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Create unique AI-generated images and artwork in seconds to level up your brand’s marketing strategy.

AppSumo has come up with many AI image generator lifetime deals this year, and I am here to blabber about it. AI image generator software is stirring up storms in the digital world. These tools have done marketing so much more fun and accessible that the mastermind behind this technology deserves an award.

I can’t tell how often I have heard about AI image generator tools and thought it was nothing worth my curiosity. But then I started researching them because AppSumo started working with some of the best AI image generator tools, and I had to look into it this time. After researching it a little, I realized how beneficial these AI tools are for many entrepreneurs, marketers, and small business owners.

So, with all the knowledge I have gathered, I will show you the best among all the AI image generator lifetime deals on AppSumo. So, save your mind from distractions and concentrate on the following list showing the best AI image generator tools with AppSumo lifetime deals.


SUPERMACHINE is a super-fast AI image generator software that provides the visual images you need for your content and saves time and money.


Let me start the list with a super AI image generator software called SUPERMACHINE. Like its name, this AI machine can easily and quickly generate pictures.  

SUPERMACHINE uses cutting-edge AI technology that helps you artificially create images like stock photos, artworks, NFTs, blogs, vlog images, etc.

Just write down some words, phrases, or lines describing your imagination, and SUPERMACHINE delivers photos of different varieties within seconds. This AI machine is so fast that it can generate photos in less than 15 seconds.

SUPERMACHINE is undoubtedly among the bests, if not the best, AI image generators in AppSumo.

Key Features of SUPERMACHINE

  • Visual Item Generation: Generate countless visual items like images, NFTs, video thumbnails, photos for web content, etc., within seconds.
  • Search Tool: Search for prompts to create the photo you want.
  • Aspect Ratios: Generate different versions of a photo containing different aspect ratios and choose the one you need.
  • Gallery: See all the photos SUPERMACHINE generated, get inspiration from those photos, or download them to use as you like.

2. AISEO Art

Let’s lurk in the world of creativity with AISEO Art. AISEO Art is an AI-powered visual assistant for creative works. 

This tool is one of the best image generators, bringing revolution to the creative world. AISEO Art uses the power of modern AI technology to generate stunning art pieces in the blink of an eye.


Now you can give all of your dreams and imaginations artistic visual forms in real life with AISEO Art. No matter how bizarre your imagination can sound to people, AISEO Art will take it as a clue to create beautiful art pieces.

Key Features of AISEO Art

  • AI Picture Generator: Use this creative AI image generator software to generate photos that have artistic value.
  • Content Writing: Aside from creating beautiful and magical-looking images, this AI tool can provide written content that can help you in many marketing-related tasks.
  • Chrome Extension: AISEO Art comes as a chrome extension to make browsing and using this tool simultaneously possible.

3. Airbrush

You do not have to waste hours and search through hundreds and thousands of stock photos to find an appropriate photo for your content if you can create an original image within seconds. Look no further since the Airbrush AppSumo lifetime deal gives you that service at a low price.

Airbrush Image Generator

Just describe what you want, and Airbrush will create a mesmerizing image that will fit your requirement perfectly. This AI tool is one of the cheapest AI image generator tools on AppSumo.   

Key Features of Airbrush

  • Create Images: Use the creative AI of Airbrush to get beautiful pieces of art with one click.
  • Image To Text Converter: Use Airbrush to extract texts from images to use them in various cases.
  • Dark Mode: Opt for the dark mode of Airbrush if the brightness of the regular mode irritates your eyes.
  • Public Gallery: This AI image generator has created a gallery full of prompts and images.
  • Image Editing: Upscale, sharpen, or enhance the details of the image with Airbrush’s editor.
  • Device Support: Feel at home regardless of the device you use to access Airbrush since it supports computers and mobile devices.

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4. Nichesss

I have talked about the Nichesss AI writing tool in my previous article. You may have thought that is all Nichesss can do. But did you know that Nichesss has a lot of other tools that can help you in many ways using AI? Yes, Nichesss has more than 100 AI tools, and the AI image generator software is one of them.

Generating an image with Nichesss is more accessible than most other things. You can open a free account on Nichesss and check out the AI image generator. Just describe how you want the image, select style, and choose a medium, and here comes your dream image.

Key Features of Nichesss

  • Describe Your Image: Nichesss will give you a box where you can write down words, phrases, or sentences to describe your imagination shortly, and Nichesss will generate an image based on just that little information.
  • Style: There is no restriction on the AI image style since you have full authority over the style an image will have.
  • Medium: Do you want a pencil, watercolor, or any other medium for the image Nichesss will create? Nichesss lets you choose the medium of the image it will deliver.
  • Content Writing Tools: Nichesss has countless AI tools, and writing content is one of the most prominent features of this innovative AI tool.

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5. Duply

Duply is slightly more intelligent than the other AI image generator tools I have introduced. Instead of having you go through the same process again and again, Duply trains itself to generate images automatically.


Yes, Duply is automation software that can use AI’s power to create visual content automatically. I am talking about AI-generated images, but Duply can generate images and videos. Bring out your marketing and designing needs and create visual content with Duply that can serve both purposes.

Key Features of Duply

  • Create Visual Content: Generate any visual content you need for your website, blog, or vlog using the powerful AI of Duply.
  • Automated Tasks: Train your AI and create automation to generate images, post on Instagram, etc.
  • Build Templates: Build Duply work templates and use them later to generate content so you can save time and energy.
  • Upcoming Features: Team, file and folder manager, brand kit, etc., are some features Duply will offer in the future.
Note:  Most deals are out of stock within a week of going live on Appsumo. So grab this offers as soon as possible.

FAQs about 5 Best AI Image Generator Tools

Can Duply generate an image from HTML?

That feature has yet to be available in Duply, but now you can achieve it using API or Zapier integration.

Can I add custom text to the video using Duply?

Yes, Duply allows adding custom text to the video.

Can I buy multiple Airbrush lifetime deal codes to stack them to my account?

No, the Airbrush lifetime deal is not stackable, and you must buy only a single lifetime deal code.

How many monthly credits will I get from the AISEO lifetime deal?

You will get 250 credits per month if you purchase the AISEO lifetime deal.

How do I change the email address on my AISEO account?

Use the “sign in with your email” option to change the email address on your AISEO account.

Can I get a trial account for image generation in SUPERMACHINE?

Sorry, SUPERMACHINE does not allow a trial account for image generation.

Final Thoughts

You must list your requirements to find the best AI image generator for you. Ask yourself what kind of images you want, how much your budget is, and why you need AI generator tools. Answering these questions will lead you to the best AI image generator suitable for you.

I will finish today’s article by answering a question I have heard a lot since AI image generator tools came out in the market. Will AI photo generator software destroy the creativity of humankind? This question will sound absurd to any true artist or creative person.

Nothing can take away your creativity if you do not intend to give it up yourself, and this simple software is not something you should fear. If you are creative, you can always invent new ways to use your creativity. People mostly use AI image generators to minimize cost and to fill out the lack of copyright-free stock photos. Some people have even used AI tools for creative advantage instead of treating them like a rival. So, instead of being skeptical about AI tools, appreciate the masterminds behind this unique technology.

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