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A tech start-up named AddStars has developed a fantastic AI service to boost your business. It is a service that increases your popularity using the Google star rating system.

Reviewing reviews is the best way to get complete insights into your service quality. But your website reviews may be scattered here and there in various review platforms, making it harder for the customers to find out.

AddStars is a tech company that provides you AI support to collect all of your website or product reviews and display them in one place alongside Google star rating.

Now, you need money to get AddStars. You reduce the financial pressure using the AddSars lifetime deal. AppSumo has the AddStars lifetime deal going on for a limited time. A fantastic opportunity for me to explain AddStars to you has appeared.

What Is AddStars?

AddStars is an AI service that collects your website reviews and shows them together. AddStars displays a Google star rating below your website name on the google search results.

The scattered reviews of your website can exhaust the viewers. One may have to visit several places to see all the reviews, which cannot be very pleasant to the visitors. So, the chances of them clicking your website may decrease.


A service or tool should bring your website reviews together and conveniently show review stars. The scenario would have been different if you could show all your website reviews together in a google search. AddStars Company has come up with a service like that.

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Key features of AddStars

AddStars is a simple yet genius service with unique features. The Key features of AddStars are as follows-

  • Dashboard
  • Auto-indexing
  • Review stars
  • White label

☛ Dashboard

You must buy an AddStars package to get started. You will find your AddStars dashboard once you have paid for your registered account and logged in.

The dashboard is where you can taste the exceptional work efficiency of AddStars. You can connect or disconnect the platform or handle other administrative tasks regarding online reviews. 

☛ Auto-indexing

You do not need to re-index your website since AddStars does this task for you automatically. AddStars’ Auto-indexing feature automatically re-indexes your site and saves you time and energy.

☛ Review stars

AddStars collectively shows your website reviews in Google. AddStars also show how good your website is by showing yellow review stars with your website’s name.

Review Star

AddStars uses Google star rating to accomplish that. AddStars helps you build more trust among the customers using these stars.

☛ White label

You need to lose some cash to get an AddStars account. But you can regain that money if you can resell AddStars.

AddStars gives you the authority to resell your account if you want to, and you can use your name. You can remove the AddStars branding and resell it using your brand name.

Benefits of AddStars

AddStars gathers all the reviews of your product, service, or website to display them as review stars. This AI service uses Google star rating to attract more visitors and helps increase website clicks by 35%.

The following points show how AddStars will help you boost your business online-

  • Get 35% (on average) more click-through rate on your website.
  • Make your website grab more attention with yellow review stars below your website name in the google search results
  • All the reviews of your website will stay in one place on Google.
  • Top the ranking of local search results.
  • You can gain the trust of the customers using reviews and the Google star rating.

Final Verdict and Our Opinion

Remember that AddStars is not at all a review platform. AddStars is a support system to connect all the review platforms and showcases their content in one place. AddStars’ AI is smart enough to recognize the contents related to your website and hand-pick them for display.

The AddStars lifetime deal can save the life of your wallet. I would be delighted if my review helped you decide on the AddStars lifetime deal.

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