AppSumo Plus Review: Is AppSumo Plus Worth It? Read it later


Get a 0% Discount, Extended Access, Exclusive Deals, and many more features with AppSumo Plus membership.

AppSumo is a great platform or marketplace. Did you know that the AppSumo experience can be even better with AppSumo Plus? If you are here, you might already be thinking about that and want more information.

I have wanted to write about AppSumo Plus for a while but have yet to get the chance. Many reviewers and experts have talked about this program before. But they have provided mixed reviews, which may have confused many of you. Some say positively, some say negatively, and it would not be surprising if they had any propaganda behind that.

So, I will be as neutral as possible and tell you what I know and feel about this AppSumo exclusive program. I will give you a thorough idea of this program and tell you if it is worth it, so stay tuned!

However, If you don’t know what AppSumo is? First, go through our AppSumo Review, then continue reading this post.

What is AppSumo Plus?

AppSumo Plus is a special membership plan that provides many exclusive facilities to its members. This premium membership program offers facilities like exclusive entry to KingSumo Giveaway Pro, special discounts on AppSumo purchases, and many more surprise rewards. These facilities are not available to regular AppSumo users.

AppSumo launched this program to help the Sumo-lings save more from their purchases. The best part of being a Plus member is activating an extra 10% discount on AppSumo Deals. This exclusive membership program is best for Sumo-lings who regularly purchase a lot from AppSumo.  

Key Features of AppSumo Plus

AppSumo is beneficial, but the Plus membership makes this platform super-duper beneficial. Check out the exclusive features of this membership program below-

☛ 10% Discount

AppSumo deals are already quite affordable, and this feature makes them even cheaper. Just think how amazing it would be if you could squeeze out even more benefits from a deal.

AppSumo Discounts

The members can get up to 10% discount on every purchase. AppSumo automatically applies this discount to your cart, and there is no purchase limit.

☛ The Sauce

The Sauce is a private community for tech entrepreneurs exclusive to the Plus members. Once you become a Plus member on AppSumo, you will get permission to be part of this community.

AppSumo Community

This place is where you should be if you want to invest in technology. You can work on your business growth, chat with others, and crowdsource creative solutions in The Sauce.

☛ Extended Access

We all know that AppSumo deals are time-limited, so I always tell you to hurry up. But the Plus members can take it a little easy.

They can take more time to make a final decision on a purchase than a regular buyer. Yes, they will get three more days (72 hours) than everyone else to decide whether to buy a deal or not.  

☛ Exclusive Deals

Some deals are for everyone, and some are only for the plus members. This feature makes a plus member more of an elite than the rest of the Sumo-lings.

AppSumo Offer

AppSumo keeps some of the high-quality and valuable deals exclusive for the Plus members. If you become part of this program, you can only get your hands on these.

AppSumo Plus Benefits

Let’s talk about the benefits of AppSumo Plus in a more simplified manner. Being a part of this program means you will have the following benefits-

  • You can save hundreds of dollars every year from your purchases.
  • You will get elite customer treatment and numerous exclusive facilities.
  • You can enjoy early access promotions.
  • You can have more time to consider purchasing, upgrading, or downgrading a deal.

Why You Should Use AppSumo Plus

Let me explain why you should use AppSumo Plus. This program is best for IT/security, marketing, and web design agencies. Various reasons can justify your getting a Plus membership.

Suppose you have a lot of deals to buy from AppSumo. Buying so many deals will put a lot of pressure on your wallet. You could use some financial benefits like the 10% special discount.

Again, there are a lot of exclusive facilities AppSumo provides, and you can only get those if you are a Plus member.

Last of all, AppSumo has a lot of exclusive deals that are off-limits to the common users. You can never buy them, no matter how much money you are willing to pay, if you are not part of this exclusive program.

So, you should use AppSumo Plus if you are a long-time Sumo-ling and want to enjoy exclusive features, deals, and discounts.

Is AppSumo Plus Worth It?

I dissected the AppSumo exclusive membership program. Is AppSumo Plus worth it, or is it just a waste of money?

AppSumo Plus is for those who purchase many deals regularly. This program is best suited for the long-term Sumo-lings. This membership program helps the members save a lot of money yearly. Besides, it serves a lot of other features that are quite beneficial, especially to entrepreneurs.

But if you are a new Sumo-ling and your purchase amount could be better, you should have second thoughts about membership. You can try it out anyway since you can cancel the subscription anytime.  

So, the Plus program is not necessary for irregular AppSumo customers. But this program is worth it for long-term and serious AppSumo users.  

AppSumo Plus Membership Pricing 

You can be a Plus member by getting the yearly subscription plan. The subscription costs less than a hundred dollars, and you can cancel your subscription any time you like. But remember, you cannot get a refund once you use the rewards. Now let’s take a look at the pricing of the Plus subscription plan-

AppSumo Plus Yearly Subscription Price: $99 

  • 10% discount on all purchases
  • Exclusive Freebies: KingSumo, EmailBadge, ShortySMS, SendFox, and SleekBio
  • Enjoy AppSumo Last Call, Extended Access, and membership to “The Sauce.”

FAOs about AppSumo Plus 

How much discount will I get during upsells, and will it be stackable with the 10% discount?

You will get the maximum discount for every special offer, but AppSumo will not stack that with the 10% discount.

Will I still get the 10% discount if I stack a deal?

Yes, the 10% discount is applicable for any purchase, including stacking.

Does AppSumo offer 60 days cash-back guarantee with this subscription?

No, this subscription package is a yearly plan and does not offer the 60 days trial and refund policy. You can cancel your subscription anytime, but you won’t get a refund if you use the rewards.

Which version of the KingSumo Giveaways Pro will I get with my membership?

You will get the web version of the KingSumo Giveaways Pro with your plus membership.

Is there a limitation on the number of subscribers or websites that can access KingSumo Giveaways Pro?

There is no limitation, and KingSumo Giveaways Pro is available for every subscriber and their website.

Can I use the 10% discount instantly during my purchase?

Yes, the 10% discount system is automatic, so technically, it is an instant process.

Final Verdict

So, in the end, is AppSumo Plus worth it? Many say yes, and many say no, but I will tell you to ask yourself. Where do you stand as a Sumo-ling?

Are you just buying things occasionally on AppSumo? Are you one of those making hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of purchases yearly? If you are the former, I will tell you to give it more time since this subscription is a yearlong commitment. But if you are later and make too many purchases every year, then go for it. 10% may sound simple, but you can save hundreds of dollars annually.

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