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Aisel is an essential tool to make your email inbox smarter and more organized. Aisel gives you the power of smooth communication to make your business project successful.

Every business needs to use email regularly. But the normal email setup is boring and less efficient. Your inbox is a mess most of the time due to thousands of unorganized emails. You need something that organizes your emails and provides important information quickly to smoothen your professional communication.

Aisel can provide you with the convenience you need in your inbox. Add Aisel to enhance your email inbox with features that can work as CRM, sales, and project management software.

This is one of the best places to come if you are looking for an Aisel lifetime deal review. Let’s get some basic idea about Aisel, and then I will tell you about the Aisel AppSumo lifetime deal.

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What is Aisel?

Aisel is a great tool for enhancing your experience in using email. This email-enhancing tool will make your email team and business ready.

Email plays a great role in a business. In other words, modern business uses email for everyday use. With proper use of email, it can enhance your business marketing. But there is a lack of some features in emails that every business needs. And here comes Aisel to help you with that.


Aisel comes with some essential features to change your experience with email. It is an essential tool for the modern team to get the most out of the email routine. With Aisel, any data is team-wide accessible, and emails are self-sorted and structured. Thus, the work is faster.

Aisel is Best for:

  • Small businesses
  • Sales managers
  • Solopreneurs

Key features of Aisel

Aisel comes with some essential features to enhance your existing email inboxes with CRM, sales, and project management software. Let’s look shortly the features Aisel provides.

Aisel AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Let’s look at the features in detail one by one.

  • Sort Emails
  • Team collaboration
  • Turn several emails into one conversation
  • Integrations

Sort Emails

Turn chaos into order using Aisel’s email sorting ability. Aisel will sort your scattered emails by importance or other business logic you need. It will save you some time. 

Team collaboration

Enhance your team management ability and manage team projects efficiently with Aisel. Collaborate and interact with the team to work faster. Aisel grants your teammates access to your conversations.

Turn several emails into one conversation

Merge several emails into a single conversation, so you do not have to open every email one by one to find a simple piece of information. You can enrich this section with files, notes, and comments.


Aisel changes your email experience in a positive direction. You can get the convenience of Browser Based, Gmail, and Microsoft Teams in Aisel.

How Aisel works

Aisel can change your boring and complicated email into an intuitive business tool that can work like CRM, operations, and project management.

Aisel manages your emails in a pipeline structure and sorts them based on importance. This tool brings the content of several project-related emails into one place and turns them into a conversation with auto-generated timelines of the interactions.

Aisel AppSumo

Aisel allows you to work with your team members on a project. It creates a group chat-like situation in your inbox and provides you with all the necessary facilities to handle a team meeting for project operation.

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Why you should use Aisel

Communication is a very important element for handling professional tasks. Aisel has many benefits that help you in your professional communication. It improves your emailing experience and adds comfort to your daily professional life. Let me point out why you should use Aisel.

Aisel LTD
  • Aisel sorts out your emails efficiently and turns chaos into order.
  • You can work faster and do more than usual.
  • Aisel lets you manage an entire team to enhance your project management experience.
  • Keep all related emails in one conversation-like file so that all the knowledge stays in your palm.

Aisel AppSumo Lifetime Deal Review

Enhance your emailing experience in a more affordable way for life. Subscription plans are very bothersome since you have to worry about paying regularly. So, get the Aisel lifetime deal by AppSumo and enjoy the Aisel privileges for life.

Aisel Review

The Aisel lifetime deal saves you from the trouble of going through a payment process every month or year. You can pay once and never worry about losing your Aisel subscription.

Aisel AppSumo Lifetime Deal Benefits

Let us take a look at the basic lifetime deal benefits of Aisel before we jump into the exclusive features.

  • Lifetime right to access and use Aisel.
  • Access to all the future Aisel plans.
  • Aisel lifetime deal trial for 2 months (60 days)
  • Guaranteed cash-back if you do not redeem the code.  

Note: You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase. (Otherwise, your code will be invalid)

Aisel AppSumo Lifetime Deal Pricing

You cannot use stacking in the Aisel AppSumo lifetime deal. You can purchase one code of the Aisel lifetime deal for 59 dollars. Remember that you are to redeem this code within two months of the purchase; otherwise, the deal will be nullified.  

▶ Aisel 1 Code

  • Purchase Cost: $59 (one-time purchase)
  • Number of lifetime seats: 3 seats
  • Number of deals: Unlimited deals
  • Number of guests allowed: Unlimited guests
  • Access to Google and Microsoft mailboxes support

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FAQ about Aisel Lifetime Deal

Will there be a video overview of the Aisel lifetime deal?

Hopefully, you will get a screencast pretty soon since everyone is asking for a video overview of the Aisel AppSumo lifetime deal, and the Aisel team has promised to provide one.

Can I use Aisel on my Windows-operated device?

The operating system of your device does not matter since Aisel is a cloud-based solution, and you do not have to download it to your computer.

Is there a detailed list of the Aisel feature?

I have already listed the key features, and the other minor features are on the Aisel website. You can also reach out to the Aisel support team if you have any specific queries about the features.

Does Aisel only support Gmail and Outlook or are there more?

Yes, Google and Microsoft are the only major integrations Aisel features, but there are more to come in the future.

Will I be able to add more seats in the future if I purchase the Aisel lifetime deal?

The Aisel AppSumo lifetime deal provides you 3 seats that you can use for life. However, you can add additional seats if you need more, but that will not be included in the lifetime deal.

Final Verdict and Our Opinion

There is so much potential in an inbox that your regular email setup fails to bring out. But a team of developers recognized that and created Aisel to Enhance your email inbox.

Aisel saves you money in two ways. Firstly, Aisel can be an alternative to many software that you needed before to improve your emailing setup. Secondly, Aisel provides lifetime service with the Aisel lifetime deal by AppSumo.

Honestly, I would jump to grab an offer like that if I was looking for a service to organize my emails.

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