videos via the Drag-and-drop technique.

Made For Mobile: Access your workspace on the go using the Nuclino mobile app that supports iOS and Android both.

Export: Export your project content in multiple formats including Markdown, PDF, Word document, etc.

9. Quire

Finally, we are at the end of the list of best alternatives to the Asana project management tool. Let’s end the day on an ambitious note. Quire is the medium to hold that ambition.

It is easy to dream big, but people who try their best to turn those dreams into reality are the real deal. These people may work hard, but they do not always get the proper tools to fulfil their dreams. Ambitious projects need an equally ambitious management system and this is where Quire comes in handy.

Quire Project Management

Quire is a task management software that is suitable for big and out-of-the-box projects. I am not saying that it cannot take on small and ordinary projects, but its ability to accommodate big ideas is what makes it amazing.

With all of its excellent features and integrations, Quire lets you dream big, plan out strategies, and execute them with your talented teammates.

Quire Features

Team Collaboration: Work on different tasks with different team roles, get help from external work teams when you lack manpower and show your project information to clients with shareable links.

Infinite Nested List: Break down your complex plans into tiny steps and manage them with an infinite nested list.

Smart Sublist: Use the focused sublist view to help your team members have total control of their tasks.

Kanban Board: Apply Kanban boards to organize your projects to get a smooth workflow view.

Dynamic Timeline: Create outlines of your plans using the Gantt chart, work hard to reach the milestone in time, and see how far you have come with Quire’s dynamic timeline feature.

Sleek Calendar: Set up agendas for team projects to keep your team members on the right track, and schedule deadlines on the calendar to keep them focused.

Smart Tracking: Track or monitor how your projects are doing, get interactive charts to identify your obstacles, and visualize the team’s goal and progress.

Systematize Clutter: Stop jamming your workspace, and declutter it using Quire’s My Tasks and Smart folders to sort out your tasks and projects.

Delightful User’s Experience: Enjoy a sleek, attractive, and intuitive interface that ensures a clutter-free workflow. The reusable templates of Quire ensure maximum time savings.

Sustainable Development: Feel the flexibility of the workflow that adjusts to different teams, apply Agile and Scrum methods for a clean and organized workspace, and overall enjoy the sustainable design of Quire.

Final Thought

I always tell you to choose what you find suitable for you. But this might be the only time I will tell you to trust me unconditionally. All of the software I discussed in this article is top-notch. In my opinion, it would be foolish of you to ignore the list and waste your time searching for other software.

Even if you do not pay any heed to my words, it would not change the fact that these tools are some of the best Asana free alternatives. I suggest, instead of keep searching in other places, you use the time to try out these project management tools. I hope and believe that more than one, in fact, multiple project managers from this list will succeed to impress you.

I would like to know your thoughts on this list of best Asana alternatives. So, make sure to let me know your opinion before and after trying out these digital project managers.

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