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Are you one of those people looking for a Semrush alternative? Welcome; this is where you will find the best Semrush alternative.

Semrush is a popular tool that helps you with your SEO activities. Semrush is an all-rounder SEO tool, but being an all-rounder does not mean it is perfect for everyone. Some people like a feature of Semrush but want only some other features. Some of them are looking for an extra feature missing in Semrush. Some are just looking for cheaper Semrush alternatives.

AppSumo has a bunch of Semrush alternatives to offer. I have a list of 5 of the best lifetime deals. I have given small reviews with the list of key features of these SEO tools. Don’t hesitate and jump right into the list below to know more.

1. Ranktracker

First of all, I am going to talk about Ranktracker. Ranktracker is one of the best Semrush alternatives, according to many experts.

AppSumo Ranktracker

Ranktracker is an all-rounder tool for SEO campaigns. This tool is best for marketers, marketing agencies, and SaaS. You can track SEO campaign performance, find keywords, check SERP, monitor backlinks, create reports, etc., with Ranktracker. You can also use this SEO tool as a web audit tool.

Key Features of Ranktracker

  • Rank Tracker: See the performance of your SEO campaigns and track the search result ranking of your website.
  • Keyword Finder: Find SEO-effective keywords by inputting relevant words or phrases.
  • SERP Checker: Find the competitor’s weak spot using SERP analysis.
  • Website Audit: Conduct a thorough checkup of your website’s health.
  • Backlink Checker: Check the competitor’s backlinks to understand their strategy and improve your own.
  • Backlink Monitor: Monitor third-party linking to your website.
  • SEO Checklist: Search engine optimization is easy with a step-by-step process.

Ranktracker Pricing

Ranktracker subscription plans will cost you up to $54 every month. The Ranktracker lifetime deal on AppSumo is $149 (one-time purchase). This lifetime deal costs more than the cheaper Semrush alternatives I will show you next. However, this is profitable since you can avoid paying every month and enjoy Ranktracker for life with this AppSumo lifetime deal.

2. SiteGuru

SiteGuru is your ultimate specialist for search engine optimization. SiteGuru is an excellent Semrush alternative for bloggers, marketing agencies, and small businesses.

AppSumo SiteGuro

SiteGuru provides an actionable to-do list to help your website increase traffic and rise in search ranking. It integrates with Google Analytics and monitors your SEO performance. You get a thorough SEO audit report to learn your weak points that need improvement.

Key Features of SiteGuru

  • Website Crawler: This tool will give you a detailed image of your site.
  • SEO to-do list: Receive actionable SEO tips that show you what you need to do to improve.
  • Work Together: Make a team with your colleagues, copywriters, and developers to work on SEO.
  • Keep track of changes: Conduct weekly checkups and monitor the changes on your website.
  • Exports to CSV and Word / Google Docs: You can export to CSV and MS Word with the company’s logo or brand name.
  • Link Google Analytics and Search Console: You can use Google Analytics and Search Console to get insights into your website.

SiteGuru Pricing 

The AppSumo lifetime deal of SiteGuru costs $49. If you take the typical subscription plans, you will have to pay $29, $49, or $149 monthly. This deal is a time-limited offer, so you better hurry if you want the SiteGuru AppSumo deal.

3. Screpy

Track and analyze all of your websites in one Screpy account. Screpy provides SEO analytics tools to confirm that your website has proper optimization. This SEO tool tracks your website uptime 24/7 and instantly sends notifications if it faces any issues.

AppSumo Screpy

Screpy is not only a Semrush alternative but also an alternative to Ahrefs and Ubersuggest. Developers, marketing agencies, and small business owners will enjoy using this SEO tool.

Key Features of Screpy

  • Keyword Tracker: You can Track how well your website’s keywords perform in Google rankings.
  • Page Speed Monitoring: Screpy integrates with Lighthouse to discover page speed issues and tells you how to solve them.
  • SEO Monitoring: You can track SEO performance, identify issues, and solve them like a pro.
  • Uptime Monitoring: Get notifications of uptime issues and solve them before it severely affects your website.
  • Syntax Checker: Use this feature for your website pages and keep your website codes in check.  

Screpy Pricing

Screpy is among the cheaper Semrush alternatives. This tool will cost you up to $30 per month if you go with the subscription plan from their website. But you can enjoy the same service for life by spending $49 once if you buy the lifetime deal from AppSumo.

4. Branalyzer

Branalyzer is one of the simplest Semrush alternatives. You can analyze your brand or your competitor’s brand. This SEO analyzer has an easy-to-use interface that seems like a web browser.

AppSumo Branalyzer

You have to input the country name and URL or domain of the brand you want to analyze, and Branalyzer will show you all the SEO analytics of that brand.  

Key Features of Branalyzer

  • Brand Summary: The tool will obtain brand info like brand industry, employees, country, and category and summarize them.
  • Business KPI: This feature shows the estimated Traffic, AOV, CR, LTV revenue, etc., of a business.
  • Brand SEO: Analyze links, referring domains, etc., to see the SEO performance of a brand.
  • Brand Backlinks: Find out which domains connect to a brand and other related info.
  • Brand Competitors: Discover a brand’s organic, social, or ad competitors.
  • Brand Emails: Get a complete list of company emails.
  • Brand Social: Analyze the primary metrics of the brand’s social media profile.

Branalyzer Pricing 

Branalyzer takes $39 for 100 searches per month if you choose the monthly subscription plan. You can spend the same amount on the lifetime deal from AppSumo and get lifetime access to Branalyzer.

5. TopicMojo

We are at the end of the list of the best Semrush alternative AppSumo lifetime deal. TopicMojo is the perfect Semrush alternative for e-commerce, marketers, and sales managers.

AppSumo TopicMojo

TopicMojo helps you research the topic you are working on and assists you in creating unique and exciting content for your platform. This tool integrates with Google to find popular questions relevant to your keyword. So, you know what to write about that topic.

Key Features of TopicMojo

  • Language Support: TopicMojo supports all countries and more than 30 languages.
  • Topic Model: You can build a topic model around your product or brand name and receive customer insights.
  • Questions Finder: This feature helps you find your keyword-related questions on Google to give you a fair idea of your customer’s needs.
  • Search Listener: Get reports on people’s search activities regarding your topic.

TopicMojo Pricing

You can get started with the TopicMojo pro plan at $39.50 per month or purchase the Semrush lifetime deal on AppSumo at $59. TopicMojo is another cheaper Semrush alternative based on the lifetime deal. However, the facilities this deal provides make up for the price.

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Final Thoughts

AppSumo has more than 10 Semrush alternatives in its collection. Most of these tools can replace many other tools besides Semrush. These tools are good, but Ranktracker, SiteGuru, Screpy, Branalyzer, and TopicMojo are noteworthy. This reason urged me to focus on these five tools in my list of the best Semrush alternatives.

I hope this simple catalogue is helpful and you find a Semrush alternative that works best for you. Make sure you think thoroughly about your needs and budget before choosing one of these tools. 

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